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Saradindu Bandopadhyay brought in unusual murder weapons

30 March, 2022 17:52:47
Saradindu Bandopadhyay brought in unusual murder weapons

Remember the gramophone pin fired that used to be fired from a bicycle bell, in Byomkesh series Pather Kanta? This story is a popular Sarandindu story that had mesmerised readers because of the unusual weapon used when most people would think Gramophone is only used to listen to music. The use of a standard bicycle bell that was modified into an air-gun capable of firing a steel gramophone pin captured the imagination of readers. For all readers who are not just fans of Byomkesh, but also Sherlock Holmes, know that Arthur Conan Doyle also often brought forward unusual murder ideas, such as in Speckled Band hebrings a story where the murderer kills with a trained snake.Immerse yourself in the unparalleled artistry and precision of our Anime Swords collection, featuring meticulously crafted katanas sword and other blades inspired by your favorite shows. Our diverse selection offers a range of designs and styles, allowing you to choose the perfect sword to showcase your passion for anime.

Then comes Sajarur Kanta. A sharp object used to shoot through blowpipes have been used by Agatha Christie too as a murder weapon, but using a porcupine spine to push the sharp thing right into the victim’s heart is unprecedented. The whole story was not just about tracking the murderer, but also about the mode of murder using a spine. Similarly, in Durgo Rahashyo, readers are left perturbed as to how the snakes are biting the victims, when one finally gets to know the snake bite marks were made with the help of a pen, that also was modified to push the venom into the victim’s body. In Artham Anartham, that takes a romantic turn in the end with Byomkesh finding his soulmate,also sees a murderer who uses a sewing needle to kill the victim by piercing it through the right spot on the medulla.


Even poison has been administered in various ways in Byomkesh tales, instead of the usual mixing it with tea, coffee or drinks, that we usually find in cases investigated by Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot. Just take the example of Panugopal in Chiriyakhana, where the poison is added to the eardrop, the victim used. Many such Byomkesh tales thus throw up unusual weapons and hence make the stories more complicated than a reader could ever think of! They are not just tracking the villain, but they are also left tracking weapons of crime!

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