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Culture / Food

May 15 2024

Culinary Trendsetters of Tagore Household – GetBengal story

Know about the gastronomic heritage of Jorasanko Thakurbari

By Mahua Dasgupta

April 29 2024

Housewife from rural Sundarbans reach top 5 in all India Nutritious Food Co...

Ganga Rani Haldar, from Sundarban, wins the spotlight with her cooking skills


April 19 2024

The enduring charm of pantabhaat in Bengali cuisine—GetBengal story

Panta bhaat traditionally is a cuisine from rural Bengal

By Information Desk

April 09 2024

Gondhoraj Ghol: The Perfect Summer Cooler! - GetBengal story

Ghol with Gondhoraj lime is a quintessential Bengali summer drink

By Shushmita Banerjee

March 26 2024

The Recipes and Rituals of Ramazan – GetBengal story

The Islamic lunar calendar heralds the start of Ramadan

By Sakina Limbdiwala

March 19 2024

Bengal’s Ras Malai gets 2nd position among the world’s best cheese dess...

Ras Malai is now set to delight palates and captivate hearts worldwide

By Saheli Mitra

February 17 2024

Kurkut chutney - bridging the gap between the tribal and mainstream Bengal ...

Kurkut is a red weaver ant that people usually avoid in fear of its acidic prick


December 18 2023

Joynagarer Moa, not just a sweet, but a brand in itself

Joynagar is also about stalwarts and an illustrious past

By Shuvra Dey

October 19 2023

Cook at Home this Pujo: Mitra Café style Fish Kabiraji - GetBengal story

The café’s signature item is the kabiraji cutlet and the most sought-after dish by foodies

By Information Desk

October 17 2023

Recreate Anadi Cabin’s Mughlai Paratha at home this Puja – GetBengal st...

Mughlai paratha is originally a deep-fried crispy Indian bread made with refined flour stuffed with egg or keema

By Information Desk

September 28 2023

Boroli: proudly called the ‘Hilsa’ of North Bengal - GetBengal story

‘Boroli’ or Barred Boril (Barilius barila) fish, is normally found in clear streams in the foothills

By Information Desk

September 26 2023

Babarsa from Khirpai, Bengal, finds its doppelganger in Ghevar, a Rajsthani...

Khirpai is located in Ghatal Mahakuma, Paschim Medinipur, and has its name etched in history because of Babarsa

By Information Desk

September 21 2023

Rasgullas to rum balls – all the Kolkata sweets that have made it to the ...

Tasteatlas describes Flurys as a legendary tea room and confectionery located in Kolkata, established in 1927

By Information Desk

September 15 2023

State to satiate gourmets with Bengal Black goat meat before this pujas - G...

Health-conscious individuals love it since it is lean, rich in nutrients, and low in fat

By Information Desk

September 14 2023

Pick a grub while Pujo shopping! Gariahat’s historic eateries will entice...

If you are in the area, drop in to some of the historic eateries dotting here since ages

By Suranjana Mitra

September 07 2023

Savoury Taal-made dishes to sweeten up your Janmasthami celebrations - GetB...

The transformation of palm fruit in Bengali kitchens

By Information Desk

August 04 2023

The topsy-turvy journey of eggs in Bengali households, traced through Benga...

In many families, people would devour eggs behind closed doors away from the public eye to avoid criticism

By Information Desk

July 28 2023

Fish Kochuri of Nilachal, where taste meets innovation – GetBengal story...

Currently, Nilachal runs its own restaurant and catering business

By Shouvik Ray

July 25 2023

Famous dessert from Shibpur’s heritage Roychowdhury Bari – Kadali Payes...

Payesh is also called “poromanno”, where “porom” means “the absolute” and “onno” means grains

By Information Desk

July 17 2023

Sabudana papads, ramping up the monsoons in Bengal - GetBengal story

Almost every Bengali household savours with love papads made of sabudana

By Information Desk

July 11 2023

Radhatilak rice – the one indigenous paddy variety that warms the heart a...

Bengal has celebrated various festivals, all of which revolve around the cultivation and harvesting of rice

By Information Desk

July 10 2023

Jackfruit sweets carry forward the legacy of Bengal’s ‘sandesh’

While some love it for its distinctive, musky smell, others simply mark it as pungent

By Information Desk

July 05 2023

Beat the Heat with some Taal Shansh Cocktails

No matter if it's water or fruit juice, we constantly feel the need to moisten our bodies from the inside

By Debamita Ghosh Sarkar

June 02 2023

Bengal’s own Panta Bhaat gets a direct entry on the five-star menus!

Not only is panta bhaat time-saving, but it also needs barely any effort

By Information Desk

May 26 2023

The sour-sweet saga of ‘tok dal’ – a Bengal summer speciality!

Dal is a healthy food option that has secured its place on the daily menu of almost every Bengali household

By Utsa Tarafdar

May 25 2023

Tagore’s life-long romance with Motichur sandesh – a Chandannagar speci...

Rabindranath had a sweet tooth and was fond of fresh sweets delivered to their residence at Chandannagar

By Information Desk

May 16 2023

Chhenar Kalia – the savoury Bengali cuisine that became a part of Mahabho...

Mahanayak Uttam Kumar was closely related to the puja

By Information Desk

May 12 2023

Padma luchi: From a 117-year-old ‘boubhaat’ menu card of Sovabazar Rajb...

The 117-year-old menu card for Keshavchandra’s wedding had 36 items on the list

By Information Desk

May 06 2023

What should we keep in mind while purchasing pure ghee from the market!

Pure ghee has been used in Indian food recipes since time immemorial

By Information Desk

May 05 2023

MasterChef contestant Priyanka Kundu Biswas turns “Queen of Desserts” -...

She is well-educated and is a very good student who can also be referred to as a “geek”


May 02 2023

A fishy love affair - Mache Bhate Bangali

Bengalis stand out with a unique identity based on their passion for fish

By Debamita Ghosh Sarkar

April 27 2023

Sri Krishna Hotel of Serampore reminds us of Indubalar Bhaater Hotel

Subhashree Ganguly plays the role of Indubala in the web series Indubala Bhaater Hotel

By Information Desk

April 20 2023

Overviewing Zakaria Street - the Ramadaan food paradise

Under the shadows of Kolkata’s biggest mosque, it is located near one of the oldest localities in Kolkata

By Maniklal Ghosh

April 14 2023

Phalsa on the rocks to your rescue this summer!

