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 Look at the Saborno Roychowdhury’s Sonar Durga

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Durga puja of Saborno Roychowdhury household is probably as old as Kolkata is. During Mughal emperor, Jahangir’s reign, Raja Mansingh helped Lakshmikanta Gangopadhyay, ancestor of the Roychowdhury household, to acquire large tracts of land. Lakshmikanta built his residential house at Barisha (presently, Sakher Bazaar in Kolkata) and started worshipping Goddess Durga since 1610 CE. With the passage of time, this household was divided into various clustered households, namely Atchala Bari, Boro Bari and Mejo Bari

The characteristic feature of Saborno Roychowdhury pujo is the Mahisasura Mardini form of Devi Durga. The lions have normal facial form as the king of the jungle should look like. The Chali or the background of any traditional Durga idol was of immense importance to artisans. They usually helped in differentiating one idol from the other in the olden days.

This household has a special Chali format where idols are in Math Chauri form, the backdrop of which resembles a Ratha. However, the idol that is worshipped at the Majher Bari is the typically traditional Ekchala format.