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Mayapur temple gets two ‘Sudarshana Chakras!’

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Nadia’s iconic ISKON temple visited by thousands of foreign tourists every year got two giant Sudarshan Chakras along with a dome shaped globe, considered to be the largest in the world. Over 23,000 foreign devotees witnessed the daring mounting of these chakras atop the temple a couple of days ago.



The two chakras, one weighing 1,500 kg and another 500 kg, were lifted by cranes to the top of the 113m high structure and fitted to the central dome. Made of steel and plated with gold, the chakras have been names Radha Madhav and Narsimha Madhav. The chakras were made in Russia by an engineer who is also a devotee. The complete construction of the dome is likely to end by 2020. The main dome is bigger in size than the Hagia Sophia of Istanbul and even the Taj Mahal of Agra or St Peter’s Basilica of the Vatican. The dome will have a 3D interpretation of Vedic interpretation of the universe.