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Mama-Bhagne Hills -- Amazingly balancing rocks of Dubrajpur

8 May, 2020 05:03:55
Mama-Bhagne Hills -- Amazingly balancing rocks of Dubrajpur

If life is all about balancing on a tight-rope, then Mama Bhagne Hills of Dubrajpur is nature’s answer to that teaching. Two rocks uncannily balanced over each other, this spectacular rock formation of the Chotonagpur Plateau extension is in Birbhum’s Dubrajpur, regarded as a tourist spot for the very existence of this rock formation that many come to watch.


It is a pair of almost spherical natural boulders of granite rock, one balancing on the top of the other. The balancing of the rocks is so surprising and have a bond that it is known as Mama-Bhagne (the uncle and the nephew). The site has a number of boulders splintered across, made of grey granite, pink quartz, grey feldspar and black mica. At the base of these hills stands the famous Shiva temple of ‘Pahareswar.’


The whole area will give you a mysterious feeling with vast stretches of agricultural fields and suddenly in the middle of nowhere rocks of various sizes and shapes pop up. Though most of them have a roundish shape but they are a nature’s script. Legends say when Lord Ram decided to attack Ravana, he found it necessary to throw a bridge across the straits for the conveyance of his troops, he drove in his aerial chariot to the Himalayas, picked up what stones he needed and drove back. As he was passing over Dubrajpur, his horses suddenly jumped and the chariot got tilted. Some stones fell off and they gave rise to the Mama-Bhagne Hills of Dubrajpur.


Locals also mention that Viswakarma, at the command of Shiva, was asked to erect a second Kashi in one night. When he collected the rocks and was about to commence work, day dawned and so he left and the rocks he collected were also left behind. Folklores apart, geologists believe there might have been a volcanic eruption that led to the formation of Chotonagpur Plateau and that might have led to the formation of these rocks. The surroundings are worth a mention, with green fields, sparse population, shepherds with their herds roaming at the bottom of the Hills. It is also a favourite tourist spot and many from Santiniketan often drop in for a day tour.

How to reach:
Dubrajpur is around 23 km from Siuri in Birbhum. A few hours road travel from Kolkata or a train to Siuri or Santiniketan and then proceed to Dubrajpur on a day trip.

Places to see around:
Santiniketan, Siuri, Labhpur and many other important tourist spots of Birbhum

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