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Society / Agriculture

May 28 2024

Growing apples in Beldanga: School teacher’s amazing feat – GetBengal s...

Rupesh Das is making waves with his apple-growing success in Murshidabad

By Information Desk

April 06 2024

Millet cultivation in Bengal – GetBengal story

Revival of millet cultivation in Bengal, promoting healthy alternatives


February 15 2024

Bengal’s Gobindobhog &Tulaipanji rice to get the global export grading ta...

Gobindobhog and Tulaipanji variety rice got the Geographical Indication tags on August 28, 2017

By Suranjana Mitra

October 28 2023

Why Organic farmers are doing great in West Bengal - GetBengal story

With the help of organic farming, entrepreneurs are getting involved in new-age natural agriculture

By Information Desk

July 27 2023

Farmers of Belda opt for groundnut farming, make big profits - GetBengal st...

Groundnut is an important oilseed crop grown in India

By Information Desk

July 21 2023

Organic dairy farming and vegetable production: Purnima Mandal of Sundarban...

Purnima Mandal is a resident of Ramnagar Abad, a remote village in Patharpratima Block

By Information Desk

July 15 2023

North Dinajpur farmer cultivates energy-rich ‘Breadfruit Tree’ – New ...

Saha planted the breadfruit trees around September-October

By Information Desk

July 08 2023

‘Smart farmer’ successfully sets up piggery at Jhargram, thank to ‘D...

Pig rearing is increasingly the trade of choice for business-minded youngsters in West Bengal

By Information Desk

July 07 2023

Nawabpasand to Kalasur, Kohitoor to Saranga - a quick glance at the Murshid...

Tracing the history of 124 rare varieties of mangoes from Bengal

By Information Desk

June 16 2023

Medicinal Ayapana Herb Cultivation by Malda farmers brings loads of revenue...

Due to the lack of knowledge about Ayapana and its qualities and benefits, most people overlook it

By Information Desk

June 06 2023

UAE Dates cultivated in Katwa successfully brings hope to farmers

Gopal Mandal has developed a plantation of Arabian palm trees on his two-bigha land

By Information Desk

April 06 2023

Indigenous rice cultivation and seed preservation in the Sundarbans

The agricultural sector in the Sundarbans now faces multiple new challenges

By Nilanjan Mishra

March 25 2023

Unique Coconut Fairs held in Bengal districts to encourage Coconut Farming

The board is organising special hands-on skill development for the farmers teaching them special scientific methods

By Information Desk

March 14 2023

Bengal Seed Savers’ Meet pave the way for healthy living

The indigenous varieties can grow in remote areas where modern agricultural devices and techniques are not available

By Saheli Mitra

January 31 2023

Bengal farmers preferring broccoli over cauliflower! Why this sudden green ...

Broccoli is a rich source of vitamins C and K

By Information Desk

December 27 2022

West Bengal's 'flower village' Khirai, helping garner alternative employmen...

Tracks of flowers of different hues will leave you mesmerised

By Aparupa Basu

December 02 2022

Darjeeling Hills set to be the new ‘Saffron’ cultivation hub

Saffron has beome synonymous with luxury

By Information Desk

August 31 2022

Bengal turns self-reliant in Rohu-Katla farming following the ‘Moyna Mode...

The development has been made possible under the guidance of the Hon'ble CM, Mamata Banerjee

By Information Desk

August 30 2022

Indigenous paddy varieties by the women farmers of Bengal

This endeavour has also helped the villages to restore their ecological balance

By Information Desk

August 30 2022

Abhijit Sen, one of India’s leading agriculture economists passes away

Sen received the Padma Bhusan for public service in 2010

By Information Desk

May 24 2022

Husband wife duo empowering women in North Bengal

The Mushroom Revolution in Bengal

By Saheli Mitra

May 13 2022

Takipara, the Mukto Gram or Pearl Village of Hooghly

The women are being trained by members of the Nature Environment and Wildlife Society

By Information Desk

May 05 2022

First female farmer of Murshidabad

Her life is an example of grit and courage

By Information Desk

May 02 2022

Firework in your stomach! Dalle Khursani from North Bengal

It is one of the hottest chilies in the world

By Information Desk

February 25 2022

Big news for poultry farmers as Hooghly youth starts black soldier fly farm...

He started the cultivation of black soldier fly as an alternative source of protein for aquaculture, animal feed, pet food and human nutrition

By Information Desk

February 01 2022

Bengal’s farmers cultivate high-nutrition laden Dutch cauliflowers

These colorful varieties of cauliflowers and cabbages are packed with nutritional values


January 05 2022

Sundarbans farmers turn to floating farms to counter cyclone crisis

Seawater intrusion has made large chunks of coastal land useless

By Information Desk

December 14 2021

Bengal introduces ‘salt-tolerant paddy’ for coastal areas – answer to...

At present scientists have developed around 12-16 salinity-resistant paddy varieties

By Saheli Mitra

September 03 2021

Can Bengal grow chemical-free paddy?

