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May 29 2023

A hub of showbiz glamour, Kolkata's 'cinema para' once glittered gloriously

From morning until midnight, Hatibagan was a hub of showbiz glamour

By Mouni Mondal

May 29 2023

Septuagenarian curd seller Sameer Bhattacharjee is an inspiration for all: GB Exclusive interview

Sameer Bhattacharjee is in full control of his life’s steering

By Shuvra Dey

May 27 2023

The unusual bond between Hemanta and Uttam, though bent but never broken!

Inseparable on the silver screen, the two were fast friends in real life too

By Information Desk


He explained his view while illustrating the point from his own field of experiment

By Soumik Das

Those who follow the Kitab Lovers account on social media will get a free entry

By Suranjana Mitra