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Culture / Festivals

April 13 2024

The Bengali Panjika: A timeless tradition intrinsic to the Bengali New Year...

Poila Baisakh feels incomplete without a panjika

By Amitava Purakayastha

March 23 2024

Dol Jatra with a Difference – GetBengal story

Why always Santiniketan? Try out Amadpur and Nimdih

By Information Desk

December 22 2023

Kolkata Christmas Carnival 2023

Christmas lights herald in the charm of Kolkata Christmas Festival

By Information Desk

November 22 2023

Kukur Tihar – celebrating the existence of man’s best friend - GetBenga...

According to legend, the dog is a messenger of Yama, the god of death, and they guard the doors of Heaven

By Information Desk

November 21 2023

Chandannagar Jagadhatri Puja spreading organ donation awareness through las...

It is celebrated over five days from Sasthi to Dashami

By Information Desk

November 20 2023

Legend behind Ma-i-toh Kali Temple of Sonamukhi - GetBengal story

Sonamukhi is an ancient settlement of Bankura and is renowned for its five-day-long festivities during Kali pujo

By Information Desk

November 11 2023

Why is the day before Kali Puja celebrated as Bhoot Chaturdashi? - GetBenga...

Bengalis have a strange fascination for the paranormal world

By Shuvra Dey

November 11 2023

Mashaals herald Kali Puja of Malda following rituals of dacoits - GetBengal...

During the few days preceding the Puja, all the villagers turn strictly vegetarian

By Information Desk

November 09 2023

How are traditional diya makers of Bengal doing? - GetBengal story

Fighting alongside the Chinese electric lights are the earthen lamps which once used to dominate the markets of Bengal

By Suranjana Mitra

November 07 2023

Colonelgola Kali Mandir, Midnapore was frequented by freedom fighters - Get...

The Kali puja was started by the Dutta zamindar household

By Information Desk

October 27 2023

UNESCO recognizes Bengal’s Durga Puja as the “Intangible Cultural Herit...

Nearly 36,946 community Durga Pujas are organized in Bengal, among which 2,500 take place within Kolkata

By Information Desk

October 20 2023

The 'oh-so-unique' Raj Rajeshwari Durga Puja of Krishnanagar Rajbari – Ge...

This puja was started by Maharaja Rudra Roy, the great grandfather of Krishna Chandra Roy

By Information Desk

October 20 2023

Curious stories about the 480-year-old Naskari Durga Puja - GetBengal story...

The first day of Puja starts on Krishna Nabami, under a neem tree

By Information Desk

October 18 2023

Tradition reigns at 300-year-old Balisai Bhuiangarh Zamindarbari Durga Puja...

Since its inception, the Balisai Bhuiangarh Zamindars organized and financed Durga Puja and the tradition continues

By Information Desk

October 18 2023

Ghoshal Zamindar Bari Durga Pujo of Konnagar - GetBengal story

This year the puja of the Ghoshal Bari will complete its 569th year

By Information Desk

October 16 2023

WBTDCL’s Puja Parikrama package is the ultimate Durga Puja experience - G...

From some of Kolkata’s most popular pujos to some of Bengal’s oldest, a list of pujas you must visit this year

By Information Desk

October 14 2023

"মা আসছেন": The Making of a Durga Puja Pavilion in Kolkata & ...

Every autumn, the city transforms itself into a huge public Art Festival

By Rituparna Roy

October 12 2023

Pata Durga, where art surpasses religious bounderies - GetBengal story

The ‘pata chitra’ painters are called patua

By Information Desk

October 10 2023

Century-old Durga Puja of Purulia’s Deulghata - GetBengal story

The first mention of the Deulghata temple is found in the writings of the commissioner of Chota Nagpur

By Information Desk

October 05 2023

Shantipur Ray Bari Durga Puja, that started by worshipping a bamboo ‘winn...

Here, Maa Durga is known as the “Kulopoti Devi”


October 02 2023

Did the first Indian Durga Puja start in Tahirpur? – GetBengal story

It is believed that grand celebration of Durga Puja first began in late 1500s

By Information Desk

September 25 2023

600-year-old Durga puja that starts with Muslims offering bhog to Maa Durga...

