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Real life story of acid attack survivor Monisha Pailan

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Monisha Pailan is an acid attack survivor who belongs to a village in Jaynagar. She was subjected to an acid attack way back in 2015. But the incident could not stop her. She took it as the biggest learning lesson of her life and started her journey afresh. Here is her story

It all started with a marriage proposal. But ended with a gruesome acid attack. One of ’s neighbours, Salim had proposed to her. But Monisha did not accept it. The refusal did not go down well with Salim. Little did Monisha know that her refusal would change her life forever. Years rolled by but Salim was still desperate for a revenge. On November 17, 2015, Salim and seven of his friends attacked Monisha with acid when she was returning home. She almost returned from the brink of death. 

Even doctors were not too hopeful but Monisha’s mother was the only exception who refused to give up. Her entire family stood by her in thisstruggle, and eventually she emerged victorious. Thereafter, her friends convinced her to come to Kolkata and take help of an organization that extended their support to her cause. It has been almost a year and a half that Monisha has been staying in a government quarter and working in a café based in South Kolkata.

But to Monisha’s dismay, the accused group of boys are roaming about in broad daylight and leading normal lives. The attack had taken place around 8pm. It was dark and Monisha could not see anyone’sface except Salim. Another boy was arrested within a month but Salim had fled to Mumbai by then. He was arrested after two years but received a bail and was released within a month. The entire neighbourhood refused to believe that Salim could do something as heinous as this and supported him throughout. The attack changed the entire world for Monisha but presently, Salim is married and is leading a normal life without any fear of punishment.