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Why Tangail’s Chom chom still rule the world of sweets!

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Porabari is a hamlet in the Tangail district of Bangladesh, on the banks of the Dhaleshwari River. It was a prosperous business centre, since the era of the British Raj. This place is famous not only as a business centre but also being the birthplace of the famous Chom chom. Porabarir Chom chom is famous for its burnt brick colour and for its juicy interior, that tastes like honey.It is said the typical burnt brick colour came from caramelisation of sugar. Even Tangail, the place known for its Tangail sarees, got a share in the pie for Porabari’s Chom chom fame.

Legends say, the village was named Porabari, because the house of a sweet maker was burnt down while making these sweets. As pora