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Society / Education

June 26 2024

Lakshmir Bhandar helps a poor Birbhum boy study on the internet and crack t...

Lakshmir Bhandar offers financial assistance to the women of the state

By Information Desk

March 11 2024

Debdut Saha, son of a farm labourer, tops UPSC Statistical Exams – GetBen...

He is an all-rounder in studies and gives education immense importance

By Srijita Dutta

February 23 2024

Ai Yugo - the Japanese student who came from Tokyo in a quest to learn Beng...

Yugo studied in a Tokyo school and was brought up there

By Suman Sadhu

February 22 2024

Scottish Church College to get its 2nd Campus in the restored Duff College ...

The new campus building has 28 rooms, and 1000-1200 students can study here at the same time


February 21 2024

First Toto dictionary, keeping an endangered language alive :Interview with...

Bhakta Toto is the ‘language scientist’ trying to preserve his mother tongue

By Saheli Mitra

December 04 2023

Boi-Thek Khana: New Library by Jadavpur Shramjeevi Trust - GetBengal story

Fiction and non-fiction books will also be available along with children’s literature

By Shouvik Ray

November 29 2023

Bongaon High School gets new arch in Bibhutibhushan Bandopadhyay’s name -...

The history of Bongaon is intertwined with the literary legend, Bibhutibhushan Bandopadhyay

By Information Desk

November 25 2023

The Book Bank of Vivekananda College is a big hit for needy students - GetB...

Book banks provide the students with books throughout the semester without any cost

By Suranjana Mitra

November 23 2023

Girl students set to join Scottish Church Collegiate School - GetBengal sto...

Girls will be entering the hallowed portal of the male stronghold from 2024

By Information Desk

November 15 2023

School built by architect Rajen Mookerjee completes 100 years

Bhabla Tantra Sir Rajendra High School is a renowned school in the Basirhat Sub-division

By Information Desk

October 31 2023

Will Pyari Pandit’s historic pathshala where Sarat Chandra studied be res...

Pyari Pandit’s pathshala is in shambles as its condition deteriorates with time

By Information Desk

October 05 2023

Bengal’s ‘Raastar Master’ selected for Global Teacher Award - GetBeng...

The Global Teacher Prize acknowledges educators displaying dedication and innovation in their teaching practices

By Information Desk

September 08 2023

West Bengal on a voyage towards an educated society – GetBengal story

Celebrating International Literacy Day


August 30 2023

Chequered journey of a girls’ school from California to Dhaka, to Kolkata...

According to Swamiji, true education builds character and develops personality

By Sibapriya Dasgupta

August 11 2023

Bengali compulsory in every school of West Bengal, State declares - GetBeng...

This can also give rise to a three-tier linguistic system in West Bengal

By Information Desk

June 15 2023

Bahrisons Kolkata: the New Book Haven for Kolkata Bookworms

The thrill that you feel when you explore the city and find a new bookstore is unmatched

By Suranjana Mitra

May 23 2023

Kitab Lovers in Kolkata: Load books in boxes and take them home!

Those who follow the Kitab Lovers account on social media will get a free entry

By Suranjana Mitra

May 19 2023

Ecosphere: an open air library by a 25-years-old!

Lama had started this venture in March, 2022

By Suranjana Mitra

May 12 2023

Jadavpur Vidyapith secures its place among top 10 schools in the country

The board results of the school at the secondary and higher secondary levels are stellar

By Sibapriya Dasgupta

May 09 2023

Back when Rabindranath Tagore bonded with the Nizam of Hyderabad over educa...

The Nizam allocated a handsome grant for a hostel to be constructed at the Visva Bharati University

By Information Desk

May 08 2023

United Missionary Girl’s High School: Almost 200-year legacy still going ...

24 Christian girls stayed in the boarding house and 20 Christian girls were day scholars

By Sibapriya Dasgupta

April 18 2023

Exclusive: For this Pakistani, his love for Bengali has opened the world to...

Tahir Wahid is a student of Karachi University

By Suman Sadhu

April 07 2023

150-year celebration of Presidency University’s Chemistry Department : GB...

GB spoke to the Head of the Chemistry Department, Presidency University Professor Arnab Halder

By Suranjana Mitra

April 05 2023

Nawab Bahadur Institution: Preserving a 200-year-old legacy of imparting ed...

Nawab Bahadur Institution, Murshidabad, is one of the oldest educational establishments of India

By Sibapriya Dasgupta

March 30 2023

The retired teacher from Ausgram who teaches tribal students for just one r...

This Master Moshai wishes to teach till his last breath

By Information Desk

February 10 2023

‘Boat Schools’ can be a solution to education in flood prone areas of B...

