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Written by Shuvra Dey

Shuvra Dey

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A journalist of repute for over three decades

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How Jhumpa Lahiri brought Kolkata’s favourite Jhaalmuri through Namesake!

Protagonist Ashima traced her roots down a packet of jhaalmuri

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Koraishutir Kochuri or Phoolkopir Singara?

On a trail of Bengal’s winter delicacies

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Did you know Kolkata port had a flourishing trade with Greeks

Sister Paradisi is matriarch of the city’s Greek Orthodox Church 

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Here is a new holiday destination in Bengal!

Travel down to Kankrajhor, this winter

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Zakaria Street: Kolkata’s Mughlai Street

Go for the best kebabs, head to Kolkata’s Zakaria Street

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What has Kolkata in store this Christmas season?

Kolkata’s unique Christmas flavour

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Which blind artist inspired Saibal Mitra’s Chitrokor?

Two artists from two nations who refused to sell their art for money

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Radioactive sandwiches

Photo-journalist turned sandwich maker sells them near Jadavpur

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Prostitution on Kolkata streets still thrives

Tracing Kolkata’s night spots: sex trade and deprivation

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Lost rural games of Bengal

‘Days’when children lived in a world of simple games

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Where have all the Pagla Dashus gone?

Why do we not get students like Pagla Dashu anymore?

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Who was Jibanananda Das’ Bonolata Sen?

Was she an essence of feminism?

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Chilekotha is all about Bengali nostalgia

Why not pay a visit to ‘adda’ days again?

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Kaushik Ganguly’s Chhaya-O-Chhobi

On Kaushik Ganguly’s Chhaya-O-Chhobi

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Machher Jhol

Bengali’s fetish for fish explored