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Try out some Makhhan Samosa on Janmashtami

1 September, 2018 12:58:06
Try out some Makhhan Samosa on Janmashtami

Lord Krishna was often called the Makhhan Chor! The one who stole butter from his milkmaid mother’s pots and pans or from the houses of other villagers and finish them off at one go. As per folklore, Krishna’s favourite food was butter, hence on his birthday, why not try out some snacks made of butter? Here is a time-tested recipe of Butter Samosa popularly known as Makhhan Samosa 


White butter 200 gms
Khoa kheer  400 gms
Almond   15 gms
Pista 15 gms
Cashew           10 gms
Raisins 10 gms
Saffron 1 gm
Sugar dust 150 gms


Method of Preparation:

• Mix the butter, khoa kheer, cashew, pista, almond, sugar dust and saffron together. 

• Knead some flour and roll it and cut it in round shape. 

• Then cut the rounded flour mounds into samosa shapes.

• Stuff each samosa with the butter mix. 

• Smear the mouth with butter, close it and deep fry in oil. 

• Makhhan Samosas are ready!

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