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Culture / Literature

October 09 2021

PUJO READ: Uttam Kumar --- A Life in Cinema; Bloomsbury

This pujo, get your copy of this book


September 14 2021

Tarashankar's iconic creation – Krishnendu-Rina Brown chemistry in Saptap...

The movie deviated from the original novel

By Shuvra Dey

September 14 2021

The Swiss woman who wrote the first Bengali novel

‘Phulmani o Karunar Biboron’ was published in 1852

By Yajnaseni Chakraborty

September 10 2021

Sukumar Ray and the magical world of Pagla Dashu

One of Bengal's most loveable young characters

By Shuvra Dey

September 07 2021

Sunil Ganguly, the modern voice of Bengal

Remembering the legend on his 88th birthday

By Information Desk

September 02 2021

Mujtaba Ali’s ‘Deshe Bideshe’ describes life in Kabul as never seen b...

Syed Mujtaba Ali spent a year-and-a-half teaching in Kabul from 1927 to 1929

By Shuvra Dey

August 30 2021

Buddhadeb Guha takes with him a nearly extinct world

Why we have lost more than just a writer

By Yajnaseni Chakraborty

August 30 2021

Bankim Chandra described a different face of ‘Krishna’ in Krishnacharit...

Bengal worshipped the Lord with a difference!

By Information Desk

August 28 2021

Hilarious letter of a thief to Shibram Chakraborty

On his death anniversary a GB tribute

By Information Desk

August 07 2021

The day Rabindranath became immortal

Physical death probably came as a relief

By Mahua Dasgupta

July 30 2021

Nazrul’s century-old ‘Bidrohi’ remains the voice of protest against i...

‘Bidrohi’ was first published in ‘Bijli’ and later in other periodicals

By Suman Sadhu

July 23 2021

How Labhpur influenced the writing spirit of Tarashankar Bandopadhyay

He who brought a slice of Rarh Bengal to life

By Shuvra Dey

June 29 2021

Michael Madhusudan, the genius who lost his way

Remembering one of Bengal’s greatest literary figures

By Information Desk

June 19 2021

'Nilkantha Pakhir Khonje' and the circle of life

Atin Bandyopadhyay's masterpiece is like a slow moving stream

By Baishali Mukherjee

June 02 2021

How Rabindranath Tagore comes to our rescue in these trying times of bereav...

How the great poet coped with the loss of his loved ones with poems and songs

By Shuvra Dey

May 31 2021

‘TNG Sir’, the Narayan Ganguly we know so little about

Last year marked the 50th death anniversary of the literary icon

By Yajnaseni Chakraborty

May 25 2021

Love never dies! Nazrul's famous love letter to his lady love on his birth ...

The letter that harbours emotions hitherto unknown

By Information Desk

May 19 2021

Why was Manik Bandopadhyay’s writings influenced by Marxism?

Bandopadhyay’s writings dealt with the wretchedness of existence in the context of rural Bengal

By Information Desk

May 12 2021

Mr U. Ray, Bengal’s gift to the world of printing

Like his contemporary Rabindranath Tagore, Upendrakishore Roy Chowdhury was a polymath

By Information Desk

May 04 2021

New Indian digital player Dialoguein presents global Bengali lit fest

‘Dialoguein Global Bengali Lit-Fest’, is to be held from May 6-8

By Information Desk

April 23 2021

How books have always turned out to be our favourite companions

On World Book Day, a best friend that we cannot part with

By Saheli Mitra

April 22 2021

His passing has orphaned us

Shankha Ghosh was the voice of our conscience

By Daud Haider

April 21 2021

Shankha Ghosh, the quiet revolutionary

The Jnanpith awardee was diagnosed with Covid this month


April 20 2021

Not just a freedom fighter, Chittaranjan Das was also a poet

His poems were translated by none other than Aurobindo

By Information Desk

April 16 2021

First Indian ‘Man of Letters’ of USA was a Bengali

Dhan Gopal Mukerji, a Stanford graduate and his children’s books


April 08 2021

Kiriti Roy, created by Dr. Nihar Ranjan Gupta

Dr. Nihar Ranjan Gupta’s ‘Kiriti Roy’ is a hit among readers of all age


March 18 2021

Meet Kolkata’s home chefs, a growing tribe

From cooking only for their families to cooking for strangers, a silent revolution has begun

By Yajnaseni Chakraborty

March 18 2021

Why we need to remember Annadashankar Ray

His writings predicted what the future of India would be

By Daud Haider

March 12 2021

Bengali author Sankar receives Sahitya Akademi Award

Sankar is also regarded as a street food expert

By Information Desk

March 12 2021

When ‘copywriter’ Rabindranath Tagore sold FMCG products

Tagore was a successful and brilliant copywriter


March 11 2021

Did Victoria Ocampo turn Rabindranath Tagore into a painter?