This Pujo was started by the Banerjee family who lived in Monigram, Sagardighi


September 20 2023

Moichara – the century-old ‘secular’ rural festival of Bengal - GetBe...

Moichara is a cattle race festival, marking the arrival of monsoon


September 18 2023

Wajid Ali shah introduced 'kite flying' to Bengal - GetBengal story

Fly your kites high and remember the historical tale

By Shahanshah Mirza

June 20 2023

Searsloe and Ukhra Ratha Yatra: Legacy of celebrating the glory of the Supr...

During Ratha yatra, Searsole Rajbari wakes up to celebrate the festival with gusto

By Information Desk

April 19 2023

More than just a wedding ritual, ‘Gaye holud’ has a scientific explana...

Bengali weddings are full of vibrant colours, scrumptious delicacies, and fascinating rituals

By Utsa Tarafdar

April 15 2023

Thailand’s Songkran, the spiritual cousin of Sankranti

Thai Songkran happens when the sun moves from Pisces to Aries in the zodiac

By Anita Bose

April 13 2023

Gajon - the rain-invoking rural folk festival belonging to the ancient Beng...

Celebrated in Chaitra before Bengali New Year

By Arpita Chanda

March 07 2023

Dol Utsav at Bishnupur kicks off with a touch of classical music

Dol Utsav will be celebrated with gusto on the 7th and 8th of March this year

By Information Desk

January 15 2023

On the eve of Makar Sankranti

Sadhus have a unique way of life and perspectives on the meaning of life


December 24 2022

Christmas Festival 2022 kicks off amid fanfare

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee inaugurated the mega carnival yesterday

By Information Desk

November 17 2022

Durga Puja art and its global possibilities, a discussion at Maya Art Space...

The post-Puja discussion is an annual feature

By Information Desk

October 24 2022

Kali and Bengal’s legendary dacoits, an everlasting bond

Bengal’s dacoits are celebrated for their allegiance to Kali

By Yajnaseni Chakraborty

October 04 2022

Villagers continue Rash Behari Ghosh’s Durga Puja at Burdwan’s Torkona

The puja that Rash Behari Ghosh initiated at his residence continues to be organized by residents of Torkona


October 02 2022

250-year-old Puja that moved back from Narail in Bangladesh

It was started by Ramanarayan Sen of Chinsurah

By Information Desk

October 01 2022

Durga worshipped as Pateshwari Devi at Burdwan Rajbari

During Maharaja Mahatab Chand’s reign, betel nuts were ‘slaughtered’ as a symbolic gesture

By Information Desk

September 29 2022

Nandotsav heralds Durga Puja at Baikunthapur Rajbari

Nandotsav at Baikunthapur Rajbari is a joyous occasion where children participate in ‘Dadhi-kado’


September 28 2022

Celebrating Durga Puja at Netaji's house in Kodalia

Maa Durga successfully becomes a metaphor for the modern women

By Information Desk

September 27 2022

This Durga Puja, take your pets to Kolkata’s first pet-friendly pandal

The pandal is exclusively open to pets and pet parents until tomorrow

By Information Desk

September 27 2022

When the Goddess comes to the forests of Sonajhuri

The tribal people are the lifeblood of this puja

By Shuvra Dey

September 26 2022

Durga Puja organizers at Girish Bhawan adopt new-age immersion technique

Since 1832, the four-day puja at Girish Bhawan has been an annual event and is now an integral part of Kolkata’s legacy

By Shuvra Dey

September 23 2022

Why did the 18th century give birth to the modern Durga Puja?

Why did the 18th century give birth to the modern Durga Puja?

By Yajnaseni Chakraborty

September 23 2022

A Slice of Bengal in Europe

Durga Puja in Cologne was started by the veteran members of Bharat Samiti

By Chaitali Sengupta

September 22 2022

How does Nature play an important role in Durga Puja

Durga Puja is not just a celebration – It is worshipping nature

By Diptarka Ghosh

September 09 2022

Himalaya’s daughter: How Bengal’s foremost mountaineer became involved ...