Food blogger ‘Ranjini Guha’ shares her favourite Phalsa cocktail recipe with GB

By Ranjini Guha

April 03 2023

Govt sponsored Somponno Café is the new address of Alipore

The Somponno Café has a multilevel parking facility that has become a great relief to the regular visitors


March 08 2023

Tufanganj’s Singara Dida is an inspiration at the age of 80!

Singara Dida from Tufanganj, West Bengal has been running a snack shop all by herself


February 21 2023

'Monohara' - the Bengali mish-mash between 'rosogolla' and 'sandesh'

A sweet that steals your heart


February 09 2023

Fuchkawala – the restaurant that started during Lockdown blues by two you...

Fuchkawala is now a brand and ever increasing, thanks to the innovative ideas of the siblings

By Suranjana Mitra

January 18 2023

Why Kolkata is deservedly a top global food destination

Kolkata is the only Indian city among the World's Best Food Destinations

By Information Desk

January 10 2023

From Phoolkopir shingara to Koraishutir kochuri - winter becomes a dining c...

Phoolkopir Shingara or Koraishutir Kochuri?

By Shuvra Dey

January 05 2023

Bori Monda: Bankura’s unique dessert vies for GI recognition

Ancient Bengal was known as ‘Gauda Banga’

By Information Desk

January 04 2023

Genesis of Bengal's Phuchka village

Every neighbourhood (para) has a puchkawala

By Information Desk

January 03 2023

K. Ali Bakery: The century old heritage bakery of Mominpur

few bakeries have stood firm in the face of tumultuous times

By Suranjana Mitra

December 29 2022

The only ‘Samovar’ Tea shop of Kolkata

Samovars are large metallic vessels used to boil and brew


December 28 2022

What does GEN Y think about the traditional art of Pithe Making?

Pithe making had almost become a ritual to most Bengali households

By Information Desk

December 26 2022

Manzilat Fatima – Keeping authentic Royal Awadhi cuisine alive in Kolkata...

It was food that comforted Nawab Wajid Ali Shah

By Shuvra Dey

December 12 2022

Dhamsa – a sneak peek into tribal life, while in Kolkata

The restaurant has been given the shape of Dhamsa


December 09 2022

Will Joynagarer Moa become extinct soon due to a lack of raw materials?

The jaggery used in moa-making is best if it is poyra gur

By Information Desk

December 06 2022

Breakfast at Trincas after 62 years!

Trincas catering a wholesome breakfast, keeping you energized for the day

By Saheli Mitra

November 25 2022

Kolkata’s Pumpkin Shingaras invading the US snack market successfully

Pumpkin shingaras has casted spell in the US snack market and it has got its routes in Kolkata!

By Information Desk

November 16 2022

The origin of Biryani – how a Mughal delicacy invaded Bengal

Bengali’s love biryani although it is not an indigenous dish

By Shuvra Dey

November 02 2022

Railway coach at New Jalpaiguri gets an áppetizing’ makeover

A brand new initiative that helped turn an abandoned railway coach into a promising restaurant in New Jalpaiguri Station

By Information Desk

October 28 2022

Mahal Restaurant: Carrying a century-old illustrious legacy

Mahal Hotel and Restaurant is located at 6/3 Ramanath Majumdar Street, Kolkata 700009

By Aritra Dash

October 27 2022

Going on an authentic Parsi food trail in Kolkata

An Exclusive Interview with Supriya Mancherji

By Shuvra Dey

October 26 2022

Want to try out Rabdigram’s Rabdi this winter?

Depending on the traffic, it takes 1hour 50 minutes or so, to reach Rabdigram from Kolkata by car

By Sourav Das

October 11 2022

Patkheer: Deciphering lost recipes of Bengal

According to historical records, ‘patkheer' was a popular dessert of the people of Dhaka even during the Mughal era

By Information Desk

September 22 2022

Manna Dey and his love for kesar malai sherbet at Kapila Ashram

Kapila Ashram, century-old sherbet joint of Kolkata

By Information Desk

August 19 2022

On this Janmashtami, try out the Makhhan Samosa

On Lord Krishna's birthday, satisfy your appetite

By Information Desk

August 18 2022

The earthy and robust taste of Bengal’s favourite Kochu

Colocasia esculenta plant is ingrained in our tradition and is an integral part of Durga Puja

By Information Desk

July 15 2022

100-year-old Deshbandhu Mistanna Bhandar downs shutters

Deshbandhu Mistanna Bhandar was established by Bibhutibhushan Chowdhury in 1921

By Information Desk

June 24 2022

A Monsoon Date at Dacres Lane

Try out Apanjan's Khichuri or Chittoda's Ghugni

By Saheli Mitra

June 06 2022

Matchmaking Mishti with Literature – Jugal’s unique ‘sweet’ fest

The 3-day festival will take place between December 9-11


June 03 2022

‘Widow cuisine’ of Bengal: Vegetarian delicacies born out of oppression...

Non-vegetarian food was once forbidden for Bengali widows


May 31 2022

Mukti’s Kitchen conquers Brooklyn with Indian style health food

Teaching Americans the fine art of Indian cooking

By Shuvra Dey

May 21 2022

Branded Dooars Tea set to be your next brew

Once favourite with Russian blenders, Dooars Tea finds a market once more


May 19 2022

Kolkata's Aam Utsab 2022

This was the 9th year of Aam Utsab

By Maniklal Ghosh

May 09 2022

Panchphoran Rui recipe from Jorasanko Thakurbari’s kitchen

Written by Rabindranath’s niece, Pragyasundari Devi

By Information Desk

April 27 2022

Bangitola’s heritage Monda

Monda might not have been discovered in Bangitola first, rather it was a sweet of English Bazar

By Information Desk

April 14 2022

Celebrate Poila Baisakh with specially curated menu at The Salt House

The special menu is based on the menu of The Tangra Project

By Information Desk

April 13 2022

Potoler Dolma, the Bengali summer delicacy that isn’t Bengali at all

Like many of Bengal’s borrowings, the dolma comes from a distant land


March 15 2022

Delectable Belgian waffle set to win Bengal’s gourmet hearts

Waffle has been quietly gaining ground in Bengal and now this delicacy has mesmerized Bengali foodies’ palates

By Payel Samanta

February 26 2022

A cookbook worthy of a Nobel Prize winner

This is as much a cookbook as it is a social commentary

By Information Desk

January 22 2022

The winter delight of Bengal, jhola nolen gur

Its exquisite flavour makes it every Bengali household’s winter favourite

By Information Desk

January 18 2022

How come a bazar in Kolkata’s Chinatown was named after an Italian?

