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State-of-the-art crematorium for pets

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Following in the footsteps of Delhi, Mumbai, Pune and Bengaluru, Kolkata will soon get its first advanced crematorium for animals. The electric crematorium will be constructed at Pramodnagar, under South Dum Dum municipality. Two-and-a-half crore has been sanctioned for the project. The state urban development department will and the municipality will bear the cost of construction. The blue print of the project is ready. Officials of South Dum Dum municipality claimed, work will be completed within six months’ time. The project is the brain-child of local MLA Bratya Basu, who says “it is an eyesore to come across decaying corpses of cats and dogs lying on streets. The stench and the possibility of epidemic disease spreading in the locality increase manifold. It has a negative effect on the environment as well. Hence I took the initiative to build a crematorium for animals.” The crematorium facility will be available not just to residents of South Dum Dum municipality, but to others staying nearby. Stray corpses lying on the streets will also be cremated here by the municipality.