Utkarshe Aarohan is the voice for humble, small Pujas

By Information Desk

September 02 2022

When the Goddess came to the streets of Kolkata

Hon’ble CM of West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee led a colourful street parade from Jorasanko in Central Kolkata to Red Road

By Information Desk

June 28 2022

Live in a large apartment complex? You could have your own Boimela!

The initiative is being launched with a series of three fairs

By Yajnaseni Chakraborty

June 28 2022

Bengal Mango Utsav, celebrating mango happiness

Bengal Mango Utsav 2022 was held from 23rd to 25th June at Netaji Indoor Stadium

By Maniklal Ghosh

March 09 2022

First book fair held in Bengal was not today’s Kolkata Book Fair

It was organized in 1918 by the National Council of Education


February 16 2022

Meadow grass instead of tiara, basil leaves for veil: Lentil dumpling pair ...

Even today this custom is observed in different parts of Bengal by fixing a specific date based on star constellation and astrological predictions

By Information Desk

February 15 2022

Dwarakeshwari riverbank comes alive with 150-year-old Muri Festival

‘Muri Mela’ is held at Kanksa village of Burdwan-Panagarh in the state of West Bengal

By Kankana Mukherjee

February 01 2022

The Englishman who started Durga Puja in Surul to succeed in business!

His profits doubled the next year and had a reversal of fortune


January 14 2022

Tusu on Makar Sankranti is a vibrant tribal festival of Bengal

It is a regional folk festival held on the last day of Bengali month of Poush


December 24 2021

Where can you see Kolkata’s tallest Christmas tree?

At 54 feet, this a fairly large tree even by global standards

By Information Desk

December 22 2021

A shola Christmas tree? Why not?

A city hotel revisits Bengal's cultural heritage

By Information Desk

December 20 2021

Kolkata heralds winter with Christmas Festival on Park Street

The festival begins today and will continue until Dec 30

By Information Desk

November 11 2021

Sinhala and Bengal, a link that needs exploring

The people of Sri Lanka and Bengal are remarkable similar

By Yajnaseni Chakraborty

October 26 2021

Pujor Bhog: Sign of plenty? Or memory of past pain?

Can Durga Puja be equated to ‘Thanksgiving’?

By Debopriya Chakraborty

October 20 2021

Why does Kojagori Lokhhi Puja remind many Bangaals of the aftermath of Beng...

Celebration of the refugee identity


October 08 2021

A 500-year-old Durga Puja along the Shali River of Bankura

GB visits a pujo that is even older to Kolkata's history

By Shuvangi Dey

October 08 2021

Baroyari pujas and the age-old custom of ‘Pujor chanda’

By 1840, ‘Pujor chanda’ had become a menace

By Information Desk

October 07 2021

More than a 300-year-old Chandannagar’s Mondal Bari Puja

Get to know of their unique Kalabou ritual

By Information Desk

October 06 2021

The house that celebrates Durga Puja with patriotic songs

Rare Puja rituals of Kolkata's Hathkhola Dutta Bari

By Information Desk

October 06 2021

Chittaranjan Das to Subhash Bose – illustrious Presidents of Baghbazar Sa...

For more than a century, 'Baghbazar Sarbojanin Durgotsav' has been a silent witness to the changing times

By Information Desk

October 04 2021

Jute Durga Idol with a difference – made by orphans of Nimtouri Orphanage...

All members of Nimtouri Home are working diligently to present a spectacular show for the audience during the Pujas

By Information Desk

August 20 2021

Gold Mask for Durga Idol to spread Pandemic awareness

To raise public awareness, the Durga idol at Baguiati Pujo Club will be wearing a mask this year

By Information Desk

August 18 2021

For the first time in the history of Durga Puja, women priestesses will con...