Tiretta Bazaar in Kolkata is famous for its Chinese street food and breakfast


January 04 2022

Jashoda Mishtanna Bhandar: Tale of an iconic sweetmeat shop

It is traditionally famous for its creamy Laal Mishti Doi

By Information Desk

December 06 2021

This winter, ‘Eat Like a Sindhi!’

Kolkata based teacher Deepak Giananey even shares a recipe

By Deepak Giananey

December 01 2021

Try some piping hot soup this winter

The best soup joints of Kolkata

By Information Desk

November 26 2021

Order your pack of Mango Magic online from The Bengal Store

Mango is the king of all Indian fruits, and we show you exactly what you can do with it

By Information Desk

October 18 2021

Giant Jilipis of Kenjakura

'Jilipi' is believed to have travelled all the way from Persia to Bengal during the medieval age

By Information Desk

October 01 2021

Healthy Bhaka Pitha of North Bengal is a Rajbanshi delicacy

These rice cakes which have been in tradition for over a century are very popular among the local community


September 24 2021

Kalimpong’s bustling markets offer phumbi, churpi and many lesser-known p...

Kalimpong's colourful haats, or weekly bazaars, are well recognised for their distinctive culinary delicacies that can be stocked all over the year


September 21 2021

Bengal’s unique Sheherwali Cuisine – the Royal Vegetarian delight of Mu...

One of Bengal's best kept secrets is the royal vegetarian cuisine of the affluent Jain families who migrated to Kolkata nearly 300 years ago

By Gopa Bhattacharjee

September 20 2021

‘Batasha’ making art is on the verge of extinction due to lack of entre...

This popular sweet, which is part and parcel of any religious ceremonies, is now facing stiff competition from the modern confectionaries

By Shuvra Dey

September 16 2021

Tea stall that perennially shares food with penniless nomads: Meet the Karm...

The Karmakars have been feeding poor people every day with a missionary zeal

By Information Desk

September 08 2021

Niranjan Agar: ‘King of Egg Devils’ from colonial Kolkata

The centuries old ‘Niranjan Agar' cabin in North Kolkata has a long and illustrious past

By Shuvra Dey

September 07 2021

Nabadwip Cuisine boasts of Lal Doi, one of the best curds of India

Kalipada Modak’s Chakku Doi is famous across the globe for its creamy texture and delicious taste


August 26 2021

Nona Ilish, the Ilish that we never talk about

One of the priciest fishes of Bangladesh


August 19 2021

Glowing brightly in the rich history of the delectable world of Sandesh: Gi...

Did you know Nakur tried his hand at wine Sandesh a century ago?

By Shuvra Dey

August 13 2021

Evolution of the Bengali chorchori

A time-saving Bengali recipe that used to feed joint families once upon a time

By Information Desk

August 09 2021

Should Bengal’s Sarbhaja and Sarpuria join the GI tags club?

Applications pending for Tangail, Jamdani, Garad-Korial, Muslin, and Kalonuniya rice

By Yajnaseni Chakraborty

August 04 2021

‘Telebhaja’ for Re 1, Ghugni for Rs 2

A shop in Burdwan that caters to the poor

By Information Desk

July 27 2021

Ilish recipes from Narayanganj and Barishal

This monsoon ride on a nostalgic high!

By Information Desk

July 09 2021

Posto’s journey from Chinese opium farms to Bengal’s kitchens

Rolf Bauer, Professor of Economic and Social History at University of Vienna, wrote an exhaustive history of the opium trade in India

By Shuvra Dey

July 07 2021

Swami Vivekananda’s love for Khichuri and his special recipe

The term khichuri (khicṛī) is derived from the Sanskrit khiccā, a dish of rice and legumes

By Information Desk

July 03 2021

Octogenarian village chef Pushparani Sarkar turns Youtube Sensation

Pushparani’s channel Villfood, now boasts of 1.47 million subscribers

By Information Desk

June 30 2021

The many good things about pure ghee

While artificial ghee can poison your system, natural ghee does the opposite

By Information Desk

June 11 2021

Remember the Rum Ball of Jalajog? Or was it Flurys?

Ranjini Guha, a food blogger from Kolkata, shares her love for Rum Balls and her easy recipe for homemade ones

By Ranjini Guha

June 09 2021

Mrityunjay Ghosh & Sons- for the connoisseurs of Kochuri in Kolkata

Kolkata’s heritage street food shop and its lip smacking Kochuris

By Shuvra Dey

June 04 2021

How Bengal’s famous mangoes find their way into sweets

Mango Mania hits the sweet shops of Bengal

By Information Desk

June 01 2021

Succulent Sandesh and 200-year-old heritage ‘Makhan Lal Sandesh’

This 200-year- old sweet shop is a go-to destination for all the connoisseurs of sweets

By Information Desk

May 25 2021

Rash Behari Bose made Bengal’s Murgir Jhol famous in Tokyo

Bengali freedom fighter introduced this delicacy in Japan

By Indrajit Sen

May 17 2021

Raw honey from the Sundarbans, and the story behind it

The raw honey that comes to us directly from beehives in the Sundarbans tells a tale of hardship and courage

By Information Desk

May 15 2021

Bengal's famous sweet from the Sultanate era

Chaitanya Dev’s favourite Roshokodombo

By Information Desk

May 13 2021

Can the Bengali diet boost your immunity?

