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Culture / History & Heritage

December 02 2021

The simple philanthropic life of Khan Jahan Ali

A large number of Hindus converted to Islam, being attracted by the humanitarian work of Khan Jahan Ali


December 02 2021

Chugging tales of Bengal Railways: Was Bengal’s Agricultural Decline rela...

GB goes through historical data to trace the various railway tracts laid in Bengal during British India in this fourth out of the 6-part series


November 30 2021

Hindu son of Siraj-ud-daullah: Is Satyajit Ray’s grandfather a descendant...

GB goes through historical data to trace the family of the last independent Nawab of Bengal in this and final part out of the 5-part series


November 29 2021

Chugging tales of Bengal Railways: Eastern Bengal Railway and Chalan Beel

GB goes through historical data to trace the various railway tracts laid in Bengal during British India in this third out of the 6-part series


November 29 2021

Story of Dhaka University – The Museum of Bhasha Andolan

In this 3-episode series, GB delves into the past and present of Dhaka University, which has remained a historical landmark for the struggle for freedom

By Information Desk

November 27 2021

Hindu son of Siraj-ud-daullah: Freedom fighter Grandson relocates to Shillo...

GB goes through historical data to trace the family of the last independent Nawab of Bengal in this fourth out of the 5-part series


November 26 2021

Hazrat Khan Jahan Ali, the crusader who changed South Bengal

The well-known 15th-century Sufi saint and ruler who promoted the spread of Islam in Bengal.


November 26 2021

New NATMO Monograph on Bengal’s Shaktipeeths to promote pilgrimage touris...

Bengal will soon have a detailed map to promote tourism along the Shaktipeeth trail

By Information Desk

November 24 2021

Kolkata Police rewarded for keeping city heritage safe

Many of the buildings belonging to the force are heritage structures

By Information Desk

November 24 2021

Chugging tales of Bengal Railways: Problems faced in track laying

GB goes through historical data to trace the various railway tracts laid in Bengal during British India in this second out of the 6-part series


November 23 2021

Ghosts of Garden Reach, where history speaks

The ghosts that aren’t so frequently talked about

By Yajnaseni Chakraborty

November 23 2021

Hindu son of Siraj-ud-daullah: Gouripur Estate of Myemenshingha

GB goes through historical data to trace the family of the last independent Nawab of Bengal in this 3rd out of 5-part series


November 22 2021

Chugging tales of Bengal Railways, the first track of British India

GB goes through historical data to trace the various railway tracts laid in Bengal during British India in this first out of the 6-part series


November 22 2021

Story of Dhaka University – Formed in aftermath of Bengal Partition of 19...

The University of Dhaka opened its doors on July 1, 1921, with Mr P. J. Hartog as its first Vice-Chancellor


November 20 2021

Hindu son of Siraj-ud-daullah: Jugalkishore, the dashing feudal lord

GB goes through historical data to trace the family of the last independent Nawab of Bengal in this 2nd out of 5-part series


November 18 2021

Story of Dhaka University – The voice for the oppressed

Dhaka University has been a hotspot of revolutionaries and demonstrators since its inception


November 16 2021

Did you know a Muslim, Hazrat Khan Jahan Ali started the line of Pirali Bra...

The Tagore family line descended from one such Pirali family


November 15 2021

Hindu son of Siraj ud-daula, where are his descendants now?

GB goes through historical data to trace the family of the last independent Nawab of Bengal in this 1st out of 5-part series


November 15 2021

The Turk ruler of Bengal who learnt Sanskrit and worshipped Ganga

Zafar Khan Ghazi - The harbinger of communal harmony in Bengal


November 12 2021

Amartya Sen’s nostalgia: Jagat Kutir, his home in Dhaka

Sen’s childhood across different geographies, culture and environment

By Saheli Mitra

November 09 2021

Alexander Castle -- Where Rabindranath Tagore was invited by Muktagachha za...

The castle is also known as ‘Lohar Kuthi’ or ‘Rang Mahal’

By Shuvra Dey

October 26 2021

Durgapur Aatbari’s complex architecture saved many freedom fighters from ...

The run-down ancestral mansion stands as a silent witness of its own glorious past


October 05 2021

Three Kolkata Restaurants get Heritage plaque – Mocambo, Kwality & Trinca...

With the newly bestowed Heritage Plaques, these three restaurants might turn into iconic puja hotspots this year

By Information Desk

October 01 2021

Jalpaiguri tops Bengal language list with a diversity of 98 dialects

The district is a shining example of unity despite the multiplicity of dialects spoken here

By Information Desk

September 24 2021

Will SD and RD's home truly become a museum?

Kolkata Municipal Corporation has plans to buy the property

By Information Desk

September 23 2021

Kolkata Blue Plaque, a drive to make heritage part of daily life

The scheme is modelled on the London Blue Plaque

By Information Desk

September 20 2021

Babu Baisnab Charan Adhya, the Bengali who played Othello

In 1848, Adhya made history at Sans Souci Theatre

By Yajnaseni Chakraborty

September 17 2021

How did Wajid Ali Shah bring his favourite sport Kite Flying to Kolkata?

