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The winter delight of Bengal, jhola nolen gur

22 January, 2022 17:50:45
The winter delight of Bengal, jhola nolen gur

The short-lived winters in West Bengal are synonymous with nolen gur. The sweet, nutty aroma of this form of jaggery) is enough to excite any sweet-toothed Bengali. Over the years, stories and movies have been created about it, and needless to say, numerous varieties of sweets use this ingredient such as Roshogolla, Payesh, and Sandesh, making it an all-time favorite ingredient in the Bengali household.

But what exactly is nolen gur and what’s the mystery behind it?

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Nolen Gur or jaggery is a winter delicacy that can be found in every Bengali household during the winter season. It is essentially, a form of jaggery extracted from the first flush of juice from the date palm tree. It is said to be rich in minerals and antioxidants and thus is extremely beneficial in boosting one’s immunity and is also used for natural detox.  It also helps digestion, which makes it a good option as a post-meal sweet. Owing to high iron content, it increases blood hemoglobin levels and helps treat anaemia.

The process of making nolen gur is nothing but a form of art. The tedious process starts every winter evening when earthen containers are tied to date palm trees to catch the oozing juice. The next morning, before sunrise, the containers are taken down and the process of gur making begins. There are different types of gur depending on its quality and nolen gur is made only from the first fetch of the juice of finer quality, after which the gur that is made from the later batches is called ‘jiren gur’. It is heated in large vats until it becomes jaggery at the appropriate temperature, and after the jaggery or gur is made, artificial sweeteners and preservatives are added. It is a laborious process and is mostly harvested in West Bengal by skilled workers who are adept in the extraction process. 


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