The thing about Bengali cuisine is that many immunity-boosting foods are inbuilt

By Yajnaseni Chakraborty

May 05 2021

Sanguvalley of Kolkata – a distant call of Chittagong

Established by H.P Barua in 1945

By Mouni Mondal

April 16 2021

Chilligola Rosogollas – the chilli infused sweet has attained cult status...

Made by the shop that Netaji had once visited

By Information Desk

April 14 2021

This Poila Baisakh, take a trip back to Sky Room and Blue Fox

A new restaurant is reviving the signature dishes of two of the city’s most famous restaurants

By Yajnaseni Chakraborty

March 31 2021

Straight from the Nawab's kitchen-- Biriyani with Aloo

Recipe of Biryani with Aloo

By Fatima Mirza

March 24 2021

A slice of Gondhoraj wonder this summer

How about freshly plucked lemon for a Lemon Cake?

By Shushmita Banerjee

March 20 2021

Memories of Shutki - The Dried-Salted Fish

Food enthusiast Ranjini Guha narrates her love for Bangladeshi cuisine

By Ranjini Guha

March 19 2021

All the goodness of fresh fruits in our mixed fruit jam

Our mixed fruit jams are free of chemicals and preservatives

By Information Desk

March 08 2021

Post COVID, Dalhousie street-food vendors get hygiene training

Dalhousie Square to turn into heritage ‘Food Street’

By Information Desk

March 03 2021

Romancing Bengal’s ‘Loitta’ across India

The fish that excited Robert Clive!

By Ranjini Guha

March 02 2021

Palash Ghosh – One of the last Bandel Cheese makers churning the historic...

The only family that still churns world famous gourmet delight

By Shuvra Dey

February 24 2021

Baba Bhootnath’s tea stall at Nimtala Ghat

‘Sadhu Baba’ Hari Shankar Pandey’s popular tea stall attracts a huge crowd, daily

By Information Desk

February 22 2021

Thai-turned Bong, Sirattiya Bora converts ‘Lockdown’ into a successful ...

An exclusive interview with the Home Chef

By Jayatri Nag

February 15 2021

Hilsa tales: the good, the bad and the ugly

Shorshe ilish and ilish machh bhaja are legends in their own right, but what about an ilish bharta, or korma?

By Information Desk

February 02 2021

The old world charm still thrives in Uttarpara’s century-old Lucy Babu’...

An eatery in suburban Kolkata that revolutionized the restaurant culture

By Shuvra Dey

January 29 2021

A flavour of Barishal-- Gulab Pati Sandesh

And that too home-made, from Grandma’s recipe

By Basudha Biswas Banerjee

January 22 2021

Treasure trove of our food heritage

Bengal’s 19th century cookbooks

By Kaulik Ghosh

January 10 2021

The art form called ‘nolen gur’, delivered to your doorstep

The delicate flavour of ‘nolen gur’ has remained an eternal Bengal favourite

By Information Desk

December 31 2020

The Sweeter the Better- Mom’s Bakery

The Home Bakers of Kolkata turned Social Entrepreneurs

By Kaulik Ghosh

December 28 2020

The Sweeter the Better- Foodscapes

The Home Bakers of Kolkata turned Social Entrepreneurs

By Kaulik Ghosh

December 21 2020

The Sweeter the Better- Boma Asian Bakery

The Home Bakers of Kolkata turned Social Entrepreneurs

By Kaulik Ghosh

December 16 2020

The taste of Bengal’s home-made sweets

Traditional recipes of ‘Pithe-Puli’

By Kaulik Ghosh

December 14 2020

Winter is incomplete without the Nolen Gur and Pithe

Recalling the grandmother’s recipes of Pithe Puli

By Kaulik Ghosh

December 09 2020

From Palms to Pots

Sap Tappers of Bankura give lessons on micro-entrepreneurship


December 08 2020

India makes a ‘bee-line’ for pure Bengal Honey

Most major honey brands failed the purity test

By Saheli Mitra

November 07 2020

Kolkata’s Pice Hotels

This weekend go for a simple meal

By Rana Chakraborty

November 06 2020

The legacy of Radu Babu Chayer Dokan in Kolkata

How this century-old shop scored above plush Kolkata cafe

By Nirmalya Mukherjee

November 04 2020

Stay fit in the pre-Diwali week with these healthy recipes

Nutrition and flavour matched

By Information Desk

October 29 2020

How was Bengal’s favourite ‘Posto’ born as ‘left-over’ of British...

Agricultural land in Bengal Presidency transformed into poppy fields


October 28 2020

Joransanko Thakurbari’s ‘Glutton Club’ where voting happened on basis...

Abanindranath Tagore cooked Josi Kebab


October 19 2020

Famous Chhanamukhi of Brahmanberia that transcended borders as Chhanar Murk...

The sweet that is needed for every festival of Bengal

By Information Desk

September 28 2020

Lord Curzon was floored by Burdwan’s Sitabhog! Was it a sweet that Sita l...

Tracing the colonial journey of world-famous Sitabhog

By Information Desk

September 25 2020

Radhaballabhi --- Bengal’s delicacy made for Radha’s paramour

Did it come from Murshidabad’s Kandi?

By Information Desk

September 24 2020

Pragyasundari Devi turned Jorasanko Thakurbari kitchen to a centre of liber...

She wrote one of the first cookbooks of Bengal

By Information Desk

September 19 2020

Mahabharat and Mangal kabya trace the entry of mutton in Bengali kitchens!

How Mangsho Bhaat became a popular dish in Bengal

By Information Desk

September 08 2020

From ‘Rosuner Payesh’ to ‘Ilisher Ullash’, lost recipes find a new ...

Two Kolkatans have embarked on a culinary and cultural journey to archive and popularise lost and rare recipes

By Yajnaseni Chakraborty

August 29 2020

Century-old Mecha Sandesh of Beliatore still survives the test of time

Loaded with health benefits, this sweet is Bengal’s pride

By Information Desk

August 27 2020

Adventurous journey of globetrotter ‘Shingara’ from Central Asia to Ben...

From where did our favourite Phoolkopir Shingara land up in Bengal?

By Information Desk

July 26 2020

Nakshi pithe- where art and delicacy meet in Bengal

Nostalgia of Jasimuddin’s poetry and age old Bengali tradition

By Indrajit Sen

July 03 2020

“Korola-Chingri” - a must try for all fish lovers

How about a dish from the other side of Bengal?