Let the kites fly high today redefining your freedom

By Shahanshah Mirza

September 13 2021

‘Pandu Rajar Dhipi’ – Bengal’s Chalcolithic site could be as old as...

An archaeological marvel signifying a rich heritage, it once ran parallel to the late Harappan era

By Information Desk

September 11 2021

Malda district throws up Buddhist wonder – in Jagjivanpur

Excavation at Jagjivanpur opens up the archaeological splendor of Bengal


August 18 2021

Hauntings and history blend at Writers’ Building

Writers’ was once referred to as a mini-township

By Yajnaseni Chakraborty

August 14 2021

Kolkata Street with a Jewish Connect

The 350m long Ezra Street located in the heart of Kolkata is a testament of the city's vibrant Jewish history


July 28 2021

World War I, immortalised by Bengal’s soldiers

As a British colony, India was dragged into the war

By Information Desk

July 21 2021

The Darjeeling Mail was run by bullocks!

During British era Darjeeling Mail had a bullock engine!

By Bapi Ghosh

July 05 2021

Alipore, the posh Kolkata locality named after a ‘traitor’

A curious bit of history unknown to most modern Kolkatans

By Yajnaseni Chakraborty

June 21 2021

Jagannath Sadak, the ancient path to divinity

Once the only route from Calcutta to Puri, Jagannath Sadak is an integral part of Bengal and Odisha

By Yajnaseni Chakraborty

June 14 2021

Khejuri Post Office – India’s first post office

The birthplace of India’s First official Telegraph line connecting Calcutta-Khejuri and Diamond Harbour

By Information Desk

June 02 2021

June, the month of the ‘Black Hole tragedy’

Where Kolkata’s GPO stands today was where the Black Hole allegedly once stood

By Yajnaseni Chakraborty

May 29 2021

The man who made Mount Everest famous

Renowned mountaineer Debashis Biswas on why it is important to remember Tenzing Norgay

By Yajnaseni Chakraborty

May 24 2021

Bengal was once upon a time ruled by African Kings!

Story of the Habshi Sultans of Bengal

By Information Desk

May 20 2021

'Khoka’ then and now, Kolkata’s notorious Pagla Murder Case

What if the Khoka of celluloid were to have a real-life counterpart?

By Yajnaseni Chakraborty

May 11 2021

How Tagore was ‘stamped’ on the world

In the 160th year of his birth, here’s looking at stamps on Tagore

By Information Desk

April 19 2021

The Lucknow that Wajid Ali Shah built, in Kolkata

What happened to the ‘shadow kingdom’ that the Nawab built?

By Yajnaseni Chakraborty

April 18 2021

Why is Bishnupur not a UNESCO World Heritage site yet?

Experts are of the view that the sheer diversity of Bishnupur’s art and culture makes it worthy of the world heritage tag

By Yajnaseni Chakraborty

March 17 2021

The first biopic on Mujibur Rahman was made in Kolkata

GB brings this incredible tale on Bangobondhu’s birth anniversary

By Information Desk

March 10 2021

Kalyani - the town that carries Bidhan Roy’s scars of unrequited love

Declared a Smart City by the state government in 2014

By Information Desk

March 05 2021

Hastings, the neighbourhood that sums up Kolkata’s colonial past

From a Muslim burial ground to a ‘Coolie Bazar’ to a township for ordnance employees

By GM Kapur

February 26 2021

Subhas vs Prof Oaten, an encounter that changed two lives

What happened to E.F. Oaten, the assault on whom caused Subhas Bose to be expelled from Presidency College?

By Yajnaseni Chakraborty

February 15 2021

Netaji sent written messages in bread slices through his attendant

The House in Kurseong where Netaji was interned

By Jayatri Nag

January 21 2021

When Brooke’s Swan Cars cruised through the crowded streets of Kolkata

The car first arrived in Calcutta in 1910

By Indranil Halder

January 16 2021

Bibhuti Bhushan’s legacy under threat, family seeks help

The house is in imminent danger of collapse, thanks to large-scale construction work

By Yajnaseni Chakraborty

January 11 2021

Six decades after its birth, Bengal’s mini-Tibet shines bright

Darjeeling’s Tibetan Refugee Self-Help Centre is an example of self-reliance and cultural autonomy

By Indrajit Sen

January 02 2021

Sans Souci Theatre of British Calcutta staged Shakespeare’s plays

Colonial influences on Kolkata’s culture

By Shuvra Dey

December 25 2020

On Christmas Day, a glimpse of Bengal's old churches

Christianity came to Bengal in the 16th century, and brought with it some truly magnificent churches

By Information Desk

December 07 2020

Somebody else’s war: Indian soldiers in World War I

On Armed Forces Flag Day, we look back at Indians, particularly Bengalis, in the first great war

By Yajnaseni Chakraborty

December 05 2020

The Santipur Local - Part 2

How the Earliest Trains look like?

