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Oldest Dhobi Khana of India is still operational in Kolkata

Explorer Arpita Chanda on this iconic washing ground

Did you know Kalighat Temple has a special architecture found o...

Special Kali idol of Kalighat that only had a face!

South Kolkata’s Lake Kalibari – where Goddess has a...

The Kali Temple established almost 60 years ago

Which Kali Temple of Bengal was razed by a cyclone in 1737?

Tracing the history of the cyclone through letters by British

Asia’s first hotel was in Kolkata! Does it still exist? ...

Even author Jules Verne mentioned about Spences Hotel

Iconic Kolkata Port turns 150! GB traces its rich history ...

The port that played a major role in British India

Kolkata house where first widow remarriage took place is in sha...

Plaque stating Vidyasagar married off first widow is also stolen!...

Iconic Trincas on Park Street celebrates 60th anniversary this ...

GB traces nostalgic trip of this iconic restaurant where music ba...

Visiting the Oldest Kite Flying clubs of Kolkata

Know of the famous kite flying competitions that still exist

Rubbles everywhere! Durga Pithuri Lane of Bowbazar looks like a...

East West Metro’s defective plan destroys a middle-class Ko...

Kolkata’s iconic Fairlawn Hotel where Shashi Kapoor spent...

Why did Bollywood’s charming couple Shashi Kapoor-Jennifer ...

Iconic Deb Sahitya Kutir building of Kolkata saved, gets herita...

Purono Kolkatar Golpo took initiative to push the heritage tag

How Calcutta High Court ruled: Today Is Not Kolkata’s Bir...

Why many celebrate the city’s birthday on 24th August ...

Landsharks trying to grab YMCA Heritage Hostel of Kolkata?

Purono Kolkatar Golpo group tries to save this Grade 1 Heritage ...

Iconic Mess Baris of Kolkata make way for modern student PG roo...

City’s mess baris had well-known authors as residents once ...

Kolkata’s heritage gate built by Dhaka’s Nawab is n...

Are we protecting the heritage of Kolkata?

Hatibagan, North Kolkata’s cinema para got its name from ...

How is Kolkata’s Hatibagan thriving today?

Only ‘Whites’ were allowed in New Market during Bri...

Surprised? Do not be so! Apartheid in the heart of Kolkata

Did you know India’s oldest surviving auction house is in...

Only female auctioneer of India sits at Russell Exchange

Bene or pukur? Beniapukur is as old as Mangal Kavya’s inc...

Did you know Michael Madhusudhan Dutta lived in a house in Beniap...

100-year-old Beltala School to get college and English medium b...

CM Mamata Banerjee proposes 1.25 crore for the iconic school&rsqu...

Two British era cannons lying in neglect restored by PKG

Purono Kolkatar Golpo group help to restore two historical cannon...

Behala’s well-known Ellora cinema hall shuts down

Just 5 people watched the last show in the 950-seater hall!

Did you know Behala is older than 330-year-old Kolkata?

Part of the city that is more ancient than Kolkata! Some say 800-...

Iconic Bengali publishing house of Kolkata saved from land shar...

Deb Sahitya Kutir that published first Borno Porichay saved from ...

Belvedere Mansion – the spooky haven of Kolkata

Let’s go ghost hunting this weekend night!

Bourne & Shepherd captured Kolkata’s babus behind the...

The iconic photography studio giant mentioned in Satyajit Ray&rsq...

Rang Matir Panchali – Kumartuli gives way to Street Festi...

Where World Art Day and Bengali New Year merged through public ar...

Lion taps of Kolkata that almost led to a riot during British r...

Some of the Greco-Roman taps can still be found

More than a century old gun shop of Kolkata that still sells fi...

How was Narasinghachandra Dawn & Co set up in Kolkata?

Wari Club that went up in flames was born after Partition

A look at the century old club of Kolkata’s Maidan

Another century-old Kolkata movie hall shuts down, end of an er...

88-year-old Mitra Cinema to turn into shopping mall

Did you know Kolkata had goshalas since 1885?

A look at the lesser-known Calcutta Pinjrapole Society

Magic of Kolkata’s Jadughar

How did Indian Museum come into being?

Where have all the Bhistiwalas of Kolkata gone?

The men who supplied water to homes and offices once

Mahendra Goswami Lane – the revolutionary road

The house that silently helped revolutionaries

City’s favourite ‘cheap’ South Indian Club ca...

Gone is an era of simple South Indian delicacies

Kolkata’s Hungarian connect shuts shop

Why was Kalman Cold Storage so famous?

State government starts renovation of Metropolitan Institution ...

