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Maa Durga’s bhog cooked and offered by Muslims in 350-year-old Murshidaba...

The legacy of Muslims offering the first bhog still continues

Famous Chhanamukhi of Brahmanberia that transcended borders as Chhanar Murk...

The sweet that is needed for every festival of Bengal

The artiste who put Bengal's kantha stitch in Obama's living room

How a 77-year-old kantha artiste from Birbhum has put her village on the global map

Durga Puja is not just fun, it sustains a huge unorganized sector – Liste...

Installation artists of famous Arjunpur Amra Shobai Club speak to GB

Famous Installation artist Asim Paul creates ‘natural’ barricades to ke...

Santoshpur Trikon Park Sarbajonin Durgotsab follows social distancing norms

Gouri Prasanna Majumdar, the golden man of Bengali ‘movie song’ nostalg...

Did he get his due recognition even during his lifetime?

AGOMONI – Corporatization of Kolkata’s theme Durga Pujas

How commercial needs infiltrated into a festival

Artist Debasis Barui stuck to social distancing installation at Barisha Sar...

No artisans from villages could be brought, locals were used

AGOMONI -- How Street Installation Art became part and parcel of Modern Dur...

Who brought in installation art to Bengal’s festivals?

Saraswati Sarkar, weaver of Nadia receives President’s Medal for her exqu...

Habibpur weaver’s labour of love gets national recognition

Sulunga, where Durga Puja ushered in a revolution

Nearly a century ago, the residents of a remote Birbhum village began a Puja that was more than just a ritual

Celebrating 300-year-old Goswami Barir pujo of Serampore and its Danish inf...

How Goswamis wanted to buy Serampore for Rs 11,00,000!

Robot Maria to manage crowds during Durga Puja in Kolkata

SB Park Durga Puja Committee comes up with innovation

AGOMONI – Why Durga’s Chalchitra of Rani Rashmoni’s zamindar house wa...

Bengal’s Chalchitra artistes are facing a bleak future

Lord Curzon was floored by Burdwan’s Sitabhog! Was it a sweet that Sita l...

Tracing the colonial journey of world-famous Sitabhog

Vidyasagar not just wrote Borno Parichay but several books on widow remarri...

Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar brought liberalism in Bengali literature

The women of Bhangor and their unique Durga Puja

Covid may have forced a cut in the budget, but it has also brought out the human face of Durga Puja

Durga’s ornaments came from Germany by post! Daaker Saaj redefined!

How Maa Durga’s ornaments changed over the years

Mahabharat and Mangal kabya trace the entry of mutton in Bengali kitchens!

How Mangsho Bhaat became a popular dish in Bengal

Sharbari Dutta, the woman who made Indian menswear fashionable

From Sachin Tendulkar to M.F. Husain, Sharbari Dutta made Indian men look good

Celebrating birth anniversary of one of India’s first modern painters –...

Gaganendranath Tagore took up painting quite late in life

How did Wajid Ali Shah, Nawab of Awadh bring his favourite sport Kite Flyin...

Let the kites fly high today redefining your freedom

375-year-old zamindar bari of Amadpur and its bonedi barir Durga Puja

Terracotta temples and Ma Durga – a die for concoction

Author who created ‘Fearless Women’ in Indian literature

From Rajlakshmi to Chandramukhi to Kiranmayi

The many good things about natural ghee

While artificial ghee can poison your system, natural ghee does the opposite

Chander Pahar’s Diego Alvarez- a real life character or a fictional?

Why did Bibhutibhushan choose a Portuguese explorer?

Celebrating Tutu-Bhutu, and the genius of Dhiren Bal

Beloved Bengali children's classic 'Tutu-Bhutu' turned 60 recently

Barwari Durga Puja first started in Bengal to uphold Swadeshi sentiments wi...

Birashtami Puja and Khadi exhibitions created patriotic feelings

Why don’t we get a Pagla Dashu anymore?

Where have all the Pagla Dashu's gone?

Wooden owls and dolls of Burdwan’s Natungram – Bengal’s craftsmen at ...

State government develops Natungram as Rural Craft Hub

Did you know Warren Hastings founded Digha and called it ‘Brighton of the...

The British were carried away by Digha’s pristine beaches and blue sea

Weavers of Phulia create record by depicting entire Ramayan on one Taant Sa...

Guided by President’s Award winner Biren Kumar Basak

From ‘Rosuner Payesh’ to ‘Ilisher Ullash’, lost recipes find a new ...

Two Kolkatans have embarked on a culinary and cultural journey to archive and popularise lost and rare recipes

Terracotta water bottles, your healthy lifestyle option

Not only are terracotta bottles healthy, they are pocket-friendly too

Rituparno Ghosh special, Part 2: 'Ritu was never the interfering kind'

Composer-music director Prabuddha Banerjee in conversation about his memories of Rituparno Ghosh

Unreleased Uttam, the films that weren’t meant to be

Unreleased Uttam, the films we never saw

Uttam Kumar was very close to his mother Chapala Devi but what made them di...

On a birthday night he left his home against her wishes

Quenching the thirsty soul and dancing in the Rains

Unique photo story by Santosh Rajgarhia