How Ocampo inspired Tagore to explore the creative world of art and painting

By Information Desk

March 01 2021

Victoria Ocampo sold her necklace to pay for Tagore’s stay in Argentina

Ocampo’s profound admiration for Tagore and her personal sacrifice

By Information Desk

February 23 2021

Buenos Aires Travelogue – by Rabindranath Tagore

Bard of Bengal was an avid traveller

By Information Desk

February 19 2021

Subhas and Emilie: The love that time forgot

Owing to German laws which made it difficult to marry foreigners, Emilie and Subhas married in secret

By Yajnaseni Chakraborty

February 17 2021

Why is Jibanananda’s Banalata Sen a cult poem?

On his birth anniversary, remembering the poet

By Information Desk

February 14 2021

Rabindranath Tagore’s First Love – Annapurna

Celebrating Love on Valentine’s Day

By Information Desk

February 13 2021

Suhasini Biswas’ Gitanjali Diary – The Anne Frank of Bengal

How Tagore’s Gitanjali helped her survive in a Japanese Detention Camp


February 03 2021

Protecting poet Hiralal Sen – British conspiracy to bring sedition charge...

How Hiralal Sen’s “Hungkar” put him at loggerheads with the British

By Shuvra Dey

January 26 2021

Comic King Narayan Debnath has been awarded Padmashri

Narayan Debnath receives Padmashri Award


December 01 2020

New book of short stories boosts Bengal-Australia ties

Saheli Mitra is the only South Asian writer to feature in a prestigious new anthology of short stories

By Information Desk

November 23 2020

The 19th century French Connection

Poet Toru Dutta- John Keats of Bengal

By Information Desk

November 07 2020

Swami Vivekananda believed Gautam Buddha was reborn as Christ

Why Swami Vivekananda thought Buddha and Christ are same?

By Information Desk

September 29 2020

19th century Bengali Sufi poetry book discovered in Australian deserts! Who...

Kasasol Ambia is a famous book printed in Kolkata


September 26 2020

Vidyasagar not just wrote Borno Parichay but several books on widow remarri...

Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar brought liberalism in Bengali literature

By Information Desk

September 15 2020

Author who created ‘Fearless Women’ in Indian literature

From Rajlakshmi to Chandramukhi to Kiranmayi

By Saheli Mitra

September 12 2020

Chander Pahar’s Diego Alvarez- a real life character or a fictional?

Why did Bibhutibhushan choose a Portuguese explorer?

By Information Desk

September 11 2020

Celebrating Tutu-Bhutu, and the genius of Dhiren Bal

Beloved Bengali children's classic 'Tutu-Bhutu' turned 60 recently

By Yajnaseni Chakraborty

September 07 2020

Sunil Gangopadhyay - None in Bengali literature reinterpreted history so po...

On his birth anniversary, remembering Sunil

By Information Desk

August 31 2020

Nabadwip, the ‘Oxford of Bengal,’ gave birth to one of ancient India’...

Nadia was seat of liberal religious movement

By Indranil Halder

August 25 2020

Bamabodhini Patrika of 19thcentury Bengal gave women of the Andarmahal a sp...

The journal opened the window to women emancipation

By Information Desk

August 20 2020

The man who wrote down Bengal's first ghost stories, in English!

The Rev. Lal Behari Dey was a preacher and professor. But he was also a boy who never forgot the stories heard in childhood

By Yajnaseni Chakraborty

August 16 2020

Sukanta Bhattacharya, whose poetry was born from irrevocable trauma of war ...

Aren’t his poems relevant during the recent migrant labourer crisis?

By Shuvra Dey

August 11 2020

The earliest Bengali prose in print, with a touch of Portugal

Way back in the 17th century, the Portuguese became the first people to print Bangla prose. Here’s how

By Yajnaseni Chakraborty

August 08 2020

Death is not extinguishing the light; it is putting out the lamp as dawn ha...