Boatmen, teachers and volunteers came forward to take part in building the school

By Suranjana Mitra

January 12 2023

Swami Vivekananda on Practical Vedanta: ‘Different’ Understanding

Swami Vivekananda just lived for only 39 years

By Information Desk

December 05 2022

Max Mueller Bhavan celebrates its 65th year

Goethe Institute offers a large number of courses to suit every situation

By Suranjana Mitra

November 23 2022

How was Kolkata’s famous Loreto House born?

It was founded in an era when women’s education was almost unheard of!


September 12 2022

Six-year-old Arushi clenches gold at Int’l Science Olympiad

A resident of Khardah, Arushi receives gold for Mathematics

By Information Desk

September 10 2022

Bengal’s Debankita ranks 22nd in NEET 2022

Who says Bengali medium can be detrimental to higher studies?

By Information Desk

September 08 2022

World’s first women’s liberation journal by Dwarkanath Ganguly, one who...

He who wanted all Indian women to be literate

By Information Desk

August 26 2022

Children’s playhouse in the lap of nature in Laxmikantapur

Khelaghar project was initiated 20 years ago at Raghunathpur in Kulpi Block, South 24 Parganas

By Information Desk

August 06 2022

Kolkata's South Point School is set to launch its own nano-satellite

South Point happens to be the second private school in the country and first in Eastern India to go ahead with such an ambitious project

By Information Desk

June 16 2022

From school dropout to pride of Bengal, the saga of the man behind Samarita...

Samaritan Mission has been shortlisted as one of the world’s best 100 schools

By Yajnaseni Chakraborty

May 23 2022

‘To be’ or ‘Not to be’ in the classroom

Are early summer holidays a necessity?

By Gopa Bhattacharjee

March 04 2022

Learning at world’s own school - Prithibir Pathshala imparts unique skill...

The school targets first generation learners and aims to bring children from underprivileged families

By Kankana Mukherjee

March 01 2022

How West Bengal’s Student Credit Card scheme can help you on your way

The Student Credit Card scheme covers all higher education courses

By Information Desk

February 14 2022

Charkha offers not just livelihoods, but life lessons too

The Charkha markets products created by the differently abled and marginalised

By Yajnaseni Chakraborty

February 11 2022

Josinta Kamala: Lives in Tarai slum and educates local children

She has been working tirelessly to uplift the status of the downtrodden members of society in remote areas

By Bapi Ghosh

February 10 2022

Kali Temple: The new abode of learning and venue of communal harmony

Breaking religious barriers, it became a hub of knowledge and education

By Information Desk

January 25 2022

Calcutta University at 165, the home of many firsts

Founded in 1857, CU was Asia’s first multidisciplinary institution

By Yajnaseni Chakraborty

November 01 2021

West Burdwan Teacher transforms village streets into classrooms

Fondly known as ‘Rastar master’ (teacher of the streets), Nayak teaches almost all subjects

By Information Desk

September 16 2021

Shiksha Ratna for Canning’s Nitai Mali – the teacher who fights for tri...

This year, he has received the Shiksha Ratna Award 2021


September 02 2021

Our Lady Queen of the Missions, 75 years of service

A school that goes way beyond education


September 01 2021

Kolkata girl offers first peek into Indus Valley language mystery

This could well be a revolutionary breakthrough

By Yajnaseni Chakraborty

August 03 2021

Naren Hansda – Pied Piper of Purulia

Hansda’s ‘Sidho Kanho Mission School’ is on a mission to educate Santhals and weed off superstitious beliefs.

By Gopa Bhattacharjee

August 02 2021

Dodo’r Dushtumir Class -- Virtual exploration outing for kids in Kolkata

The weekly class, hosted by Dodo himself with well-known mentors coming once a week, has already created quite a stir among both children and their parents

By Shuvra Dey

August 02 2021

Graduate from Kolkata Medical College tops AIIMS entrance Exam

Another medical graduate from Malda, has ranked seventh in the same examination

By Information Desk

July 27 2021

Girl students exceed boys in West Bengal

Only state in India where girl students are more than the boys


July 17 2021

State launches low-cost IAS study centre to boost aspirants from Bengal

West Bengal was the state that produced the first Indian ICS


July 06 2021

Kolkata’s Arushi Pant receives this year’s prestigious Diana Award

Since the age of 10, Pant worked on a child protection project in the rural districts of West Bengal

By Information Desk

July 01 2021

State launches student credit card, following Mamata’s election promise

The scheme offers loans to students in Class 10 and above

By Information Desk

June 22 2021

West Bengal Government to recruit 32,000 teachers this year

State Government to carry out recruitment process in the education sector

By Information Desk

April 26 2021

A teenager and her ‘library’ are changing lives in a small village

Rahila Khatun refuses to let the pandemic deprive her village of education

By Shuvra Dey

April 12 2021

Remembering Ashutosh Mukherjee

Ashutosh Mukherjee’s visions for higher education

By Information Desk

April 09 2021

A Library in an old fridge: It can only happen in Kolkata, The City of Lear...

