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Society / Environment

June 07 2024

A Unique Tram Event Held in Kolkata to Preserve the Environment—GetBengal...

Let’s support our trams for a cleaner and greener future

By Srijita Dutta

April 27 2024

"Like a Dog Foundation’- Treating animals with care—GetBengal story

‘Like a Dog Foundation’ is a Kolkata-based non-profit organisation dedicated to take care of stray dogs

By Srijita Dutta

March 30 2024

Paharkol – how the barren land of Bankura turned green in a govt-public d...

The Paharkol hillock, situated in Bankura's Hirbandh block, lacked any vegetation previously

By Suranjana Mitra

March 02 2024

Juveline gharials moved to new habitat through first-of-its-kind Green Corr...

Sadly, these unique crocodiles face a multitude of threats

By Information Desk

February 27 2024

Biker duo Madhuritu and Arunav spreading love for stray animals and birds

The duo, passionate animal lovers since childhood, run a travel agency

By Suranjana Mitra

February 09 2024

Where have all the birds gone? - GetBengal story

Two types of migratory birds come to Bengal, the Trans-Himalayan species and the local migratory birds

By Information Desk

January 29 2024

Gangasagar Mela: Does Faith override the ‘Environmental Sustainability’...

Sagar Island is part of the Sundarbans island complex with an area of nearly 240 sq. km

By Saheli Mitra

December 08 2023

You too can now adopt animals from Alipore Zoological Park - GetBengal stor...

In 2013, Alipore Zoological Park flagged off their ‘animal adoption’ program

By Shouvik Ray

December 06 2023

Rajdeep Mahant and Lisa Dutta become messiahs for stray dogs - GetBengal st...

Beating stray dogs is the most common form of assault, followed by their confinement and maiming them

By Information Desk

December 04 2023

New beetle discovered in Behala: An interview with Zoology head of Ballygun...

The newly discovered beetle has been christened 'Maladera Kolkataensis' Bhuinya, Gupta, Sarkar and Ahrens-2023

By Shuvra Dey

December 02 2023

Alipore Zoo gears up to house green anacondas and penguins: Will they survi...

The challenges are daunting but Kolkata zoo authorities are ready to provide the best possible habitat for the animals and birds

By Shuvra Dey

November 28 2023

New bird species spotted by Bengali bird enthusiasts in Arunachal - GetBeng...

The Lapland Longspur inhabits the Sumeru region

By Information Desk

November 27 2023

The first State Government ‘Organic Haat’ opened in Rajarhat - GetBenga...

The Organic Haat building is around 11,000 sqm and has 7 floors


November 23 2023

Upcoming Symposium focusing on ‘The Lives of Sundarbans’ - GetBengal st...

Howrah Bignyan Chetona Samanwaya is a well-known NGO that prioritizes ‘Nature and Environment’

By Shuvra Dey

October 27 2023

Sarees made of water hyacinth yarn set to win hearts - GetBengal story

Swachhata Pukare has teamed up with Naturecraft to create sarees using water hyacinths

By Information Desk

October 26 2023

Bengal's first quarterly ‘dog magazine’ for all pet parents - GetBengal...

A glance at the magazine's table of contents gives an idea of how useful they are for all dog lovers

By Pradipta Kundu

October 13 2023

Nalban to get a 360-degree makeover by New Year - GetBengal story

East Kolkata Wetlands are famously known as the 'Kidney of Kolkata'

By Information Desk

October 13 2023

Jhargram people skipping sleep to protect migratory birds - GetBengal story...

For many years Kendua under Jambani range, Jhargram has been a safe haven for migratory birds

By Information Desk

September 30 2023

Global scientific community abuzz with sea-robin species discovered in Digh...

Fish inhabiting the coastal waters of Digha constitute a treasured resource both in terms of their utility as food and as materials for scientific study

By Information Desk

September 29 2023

Dukhu Majhi: The man on a ‘green gold’ mission - GetBengal story

Majhi decides new destinations each day and plants saplings while watering and tending the ones he has already planted

By Shuvra Dey

August 29 2023

Trees growing from disposed ‘rakhis’ – a Gach Green Hands Social Welf...

These people have been making rakhis out of soil and terracotta for the last two or three years

By Information Desk

August 26 2023

Project PAW – saving canines to save humans – GetBengal story

Project PAW began its journey from Bardhhaman

By Utsa Tarafdar

August 22 2023

Bengal to lead mangrove forestation scheme nationwide to stall coastal eros...