This year, Maa Durga will be invoked by mothers

By Information Desk

August 11 2021

Season’s tallest Durga idol sets sail for USA

A 10-feet tall idol of Goddess Durga has been shipped to the United States

By Information Desk

July 12 2021

Rath Yatra, a global festival

The festival has long transcended geographical boundaries

By Information Desk

May 26 2021

Chitre monastery, the place to be on Buddha Purnima

Chitre is a beautiful mountain village in North Bengal

By Information Desk

April 15 2021

Nabo Barsho politics, and culture

Nabo Barsho is primarily ethnic culture emanating from the soil of Bengal. It is not born of the city

By Daud Haider

April 13 2021

Kumartuli Turnaround – Season’s 1st Durga Idol sets sail to Sydney

With exports picking up, Kumartuli artisans breathe a sigh of relief

By Information Desk

March 27 2021

Basanta Utsav travels indoors

Santiniketan to observe closed doors ‘Basanta Utsav’ this year

By Information Desk

March 25 2021

Herbal Abeer makers of Shantipur

Organic farmer Sailen Chandi shows the way

By Shuvra Dey

February 16 2021

Why did Devi Saraswati find her place on gramophone records?

Devi Saraswati found a new avatar in Calcutta in the 1900s

By Debdutta Gupta

November 23 2020

Jagaddhatri Puja in times of Covid

Chandanagar Jagaddhatri Puja extravaganza has a subdued tone

By Information Desk

November 16 2020

A picture says a thousand words

Wishing peace and prosperity for all brothers and sisters

By Information Desk

October 27 2020

500-year-old Durga Puja that starts on Vijaya Dashami in Raigunj!

Balaichandi Durga Puja has a special purpose

By Information Desk

October 20 2020

Maa Durga’s bhog cooked and offered by Muslims in 350-year-old Murshidaba...

The legacy of Muslims offering the first bhog still continues

By Information Desk

October 18 2020

Durga Puja is not just fun, it sustains a huge unorganized sector – Liste...

Installation artists of famous Arjunpur Amra Shobai Club speak to GB


October 18 2020

Famous Installation artist Asim Paul creates ‘natural’ barricades to ke...

Santoshpur Trikon Park Sarbajonin Durgotsab follows social distancing norms


October 17 2020

AGOMONI – Corporatization of Kolkata’s theme Durga Pujas

How commercial needs infiltrated into a festival


October 16 2020

Artist Debasis Barui stuck to social distancing installation at Barisha Sar...

No artisans from villages could be brought, locals were used


October 15 2020

AGOMONI -- How Street Installation Art became part and parcel of Modern Dur...

Who brought in installation art to Bengal’s festivals?


October 14 2020

Samaj Sebi Sangha celebrates Diamond Jubilee by helping 75 Amphan ravaged f...

Installation artist Pradip Das speaks to GB


October 08 2020

Sulunga, where Durga Puja ushered in a revolution

Nearly a century ago, the residents of a remote Birbhum village began a Puja that was more than just a ritual

By Joydeep Sarkar

October 08 2020

Agomoni -- Bengal’s Pata Durga reflects amalgamation of all religions

Some even look like Mughal art miniatures!


October 07 2020

Celebrating 300-year-old Goswami Barir pujo of Serampore and its Danish inf...

How Goswamis wanted to buy Serampore for Rs 11,00,000!

By Indranil Halder

October 06 2020

Robot Maria to manage crowds during Durga Puja in Kolkata

SB Park Durga Puja Committee comes up with innovation

By Information Desk

October 06 2020

State Govt directives for low key Durga Puja amid Covid-19 pandemic

Maintaining all safety protocols


October 03 2020

AGOMONI – Why Durga’s Chalchitra of Rani Rashmoni’s zamindar house wa...

Bengal’s Chalchitra artistes are facing a bleak future


September 25 2020

The women of Bhangor and their unique Durga Puja

Covid may have forced a cut in the budget, but it has also brought out the human face of Durga Puja

By Firoz Ahmed

September 24 2020

Durga’s ornaments came from Germany by post! Daaker Saaj redefined!

How Maa Durga’s ornaments changed over the years

By Saheli Mitra

September 19 2020

AGOMONI! Bangla Chaler Thakur to Chhobiana -- Changing face of Devi Durga i...