Vidyasagar-founded institute saved and brought to past glory

L.Madeira – 200 year old mortuary of Kolkata

They made Mother Teresa’s coffin

Raja Basanta Roy Road’s revolutionary past 

The house where revolutionaries lived

What secret does Kolkata’s St John’s Church harbour...

World famous artist Johann Zoffany’s Last Supper!

Secret behind building of St Paul’s Cathedral

Did you know it was in memory of an assassinated Viceroy?

British war memorial in Kolkata built by melting enemy cannons!...

Have you ever been to Pepper Pot near Princep Ghat?

Tagore Castle of Kolkata was built according to Windsor Castle ...

But why is this grand building in shambles today?

Kolkata street where Tagore wrote Nirjhare Swapnobhanga  ...

Sudder Street is a meeting place of multi-cultural people

GB visits the first free Public Library of Asia in Uttarpara

How visionary Jaikrishna Mukherjee built this library

Dipping into greasy telebhaja at 100-year-old Potlar Dokan

Hop on to Bagbazar Street for some yummy telebhaja

Conversing with Puppets of Bengal at Puppet Museum

GB makes a trip to the exciting Puppet Museum of Kolkata

Will Menoka Cinema Hall soon shut shutters? 

Kolkata’s single screen delights are on their way out

Where boats do not sail, but tell a thousand stories

GB visits ‘Boat Museum’ of Kolkata

Is today Kolkata’s birthday or not?

Case that was lodged by Sabarna Roychowdhury’s family

Amritendu Roy’s old heritage bungalow turned to a home-st...

GB peeps into RedBrick Residency in the heart of the city

GB visits a century-old restored South Kolkata bungalow

Rajesh Sen’s The Zs’ Precinct proves old homes can be...

Gorosthaney Shabdhan! Arpita Chanda turns detective and locates...

But who was ‘Hindoo Stuart’ and why is he famous?

How Siddhartha Shankar Ray’s Lal Bari turns a new tourist...

Thanks to Ray’s niece, this iconic building did not fall pr...

The British woman who loved Kolkata more than England

Why was Frances Johnson, known as Begum Johnson?

Imagine elephants walking down Chowringhee!

Even famine ravished people dying in the area

Farewell to Elite Cinema Hall

How piracy and multiplexes killed well-known theatres

Tracing the Bengali gaddis of Burra Bazar

Bengali traders were pushed out by traders from other parts of In...

How the British beautified Kolkata with shady avenues

Celebrated art historian Rathin Mitra speaks on Dalhousie Institu...

Remembering Laddie, the ‘War Dead’ of Kolkata

How is Indra Roy Road of Bhowanipur linked to World War I?

Will the most famous paan shop of Kolkata survive?

Listen to the electrical engineer who runs Kolpotoru Paan shop&nb...

‘Royal Fish’ in ‘Royal Oil’ at Belgachh...

Who shot the old photographs of Paikpara Rajbari?

Who built the biggest mosque of Bengal, Nakhoda Masjid?

Tracing Cutchi Memon Muslims and how they landed in Bengal  ...

Let’s go behind Corinthian pillars of Metropolitan Buildi...

Did you know Subho Tagore left Joransanko and live here?

Why Gariahat is still a street shopper’s paradise?

GB prepares a perfect fashion combo from street items

Footprints of World War I in Kolkata

Impact of World War I in Kolkata

Will 100-year-old Charu Market be another revamp victim?

High street retail space and apartments to replace Charu Market ...

Why was Kolkata once called Black Town?

A Portrait of Black Town by Solvyns

Do not miss this heritage symposium at an old Kolkata building ...

Reclaiming the City: Built Fabric of Kolkata RECLAIMING THE CITY:...

Have you heard of Archana Post Office of Kolkata?

Sub post-office that was solely built to dispatch a magazine

Century old library of Kolkata

Travel to Santi Institute to enjoy books and peace

Imagine Bande Mataram played in your ears with a cleaner!

Babus of Belgachhia Villa played rhythms with ear cleaning tools!...

Kolkata house where Nawab Wajid Ali was deported

Picturesque palace with flowing Ganga still stands tall

Old Stone Age tools found in Kolkata museum’s vault!

Indian Museum unearths 1.5 million-year-old tools

Purono Kolkatar Golpo saves Vidyasagar’s Metropolitan Ins...

Learn what the local councillor and Trustee Board had to say

Where Sri Ramkrishna came to meet his Daayar Sagar

Iconic building still stands tall in Kolkata

Vidyasagar’s Metropolitan Institution being demolished si...

Will Kolkata ever learn to protect its heritage buildings?