The Union government has proposed to the state government to initiate the mangrove plantation module nationwide

By Information Desk

August 17 2023

Jalangi river turns into a lotus colony, thanks to RPF worker Nishit Mondal...

The lotus has existed on the earth for thousands of years, and their distribution is widespread

By Information Desk

August 12 2023

Why protecting 'elephant corridors' is a growing essentiality - GetBengal s...

Northern West Bengal is home to nearly 500 elephants

By Information Desk

August 10 2023

Seed bombs to rescue the lost greenery of the famous Susunia Hills - GetBen...

It is a reserve for medicinal plants and a good location for camping and rock climbing

By Information Desk

August 10 2023

SKOCH Star of Governance Award 2022 conferred on WB Forest department - Get...

Following the SKOCH evaluation process for governance awards, West Bengal topped in the forestry sector in 2022

By Information Desk

August 08 2023

Howrah resident contributing greatly to nature conservation: Exclusive GetB...

Chitrak Pramanik, a resident of Howrah, Bagnan is dedicated to conserving nature and the animals

By Suranjana Mitra

August 02 2023

Septuagenarian ‘Bird Watcher of Kuthibari’ protecting parrots from poac...

He often raids the nearby fields to cut off the mesh traps laid down by crooks to ensnare the magnificent birds

By Shuvra Dey

July 31 2023

Guerilla Gardening – returning to nature, what belongs to nature – GetB...

You can easily teach the kids to prepare seed balls at home

By Information Desk

July 28 2023

Banabitan, conserving nature positively amid the bustling Salt Lake - GetBe...

Covering almost an area of 70 acres, this open green space has a variety of flora and fauna

By Information Desk

July 24 2023

State govt. plans pocket gardens of sandalwood trees across Kolkata

It is widely used in perfumes, cosmetics, aromatherapy and pharmaceuticals

By Information Desk

July 18 2023

The magnificent snow-capped Tiger Hills declared to be a plastic free zone ...

The Gorkhaland Territorial Administration has declared Tiger Hill a plastic free zone

By Information Desk

July 13 2023

Huge response to KMC plastic bottles craft challenge - GetBengal story

The KMC officials were overwhelmed with the response they received

By Information Desk

July 12 2023

Children’s park amid Sal forest built by the Panchet Forest Division

The spot has been designed in a manner that it allures tourists

By Information Desk

July 11 2023

“Dolphin Mitra” to be launched in Bengal to save Gangetic Dolphins – ...

The Government of India declared the Dolphin as the national aquatic animal in 2009

By Information Desk

July 03 2023

Kolkata bus roofs are to be fitted with air filters, according to a govt. i...

Named ‘Shuddha Vayu,’ this is the first of its kind device being used in India

By Information Desk

June 28 2023

Mangroves to the rescue of river banks along Kolkata - GetBengal story

Mangroves are hardy plants and require very little or no maintenance

By Information Desk

June 19 2023

Get to know about the biodiversity of West Bengal with just a click of a bu...

The Board supported various schools and institutions to organise Bio-Tour or Jeevan Safar

By Suranjana Mitra

June 15 2023

20 green cracker units in Bengal get state govt clearance

A large number of fireworks manufacturers welcomed the government’s proactive gesture and applied for licenses

By Information Desk

June 09 2023

Burdwan welcomes a blue road made by discarded plastic!

The road stretches from Eklakshmi Toll Plaza to Rautara Bridge

By Shuvra Dey

May 22 2023

Would climate change wipe out Bengal tigers by 2070?

What measures are being taken to protect the Big Cats

By Information Desk

May 10 2023

Bengali geologist solves the Himalayan puzzle at last - when will the mount...

The Himalayas continue to rise by an average of 2 cm each year

By Shuvra Dey

April 26 2023

Royal Bengal Tigers of Sundarbans: Casualties of our success and symbols of...

The tiger population in the Sundarbans has already crossed 100

By Shuvra Dey

April 24 2023

Seed paper pens of Naihati - great alternatives to conventional plastic pen...

A new breed of eco-friendly sustainable alternatives for plastic pens has come to the market

By Shuvra Dey

April 12 2023

Kala Bhavan students put up Garbage Art installation made from the waste of...

