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Journey of Muslin from Bengal to Milan!

Revived to its past glory by artist Shafiqul Kabir Chandan

Bengal’s Masland Madur – weaving dreams on a natural fibre

How a rural craft turned global (Journey of a Bengal craft going global)

Kolkata Street Art Festival

Day long art celebration held in the City of Joy

Unique Majilpur dolls that have uncanny resemblance to Kalighat patas

Meet the master artists of this almost dying craft form

Handwritten Indian Constitution by Nandalal Bose! Rare Gem!

GB tribute to Nandalal Bose on his birth anniversary

Bengal’s Alpona Art has its roots in Harappan Civilisation!

This art is thought to be 40,000 years old

Kali in the eyes of Bengal’s artists

From Bottola Art to contemporary artist Ganesh Pyne

Raidighi housewives fight poverty, yet hold on to the art of ‘Diya Ma...

Buy country-made diyas this Diwali and light up homes of poor women of Bengal

Bengal’s dying art of alpona revived through children of ‘Khowa...

Chalchitra Academy holds special workshops for rural kids

Visva Bharati’s Kala Bhavan celebrates 100 years!

This is centenary year of the art revolution started by Tagore in 1919

How did the Folk Art of Alpona come to Bengal?

Art of Alpona endorsed by Aban Thakur

Significance of skull under Mahatma Gandhi’s feet in Ramkinkar statue...

On his 150th birth anniversary, look at Gandhi’s statue at Santiniketan

Bengal’s dying craft Talpatar Shepai gets a boost! How?

Chalchitra Academy revives this palm toy through a workshop

Chalchitra Academy celebrated a vibrant Potochitra Painting workshop at Jha...

Chalchitra Academy celebrated a vibrant Potochitra Painting workshop at Jhargram!

Did you know Bengal’s patachitra and kantha influenced Picasso and Ch...

Bengal’s Kantha work can be seen on 1915 Marc Chagall art work

NADIA TO ATLANTA! Bengal’s idol makers cross seven seas

Artisans of Nadia get recognition in USA cities

Sujoy Prosad Chatterjee’s new jewellery range speaks of his inner con...

Actor launches his new love --- Sujoy Prosad Fashion Accessories

Artist who froze Kolkata through sketches -- Rathin Mitra passes away

Market to College Street, Mitra sketched a different Kolkata

Aban Thakur’s book on alpona endorsing alpona art by Bengal’s w...

On his birth anniversary, GB remembers Abanindranath Tagore

Eureka! Meaning of Chinese Piccaso’s paintings deciphered at last

Chinese Picasso’s daughter came down to Visva Bharati for the task

Humble madoor of Sabang conquers Europe

Mats of Bengal have scored over luxury Western rugs and carpets!

Bhaskar Chitrakar infuses modern social atrocities in Patachitra

The patua who is trying to contemporize Kalighat Pata

On Jamini Roy’s birthday, learn what he said about Tagore’s art...

The artist who brought amalgamation of Western and Folk Art

Nandalal Bose’s Reclining Arjuna in public eye for the first time

The rare painting will go under the hammer soon

Goyna Bori of Bengal: Eat it or wear it as a jewellery?

Dying culinary art of Goyna Bori revived at a recent workshop

Prof Aloke Kumar gives 360-degree view of Kalighat Pat

He speaks on this indigenous art form of Bengal

76-year-old Kolkata engineer on his exquisite ink and paper drawings

After an exhibition in London, Sandip Chatterjee is all set for a book!

Vibrant colours of Pot Maya Festival of Pingla

How art of patachitra survived 2,500 years!

Kala Bhavan celebrates 100 years with unpublished paintings

A look at exclusive art works by various artists at Kala Bhavan 

Is the art of sweet-dice making of Bengal fading fast?

Once upon a time Bengal made designer home-made sweets

Autumnal Lines by Jogen Chowdhury at MAYA Art Space

Rare sketches and line drawings of the master artist

Artist Sanatan Dinda speaks to GB on nudity and body painting

Why body painting is still not popular in India 

Nilanjan Bandyopadhyay interprets Bengali poetry through calligraphy

Unique show of Poetry and Calligraphy at MAYA Art Space

Look into Bengal’s Babu culture through babu dolls

Chalchitra Academy’s workshop brings this unique art form

GB visits Asim Paul’s Kumartuli Studio

In the age of theme pujo, are traditional idol makers taking a back seat?

Sister Nivedita – The Offered One

GB presents an exhibition of a ‘different kind’

Artists from Bengal still rule at Christie’s Annual Sale

Top selling Indian art this year at Christie’s is from Bengal

Ramkinkar’s horses were incomparable, says Somenath Hore

He was far ahead of his European counterparts

What did artist Ramkinkar say about Democracy?

Influenced by Tagore, this great sculptor speaks on politics

Ramkinkar, Benodebihari and Nandalal – all in one

Travails of women reflected in K.G. Subramanyan’s work

Earliest sketches of Kolkata by British artist

Engravings and oil paintings on timeless Kolkata

Did Jamini Roy criticize Tagore’s paintings?

GB unearths letters between Tagore and Jamini Roy

The Terracota Warrior of Bankura

Meet Baul Karmakar, the Terracota Man of Panchmura

Kolkata artist’s paintings on German stamps!

World-renowned artist Sudip Chatterjee speaks to GB

Wish to try a hand in Bengal’s mask making?

North Dinajpur still holds on to the tradition of masks

Artisans of a Burdwan village still make ropes

Villagers have stuck to the traditional art of rope making

The three artists of Tagore Family

A rare exhibition curated by Devdutta Gupta

Ramkinkar’s sculptures to be finally preserved

They faced weathering as they lay in the open

A village in Bengal where every inmate is an artist

GB takes you to Naya --- the award-winning village of Bengal

Phulia comes up with world’s longest alpona

Alpona on NH34 finds place in Guinness Books of Records

 Jogen Chowdhury in an exclusive interview to GB

Artist Partha Dasgupta speaks to Jogen Chowdhury

Sanatan Dinda aces World Body painting Fest

Bengali artisttriumphson world stage

Jamini Roy paintings on Metro pillars

Nazrul Tirtha Metro pillars get new look

Bikash Bhattacharjee paints dolls

Naxal movement on artist's canvas

Did you know Tagore was misled by Mussolini?

How a fascist leader fooled a Nobel Laureate

How Bengal’s ironsmiths assembled a cannon to fight Maratha bargis. ...

Ironsmiths who made sickles and household items went on to make the famous Dalmadol Cannon of Bishnupur.

Reed mats vanishing from Bengal

Are reed mats losing to plastic mats?

The Ceramic Works of Artist Partha Dasgupta

Exhibition of ceramic works titled “Amrit”

Rainy season and Bengal’s Artists

Rainy season and Bengal’s Artists

Bengal’s Veteran Scroll Painter sings of Rabindranath

80-year-old Dukhushyam, paints scrolls that tell stories on socio-political issues