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First ever Cricket-Themed Restaurant of Kolkata

Get a first-hand experience of Sourav’s Dadagiri!

Fresh from Athens! First Greek Restaurant in Kolkata

If you wish to have a slice of Greece, drop in at Zeusopolis

Have a slice of Kashmiri cuisine and get transported to Paradis...

Where to get authentic Kashmiri food in Kolkata?

Kolkata’s Eau Chew Restaurant is said to be the oldest Ch...

Try a Sunday lunch at this Chinese-family owned eatery

Century old Kolkata Café where freedom fighters met in d...

Not to miss the nostalgia of Favourite Cabin of Kolkata

Kolkata’s century old ‘pice hotel’ Siddheshwa...

Elaborate fish dishes at throwaway prices

Want some Mughlai Paratha of Anadi Cabin this monsoon?

The Kolkata restaurant that brings memories of the city’s c...

Sip n Bite café run by specially-abled children and thei...

Do not miss this inspiring and exclusive GB video on how they run...

Biryanishk – the new address for Biriyani lovers of Kolka...

Exclusive GB interview with founder Saugata Banerjee

What is Jadavpur University’s Dhoper Chop?

JU canteen’s Milan da is no more, but his creation still ex...

Come, enjoy a Firingee Thala at Ekdalia Road

Curated by culinary expert Pritha Sen

Artsy Café – for the artistic foodie

The talk of the town where you enjoy books and art with food

Success of ‘Black’ meals at Kolkata’s Ekdalia...

Dip into a plate of black rice and black Kadaknath Chicken

All new festive menu at Ekdalia Road

Try out duck or turkey platter

Royal Indian Hotel: Kolkata’s heritage biriyani joint

More than a century old restaurant serving Lucknow cuisine

Sipping a cuppa over Nachiketa’s songs

Jadavpur boy who gave up drugs to start Nachiketa’s tea sta...

Iconic ‘Kalikar Chop er Dokan’ that still sells pra...

Kalika celebrated their golden jubilee and still is a runaway hit...

Rajbhog and Kochuri at 150-year-old Putiram

Iconic sweet shop of Kolkata on Surya Sen Street

GB finds out how ‘Coverage’ turned to ‘Kabira...

Choose between Idiot Brain Chop or Kabiraji

A Monsoon Date on Dacres Lane

Try out Apanjan’s Khichuri or Chittoda’sGhugni

The ‘Fishy’ Iftar tale

How Bengal’s fish got into the Eid menu

Chowk Bazar of Dhaka comes alive on Kolkata’s Zakaria Str...

‘Food Paradise of Kolkata’ comes alive during Ramadan...

The city will soon enjoy Duck sausage and Duck pickles!

Thanks to experiments by Bengal’s agricultural scientists ...

Kolkata’s South Indian dishes are not always vegetarian ...

What about the non-veg South Indian dishes of Kolkata?

Have a Machh Bhaat meal at only Rs 21!

State government opens Ekushe Annapurna stalls

Kolkata and districts to get more Kaviar meat shops

Now buy ready-to-eat exotic meat dishes from state’s Kaviar...

Kolkata is fast moving away from Chinese to Korean

Korean cuisine makes inroads in biriyani-noodles bastion

Zakaria Street: Kolkata’s Mughlai Street

Go for the best kebabs, head to Kolkata’s Zakaria Street

 Move over noodles, try some Chinese Pakchoy!

Head to this Tangra joint and get a slice of China

Erstwhile communist Kolkata’s Russian cafe

A taste of Russian platter in Kolkata

Burma’s delicious connect with Kolkata

Two women making Khao Shay popular