A colourful structure can be seen these days while entering the Sonajhuri Haat

By Information Desk

March 30 2023

Raising a toast to wild birds of Eco Park on Earth Hour Day

Earth Hour is an annual global grassroots movement organized by the World Wildlife Fund

By Information Desk

March 22 2023

This World Water Day, let us take an oath of saving 100 litres of rainwater...

The groundwater table (known as an aquifer) is drying off at a fast pace

By Information Desk

March 21 2023

'Green Man' Mantu Hait - the Bengal lawyer behind the creation of an urban ...

On International Day of Forests a look at the Urban Forest of Kolkata

By Saheli Mitra

March 18 2023

Critically endangered Gyps vultures released in the Buxa Tiger Reserve

Among the 20 released vultures, there are 13 Oriental White-backed Vultures and 7 rescued Himalayan Griffons

By Information Desk

March 03 2023

State Forest Department recruits Gaja-Mitras to end Human Pachyderm Conflic...

Clashes between humans and elephants have led to massive damage to crops and human lives

By Saheli Mitra

February 17 2023

New Haven of Animals, the new zoo at New Town

Hon’ble Chief Minister, Mamata Banerjee, inaugurated the Harinalaya

By Saheli Mitra

February 15 2023

‘MISHTI’ to save Sundarbans through planting and protecting Mangrove

The mangroves help hold back the strong blows of the high tidal waves

By Saheli Mitra

February 14 2023

Will ‘Amrit Dharohar’ scheme of Union Budget help protect East Kolkata ...

It falls under the ‘Green Growth,’ one of the seven priorities of the recent budget

By Saheli Mitra

February 04 2023

‘Biscuit Cups’ serving tea in Nadia – an answer to land pollution?

Plastic is used in almost every sector around the world

By Information Desk

February 03 2023

Zero-waste shop of Newtown shows the way to future innovative disposal of w...

India has also ranked to be the 3rd largest e-waste producer in the world

By Information Desk

February 03 2023

How climate change is impacting century-old temples of Sundarbans

The latest victim is the 11th-century temple of Jatar Deul


February 02 2023

On World Wetlands Day, let us look at the wetlands of Kolkata

Is the East Kolkata Wetlands dying?

By Information Desk

November 26 2022

Water Hyacinth – a simple aquatic beauty with a complicated back-story

Though it may seem like a simple water plant, water hyacinths once posed serious threat for the Bengal government. Here’s how.

By Information Desk

November 18 2022

Women of Bankura and Jhargram show the way to Green bags

These bags are used extensively in Jhargram medical shops

By Information Desk

November 08 2022

Feathered friends are approaching Bengal this winter; are you ready to watc...

When and where to find the vast range of migratory birds that visit Bengal each winter? Here is the complete guide

By Information Desk

October 27 2022

Brikkho Foundation: Setting up Orphanage for Trees

Brikkho Foundation, under the aegis of Ghosh, is working to create an orphan home for trees

By Shuvra Dey

October 21 2022

The first Solar Dome of India comes up at Kolkata’s Eco Park

GB pays a visit to this site of scientific feat


September 14 2022

Kolkata girl’s wildlife film on hoolock gibbons for BBC gets nominated at...

Ashwika Kapur aka Ash Kapur is India’s youngest Green Oscar winner and wildlife filmmaker


August 27 2022

On International Dog Day, let’s talk about undivided Bengal’s only pure...

The Sarail Hound was first bred by Mughal generals

By Information Desk

August 03 2022

The cyclone which became a trigger for the birth of a nation

The Bhola cyclone of 1970 is still one of the world’s worst natural disasters

By Yajnaseni Chakraborty

July 29 2022

The lost tigers of Buxa could be coming home

BTR was created in 1983 as India’s 15th tiger reserve

By Saheli Mitra

July 12 2022

Raja's Farewell

Raja was brought to the South Khairbari Tiger Rescue Center in North Bengal in the year 2008

By Information Desk

June 15 2022

Kolkata becomes the first Indian city to get a ‘Biodiversity Register’

Kolkata has prepared a detailed register of biodiversity

By Saheli Mitra

June 04 2022

Remembering Ajoy Home, the Birdman of Bengal

Famous ornithologist from Bengal


May 30 2022

Heritage Cycling Tour, first of its kind in Kolkata

The Bengal Chamber Heritage Cycling Tour will be a knowledge sharing event

By Information Desk

May 23 2022

Taking care of your potted plants after a cyclone and rains

For terrace planters, potted plants are more vulnerable than trees and shrubs


April 12 2022

KMC trying to save city’s water bodies, too little too late?