By Shrabana Bhunya

June 12 2020

Kolkata’s famous sweet shop brings ‘Immunity Sandesh’ laden with herb...

Balaram Mullick & Radharaman Mullick’s new sweet

By Information Desk

May 26 2020

Eid Mubarak! Fascinating history of Royal’s biriyani of Kolkata

Due to lockdown, bringing in a virtual treat

By Information Desk

April 04 2020

Try this begun-puri as suggested by Leela Majumdar

A must have dish for all meat lovers

By Information Desk

March 05 2020

The ‘sweet pirates’ who taught Bengal how to make sweets

Portuguese and the art of chhana making

By Information Desk

February 27 2020

Relive revolutionary Bengal in the 100-year-old ‘Young Bengal Hotel’

The pice hotel of Khidderpore that still carries age old tradition

By Information Desk

February 26 2020

British Jhalmuri man Angus Denoon in the city of joy!

Scotsman Angus Denoon wins hearts with his jhalmuri

By Information Desk

February 25 2020

Cancer survivor and cricket icon Arun Lal gives shocking account on pappad ...

Did you know diesel is used for rolling the pappads?

By Information Desk

February 20 2020

Ghoti-Gorom call – the Pied Piper of Bengal

Lure of Ghoti Gorom bridges generations of Bengali foodies

By Information Desk

February 19 2020

If you are a foodie Bengali, you must know Rammohan Roy could eat a full go...

Chittaranjan Das had two seers of Rosogolla!

By Information Desk

January 16 2020

This Poush Sankranti try a lost pithe of Bengal

Dhakai pithe or Bhapa pithe is still sold on streets of Bangladesh

By Sreemoyee Bhattacharya

January 11 2020

Goalondo Fowl Curry - Pritha Sen reviving a lost cuisine

When food binds the soul of two Bengals

By Information Desk

December 30 2019

Where do you get the season’s best phoolkopir shingara in Kolkata?

Samosa’s cousin shingara can be traced to Persia

By Shuvra Dey

December 24 2019

Kolkata’s British charm relived on an Anglo-Indian palate

Dishes from kedgeree to pish pash, try any

By Information Desk

December 10 2019

Baghajatin started a revolutionary storm over a class of Paramount sherbet!...

Century old Paramount got Heritage Eatery tag last week

By Information Desk

November 24 2019

Bengal’s food love in moving images! Watch out GB Ahaare Bangla Video...

Mammoth Food Fest at Kolkata’s Central Park

By Information Desk

November 10 2019

Bandel Cheese gets top rank by world’s cheese connoisseurs

Where to get Bandel Cheese in Kolkata?

By Information Desk

October 03 2019

If you are home cooking this Pujo, try this Leela Majumdar recipe

Author Leela Majumdar was also a great cook! Try her breakfast recipe

By Information Desk

September 21 2019

With the monsoon still hovering, try some Ilish Paturi

Recipe from Beyond the Borders -- Narayanganj

By Information Desk

September 06 2019

Swiss Dairy of Kalimpong that made world famous cheese and lollipops shuts ...

Will heritage Kalimpong Lollipops now get lost?

By Information Desk

September 04 2019

Are days numbered for world-famous Kalimpong lollipop and cheese?

The Swiss dairy supplying the products shuts down!

By Information Desk

August 25 2019

One of the last shops in Kolkata to sell the famous Dhakai Paratha!

Food brought from Dhaka during partition

By Information Desk

August 05 2019

This Sunday learn from GB how mutton came on Bengal’s plates

Mangsho-Bhaat of Bengal can be traced to the times of Mahabharata

By Information Desk

August 01 2019

Bengal’s khichuri is India’s super food

Bengal produces a variety of khichuri dishes including Aamish Bhog

By Information Desk

July 19 2019

Kolkata’s street food Ghugni in a new avatar at these spots

Try out some lip-smacking ghugni at these city crossings

By Sreemoyee Bhattacharya

July 17 2019

Uttam-Supriya treated guests to exclusive Bengali dishes like Sagar Doi

Kishore Kumar to Sanjeev Kumar, Bollywood idols at Uttam’s parties

By Information Desk

June 20 2019

British chef who visited Kolkata is now jhalmuri seller of UK

Scotsman Angus Dennon learnt to make the tangy snacks from Kolkata streets

By Information Desk

June 09 2019

Here is a Kolkata shop that still sells kochuri at just 25 paisa!

How could Lakshmi Narayan Ghosh stick to the original price?

By Information Desk

May 17 2019

Health benefits of Bengal’s Panta Bhaat this summer!

Why was it popular in Bengal since ages

By Information Desk

May 07 2019

Try some simple less spicy Taki dishes this summer

What made Sada Dalna of Taki so delicious?

By Sunanda Bose

April 15 2019

Food historian Pritha Sen prepares ‘Firingee Thala’ for Ekdalia...

Ekdalia Road of Kolkata to showcase this special menu

By Pritha Sen

April 09 2019

Jagantmata Bhojonalaya, century-old Odiya pice-hotel of Kolkata

Feel homesick with the innumerable low-cost fish dishes

By alokeparna ghosh

January 31 2019

What is You Tiao? Try it ahead of Chinese New Year

Chinese food with a revolutionary past used as protest tool

By Arpita Chanda

January 06 2019

Bagbazar rises to the first ever Rosogolla Utsav

Rich cultural heritage of Bagbazar showcased through sweet festival

By Information Desk

December 24 2018

Iconic Jewish bakery of Nahoum’s still shines

Despite KMC notice of unclean environment

By Debanjana Saha

December 21 2018

This Christmas bake a Plum Cake at home

Try out this simple recipe

By Information Desk

November 26 2018

Ratan’s dosa stall in Burrabazar is a must try out

GB tastes the South Indian dishes in this small stall of Kolkata

By Debanjana Saha

November 25 2018

Lost pithe recipes cook up a storm at Aahare Bangla

Do not miss pithe delicacies on last day of Aahare Bangla

By Sreemoyee Bhattacharya

October 27 2018

Pritha Sen weaves stories through Bengali dishes across India

Bringing sociological and historical treasures of Bengali cuisine

By Information Desk

August 24 2018

When Bengal’s royals descended at ITC Sonar with Hilsa recipes

GB spoke to members of Rajbaris about their secret Hilsa recipes


June 08 2018

Try some simple Taki dishes this hot summer

Sunanda Bose of Taki zamindar family helps us with simple dishes

By Sunanda Bose

May 30 2018

Did you know there are 26 types of payesh in Bengal?