Durga idols amalgamated various art forms

By Saheli Mitra

September 17 2020

AGOMONI! Invoking the Goddess of Clay! How Kumartuli turned her abode

Why did artisans settle in Kumartuli?

By Saheli Mitra

September 15 2020

375-year-old zamindar bari of Amadpur and its bonedi barir Durga Puja

Terracotta temples and Ma Durga – a die for concoction

By Indranil Halder

September 11 2020

Barwari Durga Puja first started in Bengal to uphold Swadeshi sentiments wi...

Birashtami Puja and Khadi exhibitions created patriotic feelings

By Information Desk

August 09 2020

Paying homage to the soil

Every year, the ‘Halokarson’ ceremony at Sriniketan reminds us of Tagore’s commitment to the soil and those who cultivate it.

By Information Desk

June 23 2020

ISKCON virtual Rathayatra to reach more than 25,000 homes!

Stay at home and enjoy the Rathayatra celebrations

By Information Desk

June 09 2020

COVID-19 puts a brake on 624-year-old Mahesh Rathayatra

The ancient chariot festival of Bengal

By Information Desk

April 10 2020

Unprecedented Good Friday in Kolkata! Livestreaming of special prayers

Mankind suffers today, will Lord Jesus come to the rescue?

By Information Desk

March 09 2020

Mayapur is not just about Rathayatra, it is also about Dol

Watch the grand celebration of Gaura Purnima

By Information Desk

March 03 2020

Gear up for a unique cultural pageantry in Santiniketan where world ideolog...

Celebrate Nabanna Earth Weekend (NEW) festival

By Information Desk

February 27 2020

When London swayed to Bengal’s Spring celebrations

Famous Fagun Fest warmed up a cold London

By Information Desk

January 23 2020

Kolkata International Children’s Film Festival set to nurture young minds...

Visit Nandan with your children and enjoy the film carnival

By Information Desk

January 12 2020

Air Ambulance to be used in Gangasagar this year

Special arrangements for people falling sick in the mela

By Information Desk

December 18 2019

9th Kolkata Christmas Carnival starts at Allen Park with huge fanfare

Hon’ble CM Mamata Banerjee passes message of love and peace

By Information Desk

December 17 2019

One of the oldest fairs of Kolkata -- Behala’s 227-year-old Chandi Me...

Rural feel in the middle of a bustling metropolis

By Information Desk

November 07 2019

Did you know Bankim Chandra depicted Jagadhhatri as ‘Bharat Mata?&rsq...

Krishnanagar’s Jagadhhatri Puja stated by Maharaja Krishnachandra

By Information Desk

November 07 2019

119-year-old Jagaddhatri Puja at ‘Medicine Man’ BK Pal’s ...

BK Pal helped freedom fighters while supplying Edward Tonic to the British!

By Information Desk

October 20 2019

Bengal is a hotbed of Shakti peeths! Why?

Largest concentration of feminine worship in form of Kali

By Information Desk

October 15 2019

Did you know Bengal’s Durga Puja did business worth Rs 15K crore!

Largest employment generator for 6 months

By Information Desk

October 14 2019

GB ‘Lokkhi in Olokhhi’ – MRINAL MANDAL

Artist Mrinal Mandal believes Lokkhi – Olokhhi is just a symbol

By Mrinal Mandal

October 14 2019

GB ‘Lokkhi in Olokhhi’ – KAUSHIK CHAKRABORTY

Kaushik pens down the underlying hypocrisy of a ‘Lokhhi Meye’

By Kaushik Chakraborty

October 14 2019


Shuvayu pens down a script describing ‘Olokkhi’ women

By Shuvayu Bhattacharjee

October 14 2019

GB ‘Lokkhi in Olokhhi’ – SANTANU PAUL

Ace photographer Santanu captures on camera the ‘Olokhhi’ s of Kolkata

By Santanu Paul

October 13 2019

GB ‘Lokkhi in Olokhhi’ – SHIBAJI BOSE

Shibaji Bose remembers Padmasundari, the ‘Olokhhi’ in his real life

By Shibaji Bose

October 13 2019


Debanjan is a proud father of a not so Lokhhi meye

By Dr Debanjan Chakrabarti

October 13 2019


Six men from Bengal are proud to be associated with so-called Olokkhis

By Saheli Mitra

October 06 2019

GB Real-Life Dashabhuja – JOIE BOSE

How she fights body shaming and still wins Mrs India East!

