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12K rogue bikers booked in Kolkata in just 12 days!

20 September, 2019 02:07:01
12K rogue bikers booked in Kolkata in just 12 days!

The city traffic police has indeed made a huge impact on making Kolkata’s streets safer for women by reining in rogue biker gangs in the last few days. Result is they have given cases to 12K bikers who were flouting rules in just under 12 days. They have remained one step ahead of the bikers by moving around city streets and making successful raids. For the biker gangs who have tried to dodge the police have been also nabbed by vigilant traffic guards.

Till Saturday around 9,651 cases were made for triple biking, 3,670 for no helmet, 508 for drunk driving and 592 for dangerous driving. There have been new areas and localities that the police are raiding which include Bhpen Bose Avenue, Duttabagan Crossing, Philips More, Akra Road and BB Sengupta-Biren Roy Road. The speed cameras have helped the cops to identify the bikers and also there are several cases of repeat offenders, against whom the police have hardened their stand. Now the police is all set to turn their attention to the bylanes from the main streets. 

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