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How is Bengal's Jackfruit good for you?

7 May, 2021 15:05:03
How is Bengal's Jackfruit good for you?

If mangoes of summer are rightly attributed as the ‘King of Fruits,’ Bengal’s Jackfruit is not far behind. In many fairytales of our childhood we often read how even a jackal comes running at the smell of this huge fruit as it ripens. True, the smell of a ripening jackfruit is said to circulate in the neighbourhood like that of burning desire! There are many who do not love the smell though as the odour can be pretty strong, though the flavor and aroma can be invigorating for many. 

But leave aside the taste and aroma, jackfruit as a seasonal fruit can be of immense health benefit and food value which helps us to stay strong and healthy even amidst this disturbing heat. Though jackfruits are sweet, they do not increase the level of sugar or impact on diabetes. On the contrary, it offers us the much needed strength to our body and helps in the process of digestion. The rich content of sodium and potassium helps in maintaining the electrolyte balance of the body. This keeps the blood pressure level at check and thus the heart in a good condition. Jackfruits are also rich in beta carotene which help to protect our eyes. The antioxidants present increase the shine of the skin. These fruits contain Vitamin B6 but have no cholesterol.  


It is imperative for people suffering from anaemia to opt for jackfruits as the iron content is high. Regular consumption of these fruits reduces the risk of piles and colon cancer. Jackfruits also contain vitamin C which builds body’s immunity. The calcium content keeps the bones strong and healthy. 

So, this summer, do not forget to have a bite of that luscious jackfruit to ward off the summer heat. 

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