He who wove eternal tale of life and death

By Shuvra Dey

July 19 2020

Banaphul -- The master short storyteller

On his birth anniversary GB tribute

By Information Desk

June 27 2020

Bankim Chandra’s Devi Chaudhurani still alive in a Jalpaiguri Temple

Devi Chadhurani and Bhabani Pathak might have led the Sanyasi Movement

By Information Desk

May 25 2020

Music director and actor Kazi Nazrul Islam and how Tagore helped him

Rabindranath Tagore overruled Visva Bharati and helped Nazrul

By Information Desk

May 21 2020

When two planets were engaged in a chat – why Tagore and Einstein never a...

Tagore’s higher universal consciousness and Einstein’s scientific views

By Saheli Mitra

May 16 2020

‘Story of Teesta died long ago,’ and now Debesh Roy who brought Teesta ...

Bengal loses one of the best contemporary authors

By Information Desk

May 14 2020

Why Bengal’s Dalit poet Kalyani Thakur uses the surname ‘Charal’

In her quest for dignity for all down-trodden humans

By Information Desk

May 09 2020

The poet who wrote and designed his own wedding card – Tagore at his best...

On Rabindranath Tagore’s birth anniversary a tribute

By Information Desk

May 08 2020

Relationship that forever remained undefined – Tagore’s Bijoya, Victori...

The poet taught Ocampo how to say ‘Bhalobasha’

By Information Desk

May 07 2020

Lord Buddha had deeply impacted Rabindranath Tagore

From Chandalika to Srimati, Lord Buddha was the driving force

By Saheli Mitra

May 05 2020

Let leaf art go viral


By Information Desk

April 09 2020

Devi Chaudhurani--Bengal’s very own Bandit Queen

Devi Chaudhurani played a role in Sanyasi Revolt

By Information Desk

March 31 2020

Author Saradindu Bandopadhyay and his unusual murder weapons

On his birthday GB remembers the unusual success of his Byomkesh series

By Information Desk

March 22 2020

What did Tagore write after his dear son died in a cholera epidemic?

On World Poetry Day let’s tackle grief and panic with poetry

By Saheli Mitra

March 13 2020

Samaresh Basu – the most prolific author of Bengal who was surrounded by ...

One of the best activist authors who relied on semi-rural and social issues

By Information Desk

February 28 2020

Subho Thakur, the rebel of Jorasanko who created Pansy & Piko

Why Subho Thakur denied his ‘Tagore’ link

By Debdutta Gupta

February 23 2020

Vignettes of erstwhile Kolkata from Hutom Pyanchar Naksha

On birth anniversary of Kaliprasanna Singha

By Information Desk

February 21 2020

Bengal’s endangered tribal languages --- are they being revived?

GB traces the languages on the verge of extinction

By Information Desk

February 19 2020

William Makepeace Thackeray, author of Vanity Fair had a Calcutta connectio...

How the city where he was born inspired him

By Information Desk

February 13 2020

Kashiprasad Ghosh - unsung ‘English’ poet and author of colonial Bengal...

Ghosh was praised for his writings by European critics

By Information Desk

February 12 2020

Ode to Padatik poet Subhash Mukhopadhyay on his birth anniversary

What set Mukhopadhyay’s political beliefs apart?

By Shuvra Dey

February 11 2020

GB Exclusive interview with Russian author Anna Goncharova

Children literature is important to nurture young minds

By Information Desk

February 08 2020

Kolkata to host unique Women Writers’ Festival this weekend

Women writers of the city will discuss on various issues

By Information Desk

February 06 2020

Uttarpara Library, the first public library of India still has 300-year-old...

Australia based entrepreneur Indranil Halder walks through this treasure trove

By Indranil Halder

February 01 2020

This book fair, celebrate the connect between Tagore and Russian poet Pushk...

Did you know several Russian students pursue their PhD on Tagore?

By Information Desk

January 29 2020

Kolkata Book Fair brings back Russian Literature to Kolkata this year!

Relive your childhood with ‘Baba Yaga’ or your college days with Chekhov

By Saheli Mitra

January 25 2020

How Madhusudan Dutta defied Ram and made Meghnad the hero

When the villain of Hindu mythology turns a hero in an epic poem

By Saheli Mitra

January 14 2020

Mahasweta Devi was more a socialist than a communist!

Why the author distanced herself from the communist party?

By Information Desk

December 13 2019

Abhijit Banerjee wore a dhoti while receiving Nobel Prize! How dhoti carrie...

Tracing the history of this quintessential Bengali attire

By Information Desk

December 05 2019

Bengal’s own Agatha Christie Prabhavati Devi and her female detective...