Dessert that is loaded with legends and traditions

By Information Desk

May 23 2018

In the holy Ramadan month, a visit to authentic eateries

Which Kolkata alleys are famous for Ramadan food?

By Debanjana Saha

March 05 2018

Sweet dishes of Taki as remembered by Sunanda Bose

Aumbols and Malpoa, cooked Taki style

By Sunanda Bose

February 21 2018

Taki’s signature dishes and their Jessore influence

Taki’s signature dishes and their Jessore influence

By Sunanda Bose

February 12 2018

Sunanda Bose of Taki Zamindar family shares signature cuisine

Gota, Mourala Shukto and Katbael Bori

By Sunanda Bose

December 11 2017

Nostalgic trip of Dhakai Paratha

Dhakai Paratha was once a favourite breakfast of North Kolkata

By Information Desk

November 20 2017

New fish app of Bengal govt, to bring fish at doorstep

Order 22 varieties of fish through this app

By Information Desk

November 06 2017

Bengal’s Bandel Cheese still rules the world

Portuguese taught Bengal how to make this cheese

By Information Desk

October 26 2017

Bengal’s geri-gugli and shutki make way to Int’l Food Fest

State government to showcase goynabori and morobba too

By Information Desk

October 20 2017

Healthy snacking this Diwali and Bhai Phonta

Why not try these healthy snacks and care for your waistline?

By Information Desk

October 03 2017

GB shares recipe of NarkelNarufor Bijoya Dashami

The quintessentially Bengali sweet that tastes heavenly

By Information Desk

July 22 2017

Pop goes the Panch Phoron

Bengal's famous five in new avatar

By Anindya Sundar Basu

December 31 2019

Bengal’s tryst with Mihidana – history of Burdwan’s famou...

Bhairab Chandra Nag designed the new sweets

By Information Desk

December 15 2019

Shimurali’s heritage sweet ‘Kaalakand’ made from buffalo ...

Try the century-old shop Mahamaya Mistanna Bhandar

By Information Desk

September 18 2019

Even Sri Ramkrishna Paramhansa praised Felu Modak’s sweets

170-year-old sweet shop of Bengal that still tops the list

By Information Desk

September 17 2019

Bengal’s Mishti Doi is Bulgaria’s signature dish! 

How mishit doi came to Kolkata from Bulgaria?

By Information Desk

September 10 2019

When you watch timeless Basanta Bilap or Saptapadi on a sweet frame!

Cadbury sweets of Kolkata shops designed on timeless movies

By Information Desk

September 05 2019

College Street’s heritage sweet shop Santosh Mistanna Bhandar will cl...

Shop that was famous for its Misti Doi and Labanga Latika

By Information Desk

August 04 2019

Rosogolla! Both Orissa and Bengal get GI tag! Choose one

Orissa Rosogolla also gets GI tag, which one you prefer?

By Information Desk

July 20 2019

The Baklava Box ---- A Slice of Turkey in Kolkata

Now enjoy Turkish delights sitting in this city itself

By Information Desk

June 02 2019

Drop in at Mohan Bhandar, the sweet joint where Piku was shot

Amitabh Bachchan stopped here to have kochuri and jilipi

By Information Desk

May 05 2019

Phulbari’s famous Laalmohan came from Myemensingha

Sweet that beats even rosogolla!

By Information Desk

March 08 2019

Ramkrishna Paramhansa loved Kheerer Sandesh of Jodu Moyra

Did you know he was a priest of Jhamapukur Rajbari?

By Arpita Chanda

December 07 2018

Adhar Chandra Das selling sweets for more than 100 years

GB was at Krishnanagar on a sweet trail

By Information Desk

November 19 2018

After Rosogolla, Bengal’s bonde claims GI tag

Kamarpukur’s succulent white bonde is a unique delicacy

By Information Desk

July 06 2018

After Floating Market, now it’s Mishti Hub

Kolkata’s largest Mishti Hub inaugurated today in New Town

By Information Desk

June 19 2018

Kansat, a Bengali sweet, was a favourite of Indira Gandhi

Why did Indira Gandhi ask Ghani Khan to bring Kansat to Delhi

By Information Desk

April 25 2018

Choose between Moong Jalebi and Babarshah of Midnapore

Agriculturally rich Midnapore still makes indigenous sweets

By Information Desk

April 15 2018

Dying art of making Rosho Puli of Barishal!

Foodie Shushmita Banerjee shares her experience

By Shushmita Banerjee

April 09 2018

Do you remember Bangladesh’s Gayanather Baalish Chomchom?

Undivided Bengal’s Gayanather Baalish was a famous sweet it?

By Information Desk

April 06 2018

Birbhum’s famous century-old Tantipara Jalebi!

Dey family of Tantipara still sells Jalebi during Urs Festival

By Information Desk

March 14 2018

The Orange Rosogollas of Kolkata!

Why not try some Komola Bhog at home?

By Shushmita Banerjee

January 03 2018

How did Lyangcha and Kodma get their peculiar names?

Travel to East Burdwan to savour these sweets

By Information Desk

December 27 2017

How North Bengal villagers are taking lessons from Bangladesh

Art of gur making taught by traders from Rajshahi

By Information Desk

December 15 2017

Why Kalu Moira’s Kaju Barfi is better than its Northern cousins?

On your next travel, carry Jonai’s Manohara, it will never spoil

By Information Desk

December 10 2017

On the Sweet Trail at Ahaare Bangla

Urvashi Basu tastes innovative Bengal sweets from districts!

By Urvashi Basu

December 07 2017

Did you know Morabba of Siuri is a Portuguese sweet?

Or Babursha of Midnapore honoured a British soldier

By Information Desk

November 21 2017

Fulia makes world’s largest rosogolla!