Kolkata has lost 44 percent of its water bodies in the last two decades

By Somendra Mohan Ghosh

April 08 2022

Howrah’s Green Revolution with first-of-its kind Japan’s Miyawaki fores...

The area chosen is Shibgunj under Shyampur Block I in between Gadiara and Garchumuk on a 1,000 square meter plo


March 25 2022

One-man army on a cleaning drive, Prashanta Chandra of Midnapore is an insp...

He is often spotted working at all odd hours at different public zones with a broom- sweeping roads, parking lot, marketplace.

By Information Desk

March 23 2022

Tree Walk in the Victoria Memorial Grounds: Would you like to join?

An initiative by Victoria Memorial authorities

By Maniklal Ghosh

March 03 2022

Ray of hope in West Bengal on World Wildlife Day

Quite a few species seem to be making comebacks

By Yajnaseni Chakraborty

February 24 2022

Subhankar Patra's 'Sunday Watch' team of obsessed bird watchers

Howrah's well-known ornithologist Subhankar Patra, whose public group is 'Sunday Watch'

By Suman Sadhu

February 09 2022

Graceful Trees of Dhakuria Lake – Exotic and Imported from other continen...

These graceful trees around the lake gives a spectacular view

By Information Desk

February 08 2022

Rare Trees of Dhakuria Lake – Lungs of South Kolkata

The rare trees of Dhakuria Lake have braved several cyclones over the years and yet still standing tall

By Information Desk

February 04 2022

West Bengal Forest Department’s conservation drive of rare Batagur Baska ...

It is one of Asia’s largest freshwater and brackish water turtles

By Information Desk

January 18 2022

Kolkata to get brand new Solar Dome

The project is expected to be completed by year-end

By Information Desk

January 13 2022

Gangotri to Ganga Sagar Walk – Meet Sanjit Das who spreads awareness

He aims to create awareness and sensitize the masses about sustainable environment and living

By Information Desk

December 17 2021

Has the Bengal Tiger truly returned to Buxa Tiger Reserve?

A lone tiger has been spotted at Buxa reserve recently

By Information Desk

December 17 2021

Scientist from Bengal, Anirban Das develops special boots for Siachen Jawan...

Das recently earned the 'Best Innovator Award' from the Indian government for his major utilitarian invention

By Information Desk

December 15 2021

Sundarban Dibas highlights the critical need for mangrove conservation

If this ecosystem vanishes, we risk the destruction of mainland Bengal

By Information Desk

December 07 2021

Rare Bird, sighted 170 years ago, seen again in Darjeeling

Satyr Tragopan is found in the Himalayan range of Sikkim and Bhutan

By Information Desk

December 06 2021

East Midnapore brings back native, lost fish varieties of Bengal

Flood-affected pisciculturists can finally breathe a sigh of relief

By Information Desk

November 08 2021

West Bengal becomes a forerunner in discovery of new plants and animal spec...

ZSI has enlisted 30 new animal species from Bengal discovered in the state last year

By Information Desk

October 04 2021

On World Animal Day, a Kolkata hospital is asking for your help

An international day of action for animal rights and welfare

By Information Desk

September 26 2021

Story of the vanishing rivers – Saraswati and Adi Ganga of Bengal

GB Exclusive with National Awardee Teacher (2013), Swarnali Chattopadhyay, on the importance of conservation of rivers

By Shuvra Dey

September 22 2021

West Bengal has successfully increased Rhino population in the wild

Rajendra Jakhar, Chief Conservator of Forests (CCF) Wildlife, North Bengal speaks to GB on World Rhino Day

By Shuvra Dey

September 18 2021

Darjeeling Zoo breeding programmes help in preserving Red Pandas

Exclusive GB interview with Saurabh Chowdhury, Secretary, West Bengal Zoo Authority

By Shuvra Dey

September 10 2021

‘Truck Art’ to be used to ‘Save Tigers’ of Sundarbans: Famous Pakis...

The 'Truck Art' campaign by Joydip Kundu to promote tiger conservation in India will raise awareness among people


September 08 2021

GB Exclusive: Darjeeling Zoo set to be revamped on Prague Zoo model

An agreement (MoU) has been signed between the Central Zoo Authority (CZA) and Prague Zoo authorities

By Information Desk

August 24 2021

Parimal Kanji – Kolkata’s green crusader and his cycling expedition acr...

