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We are all used to having that spicy Dal Makhni from North India with a Tandoori Roti. But did you know Bangladesh’s Sylhet also has a special Dal Makhni recipe that is light on the stomach? Try it out and enjoy your rice.

Dal Makhni (Sylhet)


Masoor Dal   250 gm
Chopped onions and garlic 2tbs
Oil 2tbs
Ginger paste Half teaspoon
Turmeric powder Half teaspoon
Coriander leaves     Few
Satkara (mix of seven spices) 1 tbs

How to make:   
1.    Wash the dal and soak it for an hour.
2.    Mix all the spices with chopped onion and garlic and the dal and let it boil.
3.    Once the dal is half boiled, add Satkara to it.
4.    Before serving garnish it with coriander leaves.
5.    Serve hot