Kalidas and Kumkum Halder’s new venture has turned into a hit

By Information Desk

April 02 2021

Confluence of Minds – Tagore, Bose & Mahalanobis

Their work brought them closer

By Information Desk

March 02 2021

Sridhar Acharya, the forgotten Bengali mathematician

Though part of an elite group, Sridhar Acharya’s name is rarely mentioned

By Information Desk

February 26 2021

‘Those shouting loudest about ‘Women’s Lib’ are ones who don’t fo...

Leela Majumdar who broke all barriers of patriarchy!

By Shuvra Dey

February 13 2021

The Power of Radio

World Radio Day- Tribute to Community radio in Jangalmahal

By Indrajit Sen

January 24 2021

Education saw a sea change: The pandemic era witnessed a surge in e-learnin...

Schools of Bengal are upgrading their education system

By Kaulik Ghosh

January 13 2021

Jagadananda Roy: The Forgotten Science Guru of Santiniketan

The man who united the forces of science and literature through his brilliant stories

By Mahua Dasgupta

January 12 2021

Caged youths still remember how to fly

Celebrating National Youth Day

By Kaulik Ghosh

January 08 2021

Kolkata’s ‘Boi Para’ looks to online sales on road to recovery

Reeling from the twin blows of Covid and Amphan, the Bengali publishing industry is on an uphill journey

By Yajnaseni Chakraborty

January 04 2021

ABTA completes 100 years

Teachers’ movement to spread literacy completes a century

By Information Desk

January 01 2021

“A good librarian has a task cut out for him”

Tagore explored the theme of libraries to a great extent

By Information Desk

December 30 2020

Rabindranath Tagore’s love for a Library of Books

Tagore would have probably embraced modern developments of e-books and e-journals

By Information Desk

December 25 2020

Tagore, the Naturalist

His subtle love for nature

By Information Desk

December 23 2020

Tagore’s Man-Nature Interface

He introduced outdoor classes

By Information Desk

December 18 2020

Tagore's profound spiritualism

The spiritual journey of Tagore

By Information Desk

December 11 2020

Tagore's love for ink and paper

Memories of the written letters

By Information Desk

December 09 2020

The Nobel Prize news that came via Telegram

The gramophone record has had a deep connect with Rabindranath Tagore

By Information Desk

December 04 2020

God Particle Boson excited Tagore

Rabindranath Tagore describes Boson particle through Nataraj Nritya

By Information Desk

December 04 2020

Kolkata Police now takes Tejaswini online

Kolkata Police’s highly popular self-defence workshop for women goes virtual in pandemic times

By Information Desk

December 02 2020

Rabindranath Tagore’s ‘Window to Science’

World Citizen Tagore and his vision of integration

By Information Desk

November 27 2020

Vision Beyond Education

Visva Bharati- Where Education Turns Borderless

By Information Desk

November 25 2020

Where the Mind is without Fear

Tagore’s vision and roadmap for Visva Bharati

By Information Desk

November 14 2020

The Police Pathshala in Santiniketan

Officer-in Charge of Santiniketan Police Station as Police Didimoni

By Information Desk

November 11 2020

Silent Revolution in Primary Education

Bengal Tops the List

By Information Desk

November 02 2020

The Doon was founded by Satish Ranjan Das

The premiere educational institution of the country was founded by a Bengali

By Information Desk

October 02 2020

Pyari Charan Sircar wrote First English Book of Reading for native Indian c...

Pyari Charan Sircar and how he pioneered education

By Information Desk

September 21 2020

St. John Diocesan lost ‘college status’ for its student, freedom fighte...

She tried to assassinate the Governor General

By Information Desk

September 18 2020

IIT couple of Siliguri starts ‘Library on Wheels’ for children who have...

From competitive exams to regular lessons

By Information Desk

September 16 2020

Mathematician from 14th century Bengal, who was no less than human computer...

Subhankar Das and his made easy Subhankari formula

By Information Desk

September 10 2020

Don Bosco Liluah – set up in 1937 under the ideology of a Saint from Ital...

Saint John Bosco’s contribution to upliftment of needy children

By Information Desk

September 06 2020

Misha Ghosal, messiah of Alipurduar’s Toto tribal girls, gets National Aw...

Bengal is proud of her and her work in trying to uplift the girls

By Saheli Mitra

August 13 2020

Kolkata’s Raunak and Neha topped India’s Civil Service Exam this year!

Students from Bengal shine in civil services exam

By Information Desk

August 07 2020

West Bengal launches tele-education helpline for school students

The helpline is primarily intended for those students who are unable to avail online classes and learning

By Information Desk

July 14 2020

Visva Bharati University gets 2nd campus at Tagore’s Nainital retreat

The house where he took daughter Renuka before her death

By Information Desk

July 09 2020

PK De Sarkar, the Bengali who taught India how to master the language of En...