Penniless yet young at heart, Kanji, in his mid-fifties, sets an example


August 12 2021

Tree plantation drive for a greener Maidan

Kolkata has launched a tree plantation initiative in response to the devastation caused by numerous cyclones

By Information Desk

August 12 2021

Bengal starts Tree Ambulance service

The Tree Ambulance, accompanied by plant experts, is ready to help increase Mother Nature's green cover

By Information Desk

August 10 2021

West Bengal Government executes massive Mangrove Plantation in Sundarbans

South 24-Parganas district administration has finalized plans to plant 7.5 crores mangrove sapling

By Information Desk

July 26 2021

Umashankar Mandal- the 'Mangrove Man' of Sundarbans

International Day for the Conservation of the Mangrove Ecosystem

By Gopa Bhattacharjee

July 14 2021

West Bengal generates environmental awareness by adopting endangered specie...

Bengal Government brings Mother Nature closer to common man

By Diptarka Ghosh

June 26 2021

Rare ghost fungus spotted in Bengal

Farmer Bhairab Saini saw them in his village in Bankura

By Gopa Bhattacharjee

June 09 2021

West Bengal Government drafts a 120-crore plan to save the East Kolkata Wet...

The plan has been drafted with the help of experts which shall be implemented in the next five years

By Information Desk

June 05 2021

Turn your terrace into a herb garden, the Coochbehar way

On World Environment Day, 100 terraces become herb gardens

By Suman Sadhu

June 05 2021

Subhajit Mukherjee leads “Mission Green”- India’s mango seed plantati...

Recognized as ‘Innovator of the Year 2019’, Mukherjee’s initiatives have been praised by the Prime Minister of our country


June 05 2021

Sundarbans ecosystem restoration on World Environment Day

Seasonal cyclones are posing a major threat to the largest riverine delta of the world

By Gopa Bhattacharjee

June 03 2021

Meet Ujjal Pal-- the man from Siuri who cycled to the top of Chander Pahar

Real life Shankar of Chander Pahar back in action?

By Information Desk

May 25 2021

Amphan, Yaas prove how global warming is changing cyclones

Why are tropical cyclones becoming so frequent, and so intense?

By Information Desk

May 18 2021

Fani, Amphan, Taukte, now Yaas? How cyclones are named

Will Yaas become another Amphan?

By Information Desk

April 29 2021

Bengal leads India’s Sustainable Energy plans for 2022

WBREDA plays major role in creating awareness about wind and solar energy

By Gopa Bhattacharjee

March 06 2021

Should Green activism be included in mainstream politics?

Listen to Green Activists of Kolkata

By TTW Poll Guru

March 04 2021

CM’s E-Scooter ride sends out a strong message

Switch to sustainable energy

By TTW Poll Guru

February 23 2021

Eco Park in New Town hosts workshop on its resident birds

Eco Park has evolved from just a patch of wasteland

By Information Desk

December 15 2020

First to record the height of Mt. Everest

Radhanath Sikdar needed no computer for calculating the height of Mount Everest

By Information Desk

December 05 2020

Save a tree, it’s the only way you can stay alive

A citizens’ initiative shows how ordinary people can help in the restoration of apparently ‘dead’ trees

By Yajnaseni Chakraborty

November 30 2020

Animal rights redefined in colonial Bengal

When saving a dog in British Kolkata led to wrongful case against a native!

By Information Desk

November 27 2020

How can trees trust the inventor of the axe?

Veteran journalist Suvashis Maitra makes a case for a tree census in Kolkata

By Suvashish Moitra

November 18 2020

Tackling the stubble burning menace

Local resistant groups formed to stop the pollution

By Information Desk

November 09 2020

Fishing Cat- Bengal’s state animal

Time for Fishing Cats engagement with state branding.

By Information Desk

August 27 2020

Virtual tour to live stream animals twice a day from

Have fun sitting within the safety of your homes

By Information Desk

August 20 2020

American wood duck land up in Bengal

American bird boosts local economy

By Information Desk

August 12 2020

Human-Pachyderm conflict is well tackled in Bengal leading to increase in e...

How is state forest department tackling the issue

By Information Desk

August 08 2020

NKDA to hold training camps for Cyclist Enthusiasts of New Town

Cycle is the answer to modern mode of transport

By Information Desk

August 04 2020

Unique afforestation drive – Sundarbans’ women get paid to nurture sapl...