By Rahul Haldar

December 01 2020

The Santipur Local

Martin Rail- tiny three-compartment trains on the narrow-gauge railroad tracks

By Rahul Haldar

November 28 2020

The citizen heritage keepers of Kolkata

Since 1984, INTACH has been fighting to restore and conserve Kolkata and Bengal’s priceless history

By Yajnaseni Chakraborty

October 28 2020

Shantarakshita, Bengali Prince-turned-monk spread Buddhism even before Atis...

Tracing the history of spread of Buddhism in Tibet

By Information Desk

September 21 2020

When statues speak! Bengal’s statues amalgamate colonial power and local ...

Statues add to the heritage pride of Bengal

By Indranil Halder

September 09 2020

Did you know Warren Hastings founded Digha and called it ‘Brighton of the...

The British were carried away by Digha’s pristine beaches and blue sea

By Information Desk

September 05 2020

From Vogue’s cover page to welcoming Hollywood star Ava Gardner, Cooch Be...

Bengal’s district of grandeur and opulence

By Indranil Halder

August 26 2020

Who were the Ghatwals of Bengal’s Amodpur? They saved us from Bargi attac...

The Ghatwal clan still lives in Birbhum

By Shuvra Dey

August 21 2020

Zamor, slave boy from Bengal played a major role in bringing down Bastille ...

How he got inducted in the court of French Royalty

By Information Desk

August 10 2020

Bengalis who fought in World War I and the first ‘only Bengali’ British...

It was in August 1924 a monument was built by British in their memory

By Information Desk

July 25 2020

Century-old Nadia school with major contribution in Bangladesh Freedom Move...

Demand for ‘Heritage’ tag for ancient school

By Dipak Saha

June 11 2020

Bijoy Singha – the prince of Bengal who went on to rule Sri Lanka!

How did a Bengali prince reach Srilanka?

By Information Desk

June 01 2020

67th Everest Day celebrated at Darjeeling’s Himalayan Mountaineering Inst...

HMI remembers Tenzing Norgay on his 106th Birth Anniversary

By Information Desk

May 26 2020

Century-old Corona Typewriter lies in Quarantine at Darjeeling

The typewriter is preserved in Sister Nivedita’s house

By Bapi Ghosh

March 20 2020

Himadri Shankar Dey --- Lone crusader launches heritage museum

Shuvendu Mohan Dey Historical Museum of Barshool

By Information Desk

March 10 2020

Kolkata’s last bioscopewallah Md Salim to retire as smartphones take over...

How Salim kept a celluloid dream alive for generations

By Shuvra Dey

March 05 2020

In search of roots --- how Partition uprooted Bengalis

Off to Barishal to relive memories

By Amit Sen

February 29 2020

The Big Ben of Howrah Station --- Boro Ghori turns 94!

Timekeeper since World War I

By Information Desk

February 27 2020

Victoria Park of Dhaka was witness to first war of Indian independence

Revisiting the checkered past of Old Dhaka

By Sreyon

February 18 2020

The grand dilapidated Nimtita Palace where Satyajit Ray shot Jalshaghar

How can the palace be saved from floods?

By Information Desk

November 23 2019

Pratima Devi, unsung talent of Tagore household brought to limelight by Suj...

Did you know Rabindranath Tagore’s daughter-in-law was an author?

By Information Desk

October 30 2019

Why Bengal’s Kayasthyas worship Chitragupta on Bhai Phonta?

Tracing the link between life and death

By Information Desk

July 27 2019

Purulia’s Chau makes a mark at Germany’s greatest festival

Chau dance has received UNESCO Heritage tag

By Information Desk

June 08 2019

Is Jamai Shashthi a misogynistic festival of Bengal?

Shameless display of money and pampering for the men only!

By Saheli Mitra

November 06 2018

Bengal’s own Halloween: Bhoot Chaturdashi

Households in Bengal drive away evil forces in a scientific way!

By Information Desk

November 05 2018

Why so many Shakti Peeths are concentrated in Bengal?

GB visits Shakti Peeths of Bengal on eve of Kali Puja

By Information Desk

June 19 2018

Pampering the son-in-law: Bengal's Jamai Shashthi

Is this day a blatant show of male chauvinism?

By Saheli Mitra

February 28 2018

Enjoy Santiniketan’s Boshonto Utsav in Kolkata today!

Singer Manoj Murali brings Spring’s rhythm to Kolkata

By Saheli Mitra

November 03 2017

Why Miss Japan speaks fluent Bengali?

After all she is the great granddaughter of Prafulla Ghosh

By Information Desk

October 20 2017

10 best Kali hymns or mantras

Chant them tonight

By Information Desk

October 18 2017

Shaktipeeth that lies in Pakistan

Hingol Shakti Peeth of Marutirtha Hinglaj

By Information Desk

September 24 2017

Bishnupur Gharana- A moment of joy

A lost glory is set to return

By Information Desk