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Did Aurobindo Ghosh wish for an Akhand Bharat?

15 August, 2019 13:13:39
Did Aurobindo Ghosh wish for an Akhand Bharat?

India is free but she has not achieved unity, only a fissured and broken freedom. At one time it almost seemed as if she might relapse into chaos of separate states which preceded the British conquest. Fortunately, there has now developed a strong possibility that this disastrous relapse will be avoided. The wisely drastic policy of the Constituent Assembly makes it possible that the problem of the depressed classes will be solved without fissure. But the old communal division into Hindu and Muslim seems to have hardened into the figure of a permanent political division of the country. 

It is to be hoped that the Congress and the nation will not accept the settled fact as forever settled or as anything more than a temporary expedient. For if it lasts, India may be seriously weakened, even crippled: civil strife may remain always possible, possible even a new invasion and foreign conquest. The partition of the country must go – it is to be hoped by a slackening of tension, by a progressive understanding of the need of peace and concord, by the constant necessity of common and concerted action, even of an instrument of union for that purpose. In this way unity may come about under whatever form – the exact form may have a pragmatic but not a fundamental importance. But by whatever means, the division must and will go. For without it, the destiny of India might be seriously impaired. But that must not be.

(Taken from Autobiographical Notes CWSA, Vol 36, Page 475)   

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