One lakh saplings to be planted and nurtured

By Information Desk

July 30 2020

Even after Amphan, tiger population in Sundarbans is on the rise! What’s ...

Tiger population in Bengal shows a healthy graph

By Information Desk

July 20 2020

Exotic and endangered animal babies born during pandemic in Bengal’s zoos...

Red Panda and Anaconda reproduce and add to the population

By Information Desk

July 17 2020

Three students from Bengal help in Mangrove Conservation in a unique way

Distributing saplings for free through social media

By Information Desk

July 07 2020

Where have all the snake charmers of Bengal gone? Do you hear their flutes ...

Snake charmers are now used to protect these endangered reptiles

By Shuvra Dey

July 07 2020

Griffon vultures of Rajabhatkhawa return with a flock of rare vultures from...

Bengal’s vultures dared to fly over to Pakistan and bring their hordes

By Information Desk

July 02 2020

When the Biswa Bangla flag flew atop Mt Kilimanjaro

Cyclist Ujjwal Pal conquers the highest peak of Africa

By Information Desk

June 27 2020

Treeman’s journey to Kibo Hut despite the challenges

No other climber was spotted in the way

By Information Desk

June 24 2020

‘Hakuna Matata’ --- yet the Treeman faced several worries enroute Kibo ...

Many trekkers fell ill due to altitude sickness

By Information Desk

June 21 2020

Deepest annular solar eclipse of the century can be seen today!

Kolkata will get to see a partial solar eclipse post 9am

By Information Desk

June 20 2020

Treeman Diaries: Cycling to the top of ‘Chander Pahar’

When Ujjwal Pal left the last camp to the peak of Mt Kilimanjaro

By Information Desk

June 19 2020

Kolkata’s E-buses get international recognition from International Energy...

Kolkata is the only city in India to be featured

By Information Desk

June 10 2020

The Treeman’s Diary --- Reaching atop Mt Kilimanjaro on a cycle

Ujjwal Pal and his physical challenges on this breath-taking adventure

By Information Desk

June 06 2020

Losing Bengal’s indigenous fishes & medicinal herbs due to hybridization

On World Environment Day a bio-diversity loss

By Saheli Mitra

June 06 2020

The Treeman’s Diary --- Ujjwal Pal on his cycle beyond Mt Kilimanjaro

Tale of a nature-lover cyclist on a mission

By Information Desk

June 05 2020

We don’t kill elephants! Bengal uses innovative elephant management syste...

Compassion, Scientific methods, solar powered electric wires to bulk sms

By Saheli Mitra

June 04 2020

Tree Savers of Maidan! Children of a Rugby Team save damaged trees

Amphan had partially damaged or uprooted many trees of Maidan

By Information Desk

May 31 2020

Do not throw away fruit seeds. Plant them and let the greens return to Kolk...

How to restore the green cover back in Kolkata?

By Saheli Mitra

May 28 2020

In 1928 Tagore started ‘Vriksha Ropon,’ he knew only nature can save us...

Rabindranath Tagore was also an environmentalist!


May 27 2020

Remember what Tagore wrote about Locusts in Sahaj Path?

As they return to India, we return to our childhood book

By Saheli Mitra

April 23 2020

‘Yes, I heal, Yes I breathe’ – Mother Nature’s open letter to Human...

On International Mother Earth Day, a tribute to nature

By Saheli Mitra

April 17 2020

Alipore Zoo invents new technique to lure animals for Corona tests

How the zoo animals are also under strict vigil during Lockdown

By Information Desk

March 29 2020

Homecoming for Kolkata’s birds during Corona Lockdown

The once polluted city is filled with chirps and tweets

By Pradyut Choudhury

March 06 2020

Asia’s first zoo at Barrackpore was even older to London Zoo! Surprised?

Barrackpore Zoo was built by Lord Wellesley to preserve Indian animals

By Information Desk

March 04 2020

Where have all the Buxa Tigers gone?

They were not killed by poachers as per popular belief

By Saheli Mitra

February 02 2020

Giving a voice to the voiceless --- superb tales from the animal kingdom

Spectacular wildlife photography exhibition at Nandan

By Information Desk

January 12 2020

Migratory bird count at Santragachhi Jheel at 5-year high!

Thanks to cleaning by West Bengal Bio-diversity Board

By Pradyut Choudhury