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June 14 2021

Khejuri Post Office – India’s first post office

The birthplace of India’s First official Telegraph line connecting Calcutta-Khejuri and Diamond Harbour

By Information Desk

June 13 2021

Barrackpore, the ancient town the British 'adopted'

Long before it became India's first British cantonment, Barrackpore was an ancient settlement

By Information Desk

June 12 2021

Who is a prostitute, asks Pramita Bhowmik’s short film

Not many films deal with the sex worker vs housewife dynamic

By Shoma A. Chatterji


This inexpensive ventilator can provide instant support to patients with breathing trouble

By Information Desk

Seventeen-year-old Subho Pal is all set to fulfill his dream


The plan has been drafted with the help of experts which shall be implemented in the next five years

By Information Desk