By Joie Bose

October 06 2019

CM sends self-drawn Pujo Greeting cards to all 

Mamata Banerjee draws Durga with Bengali letters

By Information Desk

October 05 2019

GB Real-Life Dashabhuja – MONISHA DUTTA

Raising a child single-handed after her husband’s death and working to earn

By Monisha Dutta

October 05 2019


How she juggles her passion as an artist and needs of a specially-abled child

By Rhiti Chatterjee

October 05 2019

GB Real-Life Dashabhuja – SUPRIYA ROY

Rising against patriarchy in the ’60s, a woman gets educated and working

By Supriya Roy

October 05 2019


Pursuing her passion for Kolkata and her studies

By Swarnali Chattopadhya

October 05 2019

GB Real-Life Dashabhuja – ENA RAY BANERJEE

How is it like to be a leading woman scientist and raising 3 kids

By Ena Ray Banerjee

October 05 2019

GB Real-Life Dashabhuja – SANJUKTA DUTTA

How she moved from one state to another keeping her career alive!

By Sanjukta Dutta

October 04 2019

GB Real-Life Dashabhuja – URVASHI BASU

How she manages trans-continent life and work

By Urvashi Basu

October 04 2019


One who experimented with life always

By Gopa Bhattacharjee

October 04 2019

Drishtikone at Tridhara of South Kolkata

The Theme Pujo that drives you to think!

By Information Desk

October 04 2019

GB Real-Life Dashabhuja – NELINE MONDAL

How European Neline adjusted to an orthodox life in Bengal

By Neline Mondal

October 04 2019

GB Real-Life Dashabhuja – INDRANI CHATTERJEE

Fighting the daily demons for a woman corporate leader is indeed difficult

By Indrani Chatterjee

October 04 2019

GB Real-Life Dashabhuja – RAKHEE GHOSH

From a cushy job in England to building a restaurant chain in Kolkata

By Rakhee Ghosh

October 04 2019

How Ecological Harmony plays an important role in Durga Puja

Maa Durga’s Vahanas and Children represent elements of nature

By Diptarka Ghosh

October 03 2019

GB Real-Life Dashabhuja – DR PAULA RAY

Communication and research specialist from New Zealand

By Paula Ray

October 03 2019

GB Real-Life Dashabhuja – MOUSUMI SENGUPTA

How Jill of Some Trades handles her creative passion and family commitments

By Mousumi Sengupta

October 02 2019


Tale of women from Bengal who are nothing short of Devi Durga

By Saheli Mitra

October 02 2019

What is famous artist Bhabatosh Sutar whipping up at Naktala Udayan?

Kabir Sumon sets the music of the pandal

By Information Desk

October 02 2019

Kamarpukur’s Chatterjee Bari serves Machher Jhol as bhog!

Have you ever heard fish being given in Durga bhog?

By Information Desk

October 01 2019

Samaj Sebi Sangha on Lake Road pays homage to labourers

Look what’s brewing at South Kolkata’s famous Samaj Sebi

By Information Desk

October 01 2019

Shonagachhi sex workers celebrate Durga Puja in a different way!

How Kolkata’s infamous ‘Red Light Area’ brings awareness through Devi Durga

By Information Desk

September 29 2019

Good over Evil is need of the hour! Relevance of Mahalaya in modern India ...

Do you still tune in to ‘Mahisasur Mardini’ on Radio?

By Information Desk

September 28 2019

Mahabharat’s Karna never performed Tarpan. Why?

The day of remembering your forefathers

By Information Desk

September 28 2019

150-year-old Kolkata Durga Pujo where Mahishasura wears coat and pants!

Is it a colonial hangover? Or protest against oppressor?

By Shuvangi Dey

September 26 2019

If the NRC axe is hanging on you, visit the Rajdanga Durga Puja this year ...