Purono Kolkatar Golpo is all about genuine emotions

Group that talks and works for Kolkata

Dwarkin’s ‘Bellow Harmonium’ created a revolu...

Who founded Dwarkin? Was it a Bengali or British company?

Bengali woman’s andarmahal to be part of post-graduate sy...

This move will help highlight Bengal’s lost heritage

Communist China funds Kolkata monastery revamp!

Hiuen Tsang Monastery bonds Kolkata and China

Why does famous Radu Babu Chayer Dokan still survive?

How this century-old shop scored above plush Kolkata cafes

Kolkata comes alive through photographs of old buildings!

Do not miss VIVA -- Kounteya Sinha’s 2018 summer repertoire...

Kalighat’s Kali idol has a significance beyond religion ...

Temple built in Bengal aatchala architecture

British owners sell off landmark Kolkata hotel 

Fairlawn Hotel on Sudder Street sold off

Abandoned and unknown fountains of Kolkata

Many of us do not even know they exist!

Did you know Kolkata Port was India’s oldest port?

It handled half of India’s trade during World War I

When a Professor of Zoology visited Asiatic Society

Prof Ena Ray Banerjee felt nostalgic viewing century old archives...

When will Kolkata learn to protect heritage structures?

City monuments that are neglected and harbor laundry drying

Son et Lumiere at Jorasanko Thakurbari from next week

A rare experience for the first time in Kolkata

Meet the electrical engineer who runs a famous paan shop

Shyamal Dutta and Kolpotoru paan shop of Kolkata

Did you know Kolkata port had a flourishing trade with Greeks ...

Sister Paradisi is matriarch of the city’s Greek Orthodox C...

Did you know India’s oldest NGO started from Kolkata?

To support weavers and Bengal handlooms since 1917!

Mecca of Journalism lies in neglect at Taltala

This is where Keshab Sen started the newspaper Indian Mirror

Wooden tram of Kolkata finds a place of honour

To be showcased at Heritage Transport Museum

How poet Madhusudan Dutt’s Kidderpore house got saved

Recent RTI case saved the house from demolition

Howrah Bridge through a child’s lens

Student Kshrugal Bhattacharya shares his love for the bridge ...

How Chinatown’s oldest shop is building a culinary bridge...

They will home-deliver home-made Chinese sauces and frozen food ...

Was Hogg Saheber Bazaar a racist venture?

New Market was once a ‘All White’ marketplace

Paint the town red! Kolkata feeder boxes get facelift

Famous movie paintings on electric boxes catch city’s fancy...

All new Son-et-Lumiere at Victoria Memorial

From Job Charnock to contemporary Kolkata

Kolkata temple that survived an earthquake and cyclone

‘Black Pagoda’ that withstood natural calamities

Dalhousie square was once a battleground!

A battle before the Battle of Plassey was fought here

Architectural conservationist Kamalika Bose speaks to GB

On how to preserve Bengal’s architecture and Kolkata’...

The British hangover of elite clubs of Kolkata

Strict dress codes and male dominance in city clubs

233-year-old Asiatic Society of Kolkata goes digital

Oldest archive of the country turns digital

Death knell tolls for Tea Board

Iconic tea board building will be no more

Did you know GPO Kolkata has a Postal Museum?

GPO’s Museum and Philatelic Library was set up on this day ...

Are Anglo Indians of Kolkata vanishing? 

Student Shae-Lynn Samuel finds out

Get spooked this Halloween with GB

Walk down haunted city sites today

How is Sir Ronald Ross’ Kolkata doing?

Under the sting of mosquitoes!

How is Manna Dey’s Coffee House?

On his death anniversary a look at the iconic structure

Restored Nivedita house to open this month

Major restoration uplifts the 120-year-old house

Moida Kali! Well, she is not made of flour

An ancient Kali Temple in the village of Moida

Kolkata’s oldest citizen alive and kicking

255-year-old Banyan tree is still growing

Century-old Paramount Sherbet and Swadeshi Movement

Where poet Nazrul quenched his thirst

College Street Coffee House had many predecessors

Where Kolkata’s aristocratic gentry met

Scrapping of Stage Coach Act

Will Phaetons not run anymore in Kolkata?

Venus Vs Goddess Lakshmi

Why were Venus idols shipped to Bengal?

Greco-Roman lion taps still adorn Kolkata.

Lion taps installed by Royal Water Supply

A businessman restored modesty of women in Calcutta

The Zenana Bathing Ghat during British rule

Kolkata Tramways

Kolkata should revive these harmless rides

Nationalism and the 19th Century Calcutta

The city became the hub of nationalism

The U.S. Military Photographer who captured the city

Photographs of Calcutta during second world war