Prabhavati invaded male domain of detectives decades ago

By Information Desk

December 05 2019

Ram and Sita were siblings? Linguist Suniti Kumar Chattopadhyay proved thro...

How Bhashacharya Suniti Kumar raised a furor 5 decades ago

By Information Desk

November 10 2019

Bengal embraced Lord Rama not on religious lines, but as a product of Bhakt...

Krittibasi Ramayan gives social picture of Bengal in middle ages

By Information Desk

November 04 2019

Bangladesh Book Fair begins in Kolkata – bridges two Bengals

Literary tie that binds across the border

By Information Desk

November 03 2019

When Bengal’s history reaches the shores of Australia through William...

Sydney based Bengali entrepreneur Indranil Halder on the evening

By Indranil Halder

October 23 2019

Nobel Laureate Abhijit Banerji lands in Kolkata, look at his book launch

Will Good Economics for Hard Times answer to India’s economic slowdown?

By Information Desk

October 17 2019

18th-century Bengali Poetry Book discovered from Australian Desert!

Book thought to be Quran is in reality a poetry book!

By Information Desk

October 12 2019

If you are in love with Kolkata, do not miss People Called Kolkata launch ...

55 people-centric stories of a City with a Soul!

By Information Desk

September 16 2019

Is poetry lost in translation?

IPPL discusses through ‘Tryst with Poetry in Translation’

By Information Desk

September 14 2019

 Till We Meet Again showcases middle class Kolkata at its best

Author Shibaji Bose deftly plays around with aspirations and relations

By Saheli Mitra

August 21 2019

Why Sibram Chakraborty could never forgive Sarat Chandra?

How the two authors split on monetary deals!

By Information Desk

August 18 2019

Author Shibaji Bose speaks on Till We Meet Again

Ordinary People with Extra-ordinary Stories

By Information Desk

July 19 2019

Tribute to the fearless and unstoppable poet Bishnu Dey on his birthday

Sahitya Akademi and Jnanpith Award winning poet depicted contemporary times

By Information Desk

April 28 2019

Thakurmar Jhuli can any time beat Harry Potter

Dakshinaranjan Mitra created a fantasy world more than a century ago

By Sreemoyee Bhattacharya

March 04 2019

Walking Book Fair creates buzz in Kolkata!

Imagine a truckload of books at your doorstep

By Information Desk

February 14 2019

‘Hold your tongue and let me love’

Reading Tagore’s Shesher Kabita on Valentines Day

By Information Desk

February 12 2019

Multi-lingual poetry meet festival ends in Kolkata

GB was present at the literary gala party

By Information Desk

February 04 2019

The sublime world of Satyajit Ray’s Heroes and Heroines

Amitava Nag explores multi-faceted characters of Ray’s films 

By Sreemoyee Bhattacharya

February 03 2019

Usher in a new revolution with GetBengal Renaissance

Potpourri of articles by stalwarts of Bengal

By Information Desk

February 02 2019

Kolkata to witness a grand Literary Gala Party tomorrow

Literoma community brings in new literary festival to the city

By Information Desk

January 24 2019

How Mallika Basu raises a kitchen storm with Masala?

GB speaks to famous food blogger and London based author 

By Saheli Mitra

January 15 2019

Remembering Hazar Churasir Ma

Mahasweta Devi’s ever protesting pen on her birth anniversary

By Saheli Mitra

January 08 2019

Ashapurna Devi – Feminist or ‘kitchen writer?’

On her birth anniversary GB delves into her world of words

By Information Desk

December 15 2018

Why is Young Adult the fastest growing genre in fiction today?

Writer and columnist Jashodhara Sen speaks to GB

By Information Desk

December 14 2018

Culinary expert Sanchayita Bhattacharjee Alam speaks to GB

Social media impact on modern cuisine

By Information Desk

December 14 2018

Raksha Bharadia speaks to GB on the tricks

Learn ‘How to Make Your Blog Work’ 

By Information Desk

December 14 2018

Drop in at Women Writers’ Fest tomorrow

Ipsita Ganguly speaks on ‘Writing about Self’