Theme Pujo highlighting plight of ‘stateless people’

By Information Desk

September 25 2019

Chaltabagan Sarbojonin pays tribute to Kolkata Police

Those who tirelessly work to make Durga puja a success

By Shuvangi Dey

September 24 2019

When a Pujo pandal will bring back childhood nostalgia

Through lost games of rural Bengal

By Information Desk

September 22 2019

What do the 3-day sumptuous bhog of Durga Pujo signify?

Which bhog to have on which day?

By Information Desk

September 21 2019

Why is Durga Puja 2019 ‘different’ for Bengal?

Heady concoction of new ideas, awards and nostalgia!

By Shuvangi Dey

September 20 2019

When Religion Unites: Dutta Bari worships Muslim girl as Maa Durga

Even Swami Vivekananda worshipped daughter of a Muslim boatman

By Information Desk

September 19 2019

Pujo Theatre: Thakurdalan where Uttam Kumar performed

Reliving Girish Bhavan Thakurdalan and memories of Jatra

By Shuvangi Dey

September 17 2019

What’s brewing at Sreebhumi Sporting Club this Durga Pujo?

Opulent sets of Padmavat recreated!

By Information Desk

September 03 2019


Happy Ganesh Chaturthi

By Information Desk

August 18 2019

GB Exclusive Video on Kumartuli – Abode of the Goddess of Clay

Watch out how artisans at Kumartuli are preparing for Durga Puja

By Information Desk

August 03 2019

This Durga Puja, priests will take classes on water conservation

How will water be conserved by various city Puja Committees

By Information Desk

July 14 2019

Santosh Mitra Square to have 18 crore gold Durga this year!

Kolkata’s big budget Durga Pujas a splurge of money only?

By Information Desk

July 10 2019

GB’s exclusive interview with ISKCON’s Vice President

On the first auspicious day of Kolkata Rathayatra Festival

By Information Desk

July 05 2019

Which route will ISKCON Rath take this year?

Be at these spots of Kolkata today to pull the Rath

By Information Desk

July 03 2019

How the first Jagannath deity came to ISKCON

The story of Malati and Srila Prabhupada

By Information Desk

July 03 2019

Actress Nusrat Jahan to be special guest at ISKCON Rathayatra

ISKCON impressed by her religious inclusiveness ideology

By Information Desk

June 30 2019

Why is Lord Jagannath called ‘Eating God?’

The lord is offered the best of global cuisine at ISKCON

By Information Desk

June 28 2019

How Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu describe Jagannath form?

Tale of Krishna and his spiritual transformation

By Information Desk

June 28 2019

Just 100 more days to Durga Puja!

A look at this year’s Puja calendar and Durga Puja’s role in old Calcutta

By Information Desk

June 25 2019

Why are idols of Lord Jagannath armless? 

The lord that was made from wood sent by divine intervention

By Information Desk

April 15 2019

Haalkhata, the intrinsic Poila Baisakh tradition

How Haalkhata is important to Bengal’s trade circuit even today

By Sreemoyee Bhattacharya

April 15 2019

Bengal’s intriguing ‘Charak’ festival and ‘Banfora&...

Paves way for the Bengali New Year

By Arpita Chanda

April 13 2019

440-year old Basanti Puja of Bagbazar Haldar Bari

How the 1,000-year-old idol was unearthed

By Dr. Parthasarathi Mukherjee

February 04 2019

Chandannagar Bidhansabha Utsav felicitates town stalwarts

Where cultures merge and ‘people’ meet

By Information Desk

February 02 2019

Celebrate convergence of all communities at Milan Utsav!

The festival that rings in the true essence of Bengal

By Information Desk

January 15 2019

Not just a holy dip! 

Tracing the historical journey of Gangasagar

By Saheli Mitra

January 03 2019

Poush Sankranti Dhaka and Sylheti style!

Not with pithe, but with Shakrainkites and mera-merighar

By Saheli Mitra

January 02 2019

Enjoy a mix of Rabindrasangeet and Chinese music

At Nicco Park’s special Chinese illumination festival 

By Information Desk

December 25 2018

Spreading joy through Christmas Carols

This Christmas enjoy the carols

By Sreemoyee Bhattacharya

November 16 2018

Has Chandannagar’s Jagadhhatri Puja held on to tradition?