Honouring Haradhan Moira, the rosogolla creator

By Information Desk

November 20 2017

Sri Chaitanya first took rosogolla to Orissa

Dela-rosogolla of Bengal was introduced by Vaishnavites  

By Information Desk

November 17 2017

What is GI tag that boosted Rosogolla sales?

Know of Bengal products that have the GI tag

By Information Desk

November 16 2017

Now that Rosogolla is ours, let’s try it in many flavours

Rosogolla is Bengal’s but it can be flavoured universally

By Information Desk

November 09 2017

Who made Bengalis connoisseurs of sweets?

Portuguese settlers taught Bengalis the use of chhana

By Information Desk

October 10 2017

Look out for FIFA U-17 ‘Football Sandesh’

City sweet shops bring new football themed sweets

By Information Desk

September 20 2019

Kolkata’s oldest family owned Chinese restaurant Eau Chew gets Herita...

Almost century-old eatery serves best Chimney Soup of the city

By Arpita Chanda

September 20 2019

Can we ever get over the Peter Cat-Chelo Kebab love story?

GB brings the legendary dish of an iconic eatery of Kolkata

By Saheli Mitra

September 20 2019

Dhiren’s Cabin – where even Uttam Kumar visited for their famou...

The old-world charm of this Shovabazar eatery is still a showstopper

By Information Desk

September 20 2019

Winter is almost here! Want to have some Golbarir Kosha Mangsho?

Iconic Kolkata eatery at Shyambazar crossing

By Information Desk

September 20 2019

First ever Cricket-Themed Restaurant of Kolkata

Get a first-hand experience of Sourav’s Dadagiri!

By Information Desk

September 20 2019

Fresh from Athens! First Greek Restaurant in Kolkata

If you wish to have a slice of Greece, drop in at Zeusopolis

By Information Desk

September 20 2019

Have a slice of Kashmiri cuisine and get transported to Paradise on Earth! ...

Where to get authentic Kashmiri food in Kolkata?

By Information Desk

September 20 2019

Good News for Kolkata’s Fish Lovers! New destination for fish dishes ...

Nalban to turn to the best fish destination

By Information Desk

September 20 2019

Century old Kolkata Café where freedom fighters met in disguise!

Not to miss the nostalgia of Favourite Cabin of Kolkata

By Information Desk

September 20 2019

Kolkata’s century old ‘pice hotel’ Siddheshwari Ashram of...

Elaborate fish dishes at throwaway prices

By Information Desk

August 07 2019

Want some Mughlai Paratha of Anadi Cabin this monsoon?

The Kolkata restaurant that brings memories of the city’s cabin culture!

By Information Desk

September 20 2019

Sip n Bite café run by specially-abled children and their mothers

Do not miss this inspiring and exclusive GB video on how they run the show

By Information Desk

September 20 2019

Biryanishk – the new address for Biriyani lovers of Kolkata

Exclusive GB interview with founder Saugata Banerjee

By Information Desk

September 20 2019

What is Jadavpur University’s Dhoper Chop?

JU canteen’s Milan da is no more, but his creation still exists

By Information Desk

September 20 2019

Come, enjoy a Firingee Thala at Ekdalia Road

Curated by culinary expert Pritha Sen

By Information Desk

September 20 2019

Artsy Café – for the artistic foodie

The talk of the town where you enjoy books and art with food

By Trina Bhattacharya

September 20 2019

Success of ‘Black’ meals at Kolkata’s Ekdalia Road

Dip into a plate of black rice and black Kadaknath Chicken

By Sreemoyee Bhattacharya

September 20 2019

All new festive menu at Ekdalia Road

Try out duck or turkey platter

By Information Desk

September 20 2019

Sipping a cuppa over Nachiketa’s songs

Jadavpur boy who gave up drugs to start Nachiketa’s tea stall

By Suman Sadhu

September 20 2019

Iconic ‘Kalikar Chop er Dokan’ that still sells prawn chop at j...

Kalika celebrated their golden jubilee and still is a runaway hit

By Suman Sadhu

September 20 2019

Rajbhog and Kochuri at 150-year-old Putiram

Iconic sweet shop of Kolkata on Surya Sen Street

By Information Desk

September 20 2019

GB finds out how ‘Coverage’ turned to ‘Kabiraji’ at...

Choose between Idiot Brain Chop or Kabiraji

By Suman Sadhu

September 20 2019

The ‘Fishy’ Iftar tale

How Bengal’s fish got into the Eid menu

By Information Desk

September 20 2019

Chowk Bazar of Dhaka comes alive on Kolkata’s Zakaria Street

‘Food Paradise of Kolkata’ comes alive during Ramadan

By Arpita Chanda

September 20 2019

The city will soon enjoy Duck sausage and Duck pickles!

Thanks to experiments by Bengal’s agricultural scientists

By Information Desk

September 20 2019

Kolkata’s South Indian dishes are not always vegetarian

What about the non-veg South Indian dishes of Kolkata?

By Information Desk

September 20 2019

Have a Machh Bhaat meal at only Rs 21!

State government opens Ekushe Annapurna stalls

By Information Desk

September 20 2019

Kolkata and districts to get more Kaviar meat shops

Now buy ready-to-eat exotic meat dishes from state’s Kaviar shops

By Information Desk

September 20 2019

Kolkata is fast moving away from Chinese to Korean

Korean cuisine makes inroads in biriyani-noodles bastion

By Information Desk

September 20 2019

Zakaria Street: Kolkata’s Mughlai Street

Go for the best kebabs, head to Kolkata’s Zakaria Street

By Shuvra Dey

September 20 2019

 Move over noodles, try some Chinese Pakchoy!

Head to this Tangra joint and get a slice of China

By Information Desk

September 20 2019

Erstwhile communist Kolkata’s Russian cafe

A taste of Russian platter in Kolkata

By Information Desk

September 20 2019

This pujo enjoy a new menu on Indian Railways

Shahi Murg to gulab jamun  

By Information Desk

September 20 2019

Bengal’s Haringhata Meat brings food stalls to puja mandaps

Yummy chicken snacks to be served

By Information Desk

September 20 2019

Burma’s delicious connect with Kolkata

Two women making Khao Shay popular

By Chandrima Pal

December 25 2019

Have a sumptuous Turkey Meal as Christmas Lunch

Learn the recipe for Christmas Special Stuffed Turkey

By Information Desk

September 01 2019

Royal Recipe from Banalata Sen’s Natore!