His grammar books are still the highest sellers

By Information Desk

June 21 2020

Amartya Sen to be awarded the 2020 Peace Prize of the German Book Trade

His work on issues around global justice recognised

By Information Desk

April 30 2020

Work from Tree! Bankura’s teacher shows the way to rural India

Innovative way of taking online classes during Lockdown

By Information Desk

April 19 2020

Bengal – Land of Free Thinkers, where Derozio formed Young Bengal

Remembering Henry Vivian Derozio on his birth anniversary

By Information Desk

March 27 2020

How students of Kolkata are coping with the Corona Lockdown

Antara Dasgupta, class XII student of Akshar

By Antara Dasgupta

March 25 2020

How students should cope with the Corona lockdown

Senior English teacher’s advice to the students

By Trina Das Gupta

February 21 2020

Documentary tracing Presidency University’s rich in-house museum

Did you know music classes were also held at Presidency?

By Information Desk

January 28 2020

Salute to Headmaster Kazi Masoom Akhtar for standing up against fundamental...

Masoom Akhtar wins Padmashree Award in education

By Information Desk

December 04 2018

English students to take lessons on Saptapadi and Sholay!

Calcutta University English syllabus to be revamped

By Information Desk

September 27 2018

75 years of Rahara Ramakrishna Mission

Where knowledge meets ideology

By Suman Sadhu

March 31 2018


Student Shae-Lynn Samuel speaks of ‘Easter Fun in Kolkata’

By Shae-Lynn Samuel

December 25 2017

Christmas is the season of giving

How a young girl helps in distributing goodies to the needy

By Srijita Dutta

December 25 2017

How a child in Singapore misses Kolkata Christmas!

Kolkata’s Christmas fervour is found nowhere else 

By Sahyannika Das

December 25 2017

Christmas Bunny In A Hurry

How a Christian family celebrated Christmas

By Abhradeep Saha

December 25 2017

Christmas --- A Mosaic of Twinkling Lights

Food, Fun and Nostalgia


December 24 2017

From Silver bells to Santa Claus, Christmas is here!

A Vignette of Christmas Celebration in Kolkata

By Aveek Basu

December 24 2017

Celebrating Christmas at Sunderbans!

How about celebrating Christmas in the land of the Royal Bengal Tiger?

By Shreyan Dutta Roy

December 24 2017

Christmas! It’s Party Time Folks

Gear up for the Yuletide festivities!

By Ronit Ghosh

December 24 2017

Fragrance of a Christmas morning

Freshly bakes cakes and chocolates steal the show

By Ivaana C Mitra

November 22 2017

Student Atharv Vir Malhotra on a recent puppet show

Puppets brought from different countries

By Atharv Vir Malhotra

November 14 2017

Amar Kolkata is all about adda and fun

Student Ivaana C.Mitra of La Martiniere for Girls on Kolkata’s adda culture

By Ivaana C Mitra

November 14 2017

Student Aveek Basu on street foods

Kolkata is the street food Mecca

By Aveek Basu

November 14 2017

What Durga Puja means to student Rayirth Roy

Food fun of Durga Puja

By Rayirth Roy

November 14 2017

Student Jyotishko Das on Indian Museum

The oldest museum of India

By Jyotishko Das

November 14 2017

Kolkata: The City of Contrasts

Student Debanjan Ray pens down his observations

By Debanjan Ray

November 14 2017

Student Ritwik Bhaumik on a trip to Nahoum’s

The iconic confectionary shop of New Market

By Ritwik Bhaumik

November 14 2017

Student Niranjana Ghosh on Kolkata’s Ghats

Maayer Ghat, Baghbazar

By Niranjana Ghosh

November 14 2017

Children who have no childhood

Trafficked children of Bengal

By Information Desk

August 04 2017

For Educator Uma Rajan, ‘Calcutta is home’

Calcutta is not a dying city

By Uma Rajan

September 25 2018

Thakur da’s canteen at Rabindra Bharati University

Where art meets gastronomic delights

By Anonya Biswas

August 29 2018

Lost in a world of books on College Street

Presidency student Anitesh Chakraborty relives his college days on College Street

By Anitesh Chakraborty

August 18 2018

Asutosh College Canteen: Hub of music and politics

This canteen also hosts cultural events by students

By Arnabi Basu

August 02 2018

Sukumar Da’s canteen at Presidency University

GB visits the meeting place of young minds

By Samudranil Gupta

July 23 2018

Peep into St Xavier’s College Canteen

If you are nostalgic, travel with GB to eateries popular with Xaverians

By Debanjana Saha