GB speaks to residents of Chandannagar

By Debanjana Saha

October 26 2018

Best Durga images of 2018

Clicked by GB readers

By Information Desk

October 13 2018

Gone are the days when Puja barshikis carried a pujo fragrance

Puja barshiki releases set way ahead in July, have lost their attraction

By Saheli Mitra

October 11 2018

Z’s Precinct Trunk or a Pandora’s Box?

GB was present at an exciting pre-puja Trunk Show

By Information Desk

October 10 2018

Pujor Gaan: Do music albums still create a stir during Durga Puja?

GB traces the musical trends this Durga Puja from Asha Bhonsle to Baul

By Information Desk

October 06 2018

From the Andarmahal of Sovabazar Rajbari Durga Puja

The first family Durga Puja of Kolkata

By Information Desk

October 05 2018

Which kurta will you don this Durga Puja?

Check out the latest trends in kurtas and Panjabi this year

By Information Desk

October 04 2018

Which nine-yards will drape you this Durga Puja

Check out the latest trends in sarees this year

By Information Desk

October 03 2018

‘All-Women’ Hindustan Club celebrates feminine power of Maa Dur...

What is brewing this year at Hindustan Club?

By Suman Sadhu

September 29 2018

Look out for jewellery trends this Pujo

City-based jewellery designers speak on hot trends

By Information Desk

September 22 2018

GB brings rare rituals of Cossimbazar Rajbari Durga Pujo

More than 280 years old, Cossimbazar Pujo is a treat to the eyes

By Debanjana Saha

September 21 2018

 ‘Power of Wind’ to be showcased at Ajeya Sanhati

How air pollution is killing millions across the world

By Suman Sadhu

September 15 2018

Discovering ‘Eternal Depth’ this year with Talapark Pratyay Dur...

Aaro gobhire jao and explore unknown mysteries

By Suman Sadhu

September 09 2018

What is the theme at Naktala Udayan Sangha this year?

What is the theme at Naktala Udayan Sangha this year?

By Suman Sadhu

July 13 2018

Top 5 Rathyatra Melas of Kolkata

Food, birds, saplings and that childhood cookery set!

By Information Desk

July 12 2018

Making of the ISKCON Rath this year

How is the famous ISKCON Rath of Kolkata made and when does it start?

By Arpan Ganguly

June 09 2018

Wishing for some weekend peace? Where to go to?

Weekends are not just about parties, it is also about unwinding

By Information Desk

May 07 2018

From Rabindra Jayanti to Kolkata’s political heritage 

GB brings an extensive event calendar for the week

By Information Desk

January 22 2018

How a Brahmo celebrated Saraswati Puja

She was invited to every puja of her neighbourhood

By Supriya Roy

January 22 2018

A village Saraswati Puja with a difference

Memoirs of a Saraswati Puja long lost

By Nihar Ranjan Adak

January 22 2018

Saraswati Puja where Muslim students participate

This village school puja is a symbol of communal harmony

By Monisha Dutta

December 23 2017

Musical parade at Kolkata Christmas Carnival

School children will parade down Park Street

By Information Desk

December 23 2017

What has Kolkata in store this Christmas season?

Kolkata’s unique Christmas flavour

By Shuvra Dey

December 23 2017

Kolkata Christmas Carnival showcases global cuisine!

You will be spoilt for choice at the carnival!

By Ruchita Bose

December 22 2017

GB’s Christmas Weekend Calendar

From Arijit Singh concert to Jingle & Mingle, do not miss the fun!

By Information Desk

December 22 2017

What is so new about New Market this Christmas?

Nothing new, the same old-world charm

By Ruchita Bose

December 12 2017

Put that Paan on fire into your mouth and see it melt! 

Visit the new Paan Parlour of Kolkata!

By Information Desk

November 30 2017

Irani chai? Whiskey chai? Kahwah?

Have it at Kolkata’s One-stop Tea Stop

By Information Desk