By Information Desk

December 12 2018

Author and journalist Jayeeta Ganguly speaks to GB

The Art and Craft of Writing About Self 

By Information Desk

December 12 2018

Author and journalist Shutapa Paul speaks to GB

Challenges of writing a political biography

By Information Desk

December 08 2018

Not Human Bombs, Kolkata offers Human Books

The First Human Library in Kolkata in January

By Information Desk

December 07 2018

Author Sanjib Chattopadhyay --- as I saw him

On the wake of the author winning Sahitya Akademi

By Saheli Mitra

December 01 2018

Publishers from Pakistan may join Kolkata Book Fair 2019

Plethora of Urdu books at the Book Fair to be an added attraction

By Information Desk

November 22 2018

Wondrous transition of comedy in Bengali literature

Purono Kolkatar Golpo presented Hasyarasher Jibon Kahini

By Sreemoyee Bhattacharya

November 22 2018

Tagore’s Gitanjali translated in Belarusian language

Republic of Belarus honours the great bard

By Information Desk

November 21 2018

GB exclusive interview with British author Janet MacLeod Trotter

She will launch her latest book on Tea Planter’s Series in Kolkata

By Saheli Mitra

October 28 2018

Have a poetic Sunday with translations of post Tagore poems

Ruma Chakravarti from Australia shares with GB her translations

By Information Desk

October 27 2018

First Ever International Poetry Extravaganza in Kolkata

Poets from across the world to converge in the city this November

By Information Desk

September 23 2018

FINDING THOKMAY --- Story of the Hills

GB Short Story of the week by Moinak Dutta

By Moinak Dutta

September 08 2018

Happy Birthday Sunil Gangopadhyay

GB pays tribute to this great poet and author

By Information Desk

September 07 2018

Woman and Her Muse is all about feminine self

USA based poet Lopamudra Banerjee launches her book

By Mandakini Bhattacherya

September 03 2018

India Cried That Night

Supratim Sarkar’s new book on India’s unknown freedom fighters

By Information Desk

August 18 2018

Celebrating 82 Years of Rupa Publishing House

GB visits their iconic store that started in Kolkata

By Information Desk

July 29 2018

Tale of a grieving mother

How a mother misses her only daughter

By Jayashree Bhattacherjee

July 26 2018

Wish to read Abanindranath Tagore’s Khirer Putul in English?

Try out recently launched translation by Prof Amita Ray

By Saheli Mitra

July 22 2018

Read translation of Rabindranath Tagore’s short story Tyaag

USA based author and poet Lopa Banerjee translates a story of Golpoguchchho

By Lopamudra Banerjee

July 19 2018

How a poet is described through seven colours of a rainbow!

GB brings an event where a poet’s personality merges with a rainbow

By Rupa Chakravarti

July 12 2018

100 years of Sandesh – Bengal's iconic literary magazine

GB brings you a documentary on its illustrous journey

By Suman Sadhu

June 24 2018

Tale of the Missing Benarasi saree

Did Tilottama get back her prized possession?

By Sarmita Dey

June 17 2018

GB Sunday short story: The Unsolved Mystery

How did the Chowkidaar disappear?

By Nilanjan Biswas

June 13 2018

Why did Tagore want Nazrul to end his hunger strike?

How did ‘Robi-haara’ Nazrul accept Tagore’s death?

By Mandakini Bhattacherya

May 30 2018

Unique book donation drive in Kolkata to create library

Where poets and authors performed and donated their books

By Dr Amit Shankar Saha

May 18 2018

Relive your childhood with Tuntunir Boi

Masterpiece by Upendra Kishore Roychowdhury

By Supriya Roy

May 10 2018

Tagore in Translation

On Rabindra Jayanti, check out these translations

By Moinak Dutta

May 06 2018

Life as It Is: Short Love Story

GB Sunday Story Telling

By Shyamal Mukhopadhyay

April 19 2018

Why Bengali language still did not get classical status?

Tracing the rich history of Bengali language

By Dr Amit Shankar Saha

April 09 2018

GB STORY-TELLING – Short story of the month

Prof. Amita Ray pens down a feline tale

By Amita Ray

March 30 2018

GB Byomkesh Quiz on author’s birthday

Today is Saradindu Bandopadhyay’s birthday

By Information Desk

March 30 2018

Author Saradindu Bandopadhyay brought in unusual murder weapons

Unusual weapons that detective Byomkesh Bakshi looked for

By Information Desk

March 28 2018

Can poetry bring a social movement in Kolkata again?

GB brings to you WE and Rhythm Divine Poets’ Festival

By Information Desk

March 26 2018

Rhythm Divine poets bring a poetry revolution to Kolkata

Do not miss Woman Scream Int’l Poetry & Arts Festival

By Information Desk

March 08 2018

Ahalya down the ages

She lives in every town, every village!

By Moinak Dutta

March 08 2018

When a child is witness to a rape

Does she learn to be a woman, the hard way?

By Shree

February 26 2018

New book on ‘Journey of Science in Bangla’

Two city educationists come up with iconic Bengali Science Book

By Information Desk

February 19 2018

Pirated books at Kolkata Book Fair!

A student of Loreto House finds out

By Marian Gomes

February 07 2018

Dallas based author shares her Kolkata Book Fair memories

Lopa Banerjee misses the book fair of Kolkata

By Lopamudra Banerjee

February 07 2018

Meeting Ruskin Bond and Devdutt Pattanaik

Student Namit Chaturvedi shares his experience

By Namit Chaturvedi

February 03 2018

Author Harsha Dutta feels Kolkata Book Fair has lost its glory 

Why this Bengali author no more feels like going to the Book Fair

By Harsha Dutta

January 29 2018

Why a Houston based author still remembers Netaji?

Shree writes about her childhood hero

By Shree

January 22 2018

Saraswati Puja or Bangali Valentine’s Day?

Is Saraswati Puja the perfect setting for love?

By Uma Rajan

January 22 2018

A sweet love story on Saraswati Puja

How they met and fell in love!

By Sanjukta Dutta

January 09 2018

Was Ashapurna Devi a ‘kitchen writer’ or a feminist?

GB remembers this great writer on her birthday

By Information Desk

January 06 2018

Female protagonists of Tagore’s short stories

Lopamudra Banerjee’s translations of Tagore’s stories

By Information Desk

January 06 2018

Journalist Asha Bhatia’s new book is on ‘Modern Dubai’

Bhatia speaks on the different shades of this desert nation

By Saheli Mitra

January 01 2018

'Unkept Resolutions'

GB Anthology Of Poem 2018

By Information Desk

December 23 2017

Congratulations! Winners of GB short story contest

Winners of GB certificates

By Information Desk

November 27 2017

Park Street bookstore makes you environment friendly

Sip on a hot cuppa and discuss ecology with the owners

By Information Desk

November 25 2017

Author Sumana Roy believes in narratives of stillness

Her book has been shortlisted for Mumbai Lit Fest award

By Saheli Mitra

November 25 2017

Lopa Banerjee’s ‘The Broken Home’ (Nastanirh)

This weekend read an extract from USA based author’s translations

By Information Desk

November 11 2017

US based author Lopamudra Banerjee speaks to GB

On her recent translation of Tagore’s short stories

By Information Desk

November 03 2017

Why author Shirshendu likes JK Rowling?

Are ghosts of his books similar to Rowling’s Potter?

By Information Desk

November 03 2017

GB celebrates birthday of ‘Ruskin Bond of Bengal’

Today is Shirshendu Mukhopadhyay’s birthday 

By Information Desk

October 29 2017

Why was Sister Nivedita fascinated by Mahabharata?

Reflecting on her book Cradle Tales of Hinduism

By Information Desk

October 26 2017

Would you like some Ping Pong Diplomacy?

The book by Nicholas Griffin

By Information Desk

October 25 2017

Remember Ranu’s Prothom Bhag?

It was Bibhutibhushan Mukhopadhyay and not Bandopadhyay!

By Information Desk

October 23 2017

Missionary who translated Bible to Bengali is no more

Father Christian Mignon taught Bengali at St Xaviers

By Information Desk

October 22 2017

Read along with Jibanananda Das

On his death anniversary, GB’s tribute to the great poet

By Information Desk

October 16 2017

Swami Vivekananda’s poem on Goddess Kali 

How Swami Vivekananda explained ‘Kali the Mother’

By Information Desk

September 23 2017

Enjoy an excerpt from Saradindu’s Tungabhadrar Teerey

Historical novel of Saradindu  Bandopadhyay

By Information Desk

September 23 2017

Is Saradindu’s Byomkesh identical to Sherlock Holmes?

Our all-time favourite satyanweshi

By Information Desk

September 18 2017

Sister Nivedita’s letters released as a book

RK Mission brings out a revised book on her letters  

By Information Desk

September 07 2017

Excerpt from Sunil Gangopadhyay's Shei Shomoy

Fascinating classic on Bengal Renaissance

By Information Desk

August 25 2017

Troilokyonath Mukhopadhyay’s Domorudhor 

A chance to read Bengali satirist’s works in English

By Saheli Mitra

July 26 2017

‘Poet of Science’ is no more

Space scientist Yash Pal passes away

By Information Desk

July 22 2017

Author Arundhati Roy on transient times

Reflecting on her latest novel

By Tale spin