Try this Kancha Kathaler Korma today

By Information Desk

February 13 2019

Rosogolla made out of rice!

Try out this simple recipe to use your leftover rice

By Information Desk

December 23 2018

Nutrition of Apples in the Christmas Apple Pie

Try out this simple Apple Pie Recipe at home

By Information Desk

December 22 2018

End your Christmas lunch on a sweet note

Do not miss this unique Christmas Pudding recipe

By Information Desk

December 20 2018

GB leaves through her famous Rannar Boi

Did you know author Leela Majumdar was also a great cook?

By Information Desk

September 04 2018

Pep up your weekday blues with Ilish recipes from Bangladesh

Meghna’s Hilsa and Opaar Bangla recipe

By Information Desk

July 11 2018

In this Hilsa season, try a different fish: Loitte Maacher Jhuribhaja

How the unassuming Bombay duck fish is prepared by Bengalis

By Aparupa Basu

June 29 2018

Here’s a Khichdi dish with a difference!

Egg-Soya Masala Khichdi by Nayana Biswas Khare

By Nayana Biswas Khare

June 08 2018

Iftar recipe to break your fast

Fatima Mirza shares an Iftar recipe for the month of Ramzan

By Fatima Mirza

May 28 2018

Try Sheer Khurma, a famous Persian Id dish

From Grandmother’s Recipe

By Shabnam Begum

January 31 2018

Try this recipe from Benudir Rannaghar

Supriya Devi is no more, but her recipes are still popular

By Information Desk

January 10 2018

Alpana motifs and sweet nothings of Nabanna

How to make the Bengali pancake?

By Information Desk

October 17 2017

Niramish meat curry! Kali pujo bhog

Try this recipe this Kali pujo

By Information Desk

October 10 2017

Kaun Khichudi and Mashkalai Khichudi of Bangladesh

Try these off beat recipes of the Chakma tribe and from Pabna

By Information Desk

October 08 2017

Pui Ilish of Noakhali

Try this lip-smacking Bangladeshi recipe

By Information Desk

October 05 2017

Sweet bhog of Lakshmi Puja

Gur-Payesh elixir bhog

By Information Desk

August 11 2017

Ilish Pulao of Barishal

Try this Bangladeshi Ilish recipe

By Information Desk

June 26 2017

An age-old recipe for Eid

Sufia Khatoon sharing the ecstasy of celebrations

By Saheli Mitra

August 25 2016

Committed effort to revive the forgotten Bengali cuisine

Remembering the Goalondo Steamer cuisine

By Abheri Sen

August 09 2019

TEAlicious – the new tea destination of Kolkata

Sip on your favourite blend and buy your Darjeeling Tea packs

By Information Desk

June 07 2018

Lost varieties of paddy of Bengal being revived

Have you heard of Dui Satin and Teen Satin rice?

By Zafrul Haque

October 09 2017

Mushroom of Bishnupur that costs more than mutton

Karan Chhatu: Rare wild mushroom winsinstant stardom

By Information Desk

July 05 2017

Fifty shades of Bengal’s paddy

Cultivating traditional varieties of paddy

By Tale spin

June 22 2017

Bengal's food bowl - polyamorous paddy

Why pregnant women were fed on Dui Satin and Tin Satin rice

By Tale spin

December 17 2019

To die for --- Kapilda’s Ghugni Chaat at Girish Park

Kapil’s deft hands whipping up the chaat is like Pied Piper playing a tune 

By Information Desk

October 01 2019

Pujo Special Momo from Haringhata!

Try some sitting at home if you wish to avoid the crowd

By Information Desk

September 08 2019

How Jhumpa Lahiri brought Kolkata’s favourite Jhaalmuri through Names...

Protagonist Ashima traced her roots down a packet of jhaalmuri

By Shuvra Dey

August 31 2019

Visit the award winning Phuchka Stall of Kolkata

Rajendra’s phuchka stall at Dhakuria has won several awards!

By Information Desk

June 12 2019

Kolkata café run by specially-abled youths

Do drop in at ‘Sip N Bite’

By Information Desk

December 12 2018

Beware! Think twice before having street-side momos

Research shows they contain harmful chemicals

By Information Desk

October 03 2018

Imagine a Kolkata ‘Chop’ shop is named Apur Sansar!

What led to naming a shop selling chops, Apur Sansar!

By Information Desk

July 24 2018

After Mishti hub, Kolkata might soon get a Street Food Hub!

Kolkata ranked top in global street food survey

By Information Desk

July 03 2018

Hum Tum aur Aam or Aam Antir Bhenpu?

Mango lovers and Mango Mania under one roof

By Suman Sadhu

December 11 2017

What a variety of meat at Ahaare Bangla!

Chef Atrei Chatterjee savours some rare meat and fish at Ahaare Bangla

By Information Desk

December 08 2017

Colourful crabs are the new attraction at Ahaare Bangla!

Coloured crab dishes to be introduced for the first time at Food Fest 

By Information Desk

December 02 2017

Young Bengali food entrepreneur brings‘gourmet food’ to city

This Bengali girl was only 18, when she started her gourmet outlet

By Saheli Mitra

November 28 2017

Radioactive sandwiches in Kolkata!

Photo-journalist turned sandwich maker sells them near Jadavpur

By Shuvra Dey

November 21 2017

Best Jhaalmuri outlets of Kolkata

Add that special something and make the best muri

By Shalinee Bhimsaria

October 21 2017

Let’s have some street momos of Kolkata

Try out these street-side momo corners

By Information Desk

August 25 2017

World’s largest shingara made in London

Singara weighs 150 kg

By Information Desk

May 09 2019

Bombay Kulfi Joint of Bhowanipore is a calming refuge in summer

Try out some kulfi – Bengal’s answer to western ice creams!

By Information Desk

March 12 2018

Did you know Kolkata has a Chocolate Tasting Club?

Meet the chocoholics of ‘Good Vegetarian Food Group’

By Saheli Mitra