A landmark initiative is on in the state to grow organic crops

By Dr. Anupam Paul

September 02 2021

Bengal's Folk Rice: Conserving a Neglected Treasure

5000 varieties of rice and more

By Dr. Anupam Paul

August 23 2021

Best kept secret of Nawabi Bengal – Kohitoor

Exclusively created for the Nawab of Bengal, Kohitoor is one of India’s most expensive mangoes


August 18 2021

Cultivation of superior quality Prawn with low Glycemic Index starts in We...

New Hatcheries in Haldia to bring huge profits

By Information Desk

July 21 2021

How a rural housewife ‘Alpona Mistri of Satkhira’ is helping preserve i...

Seed preservationist shows the way for sustainable organic farming

By Shuvra Dey

December 23 2020

Bengal paved the way for the first Peasant Revolution in India

Farmers forced the British to pass new act


December 05 2020

When Your Food Turns Junk - 3

Organic Paddy Seeds of Bengal across India

By Dr. Anupam Paul

November 26 2020

Organic Paddy Seeds of Bengal across India

The man who made it happen

By Dr. Anupam Paul

October 16 2020

On World Food Day, a look at World’s Food Programme that got Nobel Peace ...

WFP provided assistance to 100 million people in 88 countries last year

By Information Desk

September 23 2020

A fruit from Mexico is changing lives in Bengal

An exotic fruit from Central America is helping farmers earn a handsome profit in many parts of the state

By Yajnaseni Chakraborty

June 02 2020

State helps Sundarbans’ farmers grow salt-resistant paddy post Amphaan

Saline water that entered fields will not be able to pose threat

By Information Desk

February 13 2020

Lone rice crusader Debal Deb is reviving lost varieties of Bengal paddy

Why indigenous rice varieties are important for health

By Information Desk

December 28 2019

India’s only mangrove zoo to come up at Jharkhali

Preserving ecological balance of Sunderbans

By Information Desk

December 26 2019

Get to see a partial Solar Eclipse today in Kolkata

Starts from 8.30 am in the morning and continue till noon

By Information Desk

November 19 2019

Wow! Darjeeling’s Green and White Tea get GI tag

Big boost for international tea trade from North Bengal

By Information Desk

November 17 2019

200-year-journey of Agri-Horticultural Society and how it introduced winter...

Founder William Carey brought cauliflower and cabbage from England

By Information Desk

November 12 2019

Sagar Island’s Kapil Muni Temple is at stake after Cyclone Bulbul

How the cyclone impacted erosion of the islands!

By Information Desk

November 09 2019

Will Cyclone Bulbul be as severe as Aila? When will it hit Sunderbans?

Severe Cyclone Bulbul brings back memories of Aila

By Information Desk

September 17 2019

13K Lotus flowers to be exported by Bankura farmers to London

Durga Puja brings a huge profit to farmers growing lotus in their ponds

By Information Desk

September 14 2019

Siliguri farmers grow Hill Orchids and earn in lakhs

Orchids are no more restricted to Hills

By Information Desk

September 14 2019

Extinct Indian Wolf sighted in Sunderbans!

Thought to be foxes, there is a herd of wolves living in Sunderbans

By Information Desk

August 20 2019

Bengal’s veggie Kochu gets huge export boost to Britain and Italy!

Arum or Kochu now travels from Birbhum to London

By Information Desk

August 15 2019

Eco-Friendly Seed Rakhis of Kolkata, turn your brothers eco-warriors!

How about rakhis with cotton threads and seeds that grow into a garden

By Information Desk

July 30 2019

On World Tiger Day, take this quiz on Tigers of Sunderbans

Bengal’s Sunderbans is the only salt-water habitat of the world where tigers rule

By Information Desk

July 26 2019

How Bengal is reviving lost varieties of paddy

Ever heard of varieties like Dui Satin and Teen Satin? Why were they so named? 

By Information Desk

July 20 2019

Breaking News! Earthquake in Darjeeling and Siliguri

North Bengal Hills feel shockwaves an hour ago

By Information Desk

July 19 2019

HIDCO brings new Urban Forest with hundreds of trees to Kolkata

Newtown will have acres of trees creating one of the largest urban forests of India

By Information Desk

July 17 2019

Do not miss the partial lunar eclipse over Kolkata today!

When can you witness this celestial phenomenon from the city?

By Information Desk

July 14 2019

Bangladesh starts producing ‘Polythene’ bags from Jute

West Bengal can follow this model and create bio-degradable ‘polythene’ bags

By Information Desk

July 08 2019

Meet Biswajit Ghosh, the ‘Nail Man’ who removes nails from all ...

His mission is to save wounded trees whose barks are nailed with advertisements

By Information Desk

July 07 2019

Giant catfish weighing 120kg caught by fishermen at Teesta barrage

The fish was sold in the market today for more than 60K!

By Information Desk

June 29 2019

How KMC saved a 100-year-old tree at Medical College

Haritaki Tree transplanted yesterday on the campus

By Information Desk

June 20 2019

Tarapith temple flowers are being used to produce bio-fertilisers

Flowers offered to the deity being used for a good cause

By Information Desk

June 19 2019

Bengali’s favourite Hilsa being reared in a pond!

Thousands of Hilsa are being reared along with Rui-Katla

By Information Desk

June 15 2019

Alipore Zoo to have the first virtual animal park of India

Bengal Safari Park of North Bengal to follow suit

By Information Desk

June 04 2019

Animal trafficking along Bongaon border is worse than women trafficking

Rare lion cub and monkey rescued last week enroute from Bangladesh

By Information Desk

May 25 2019

A Black Hole in the Universe gets a Bengali name

Gobhir Mallika takes Bengali language to a universal high!

By Information Desk

May 16 2019

Meet ‘Lake Mamata’ --- The saviour of Rabindra Sarovar

Sumita Bandopadhyay keeps a strong vigil daily to stop pollution

By Information Desk

May 15 2019

Gigantic Black Hole gets a poetic name in Bengali!

Imagine the black hole being named as Gobhir Mallika

By Information Desk

May 04 2019

After cyclone Fani is a disastrous earthquake waiting?

Major earthquake predicted in next 2 days

By Information Desk

April 24 2019

Meet Mangrove Man Pranabesh Maiti of Sunderbans

He has been relentlessly working to protect the fragile ecosystem

By Sreemoyee Bhattacharya

March 29 2019

Anti-Sting operation at Dumdum Airport!

State government fights mosquito menace

By Information Desk

March 27 2019

Karan Chhatu mushroom of Bengal costs more than mutton!

This wild mushroom of Bishnupur is a season’s delicacy

By Information Desk

March 22 2019

Ban on Palash ornaments in Santiniketan this Basanta Utsav

Viswa Bharati issues notice to stop exploitation of Palash trees

By Information Desk

March 02 2019

Kolkata’s stray ‘Neri’ dog proves herself in the dog squa...

Stray dogs overshoot the foreign bred sniffer dogs!

By Information Desk

February 28 2019

Grass cultivation in Rajarhat help farmers earn in lakhs

Bengal government help farmers to make remarkable profit

By Information Desk

January 29 2019

Meet Charles, Danny, Rock and their sisters at Darjeeling Zoo!

Legendary Mishmi Takins of Germany are new residents of the zoo

By Information Desk

January 23 2019

New paddy cultivation technique brings profit to Balurghat

Youths helped by State Agriculture Department introduce mulching

By Information Desk

January 18 2019

Exhibition showcasing avian diversity of Kolkata

GB brings behind-the-lens shots of feathery friends

By Debanjana Saha

January 17 2019

Mystery of the missing trees at Botanical Gardens

Did you know some trees have eaten up others?

By Information Desk

January 10 2019

When farmers of Bengal turned scientists

Using light in Chandramallika cultivation

By Information Desk

December 27 2018

Murshidabad sets record in cabbage production this winter

Special nutritious cabbage being grown in Bengal

By Information Desk

December 20 2018

Ayodhya Hills of Purulia soon to produce CTC tea

New industry in tribal belt to help local economy

By Information Desk

December 17 2018

How a tigress even slapped a young tiger who tried to mate!

Why tigresses of Alipore Zoo are not mating?

By Information Desk

November 24 2018

Organic lipstick grown in Bengal from Lipstick Tree!

To all beautiful women – Here is Bengal’s Rupbriksha

By Information Desk

May 17 2018

Bengal’s love for historical mango varieties

Let’s go on a Mango Tale and Trail

By Debanjana Saha

May 14 2018

250-year-old resident of Bengal under termite attack!

Great Banyan Tree of Botanical Gardens is heading to death?

By Information Desk

May 08 2018

Mayur Mahal of Chinsurah – where peacocks reign

A wake up call to save the peacocks of Rajhat area

By Information Desk

May 06 2018

Mango Wonder! Ten mango varieties on same tree

Katwa teacher grows ten mango varieties on same tree

By Information Desk

April 22 2018

City birdwatcher’s paradise threatened by construction

Chintamani Kar Bird Sanctuary may soon lose migratory birds 

By Sayantan Ghosh

February 23 2018

Experimental Apple Harvest in Bankura

Growing green apples in the red laterite soil

By Information Desk

February 02 2018

Why were Darjeeling oranges smaller in size this year?

Viral attack or lack of scientific organic farming?

By Information Desk

February 01 2018

Is Tagore’s Kopai a dying river?

A recent survey by Visva Bharati geography dept. says so

By Information Desk

December 18 2017

Beware!! Anacondas at Alipore Zoo!

Alipore Zoo to be home to Anacondas from March

By Information Desk

November 20 2017

Coco tree of Shibpur flowered after 94 years!

The 123-year-old tree will give birth soon!

By Information Desk

November 06 2017

It’s high time KMC realises how to protect the green

KMC out to axe ‘unsafe’ trees!

By Information Desk

October 28 2017

Will the new kangaroos at Alipore Zoo survive this time?

Alipore Zoo to get jaguars and kangaroos

By Information Desk

October 24 2017

Rare plant fossils discovered in Ilambazar

Fossil Park coming up this year end

By Information Desk

October 23 2017

Green Mission for Bengal

Around a thousand green projects cleared

By Information Desk