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BREAKING! AQI 362-426! Today Kolkata is polluted twice than Del...

GB has laid hands on exclusive pollutant measurement reports!

Rural Bengal Innovation! Purulia Doll Makers spread plant seeds...

How rural women of Bengal bring environmental awareness

Will Behala and Salt Lake sink or swim? IIT Kharagpur-JU resear...

Bay of Bengal rising much faster than Arabian Sea

Kolkata submerged by 2050! Environmentalist Somendra Mohan Ghos...

GB speaks to well-known environmentalist to find out Kolkata&rsqu...

IIT student Debayan Saha’s Minus 2.5 to combat Delhi poll...

Proud of Saha’s technological discovery to fight rising pol...

Mother Dairy shuns plastic packaged milk through ‘Token M...

Learn how leading dairy chain joins ‘Plastic Free’ dr...

New Lightning Arresters for Kolkata – Coconut Tree planta...

HIDCO to plant series of coconut trees in New Town

HIDCO makes area around Eco Park ‘No Horn Zone’

In a bid to protect the wildlife and birds of the Park

Join Bhaswati Bose in recycling Durga Pujo flowers to organic f...

Dumped garbage of Durga Pujo flowers will turn to fertilisers

BREAKING NEWS! Dengue vaccine to be launched in Bengal

ICMR vaccine based on serotype survey in Bengal

Kolkata’s ITC Sonar is world’s first hotel to get U...

ITC Hotel, Kolkata champions responsible luxury.

After 19 years boats sail on River Ichhamati!

Thanks to lone crusader Sabarna Saraswati’s efforts

BREAKING NEWS! Sustainable solar energy introduced at Tarapith ...

Tarapith temple goes green! Solar energy replaces fossil fuel for...

Beware! Tourists at Digha will be spot fined for using plastic ...

State government takes new move to save the beaches of Digha

No saplings in polythene bags! Use coconut shells instead

Siliguri Forest Department brings an innovative project

State government focuses on rainwater conservation to combat sc...

After Chennai it can be Kolkata, one day. Save water!

Children of Champahati help in making eco-friendly bricks from ...

Jadavpur University’s Pradip Mondal motivates the whole are...

Electric supply might be shut every week for half an hour to sa...

State Government takes commendable step to save environment

Killing marijuana fields of Bengal on Int’l Day against D...

Why farmers take to illegal Ganja cultivation

Malda school gives fee concessions for students who collect pla...

The plastic is recycled and bottles made into flower pots

Newly launched electric buses might save Kolkata from pollution...

Centre for Science and Environment lauds Bengal government

Child brigade in Ayodhya Hills make the region plastic free

Children of some forest hamlets of Purulia show the way

Six Shirish trees to be chopped down in Kolkata’s Rabindr...

This squall season these trees might pose a threat

Lost glory of Atreyi River and its Raikher Fish!

How are locals trying to save this historic river in Balurghat

Is Jibanananda’s Dhanseri dying?

What is Bangladesh doing to save this river?

Why Kolkata’s ‘Lake’ needs to be preserved

Rich biodiversity of Rabindra Sarobar is important for the city&n...

New year calendar that spreads wildlife conservation awareness ...

Imagine a calendar with 12 hand-painted endangered species

Is Kolkata’s Rabindra Sarobar dying?

How can the lungs of South Kolkata be saved

Fragile mangrove forests cut down mercilessly by land sharks

Mangrove forest deforestation in Bakkhali-Henry Island

Are Silent Crackers a Greater Devil?

Brace for air pollution this Diwali

Which mask to use this Swine Flu season?

Just any mask does not help to avoid Swine Flu contamination

Despite Nipah virus scare, Bengal is a safe haven for bats

Bat’ pockets of Bengal; where are they found?

How was a White Tiger cub born in Siliguri?

What is the genetics behind this exceptional birth?

New bacteria to stop dengue outbreak in New Town

A new bacteria proposed by a Zoology professor is on trial

GB obituary to Lalgarh Tiger

Wildlife expert Shubhobroto Ghosh finds out why it was killed

Where have all the Buxa Tigers gone?

They were not killed by poachers as per popular belief

How Jaldapara has almost stopped rhino poaching

Recent poaching case was one of its kind

How Bikramgarh Jheel got  saved from land sharks?

Bikramgarh Jheel got Kolkata’s first floating Solar Power p...

Murshidabad brings back indigenous fish varieties

Fisheries department holds fairs to educate farmers

Saline river water of Sunderbans to turn sweet

Bengal govt. on a massive project to bring safe drinking water

Why is Bengal losing its indigenous fish varieties?

Where have all the parshe, topshe, gurjali and tyangra gone?

Enjoy today once-in-a-blue-moon treat!

Watch a rare Total Lunar Eclipse from Kolkata today

Arsenic toxicity is a great threat to West Bengal

How is state government fighting the arsenic menace

Migratory birds are flocking to Narja and not Santragachhi

Learn how Narja villagers are protecting their feathered guests ...

Remember the Litigon and Tigon of Alipore Zoo?

Why did they disappear into oblivion?

Why are animals transported from Alipore Zoo dying?

Wildlife expert Shubhobroto Ghosh speaks on the flaws

Indian Wild Dog sighted for the first time at Buxa

They can tear your flesh like a lion, and now they are reigning i...

‘Holy Forest’ around Jhargram declared Bio-Heritage...

Chikligarh gets the National Bio-diversity Heritage tag!

Follow Marlon Brando to eradicate mosquitoes

How Hollywood heart-throb Brando eradicated mosquitoes

Did you know Fishing Cat is Bengal’s state animal?

Thanks to apathy, Fishing Cats never feature in any state logo

 Will the rain god spare Diwali?

Rain and cyclone predicted during Kali Puja

No Chhath at Rabindra Sarovar to stop pollution

Lungs of the city to be spared this Chhath Puja

How farmers of Alipurduar are keeping elephants away?

Harvesting some fruits can keep elephants at bay

Planting fruit trees in Kolkata to bring back birds

Will Kolkata’s avian population now grow?

Santragachhi Jheel to turn a ‘silence zone’

Migratory birds to get a serene place