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Terracotta water bottles, your healthy lifestyle option

6 September, 2020 06:13:19
Terracotta water bottles, your healthy lifestyle option

Not so very long ago, a majority of homes in India would store their drinking water in terracotta (baked clay) vessels. While tradition may have played a role in this practice, another very important aspect certainly was the health benefit of drinking water stored in a clay vessel. In more recent times, water purifiers may have replaced the terracotta water storage vessels, but it is still possible to drink out of terracotta water bottles.

Why store your drinking water in terracotta water bottles, instead of the glass or plastic ones seen in every home? Well, the primary reason is that these bottles, being made of clay, retain the minerals and vitamins that the earth abounds in. In addition, the porous nature of clay helps keep the water cool. Don't take our word for it. Try it experimentally at home and see. Buy a few terracotta water bottles online today and enjoy naturally cooled water, no need for refrigeration. This is a truly unique characteristic of these bottles.

Several experts have also pointed out that the alkaline nature of clay offsets the acidic nature of our bodies, thereby creating the perfect Ph balance, which in turn helps us reduce the acidity and gastric pain that many of us suffer from. A natural corollary of that is an improvement in our digestion and metabolism. This process is actively aided by the minerals that are present in clay.

For those who can't drink cold water from the refrigerator for fear of a sore throat, buy terracotta water bottles and happily drink straight out of them. A bonus is the earthy flavour that water stored in terracotta bottles acquires. Besides, our bottles come with attractive jute base covers, so not only do they look good, but they don't leave water rings on any surface.

Finally, because terracotta water bottles provide our bodies with essential nutrients, our glucose levels remain constant, as a result of which we can minimise the risk of heatstroke, even at the height of summer.

Once you decide to buy terracotta water bottles online, you will realise that they are budget-friendly too. All you need to do by way of maintenance is to clean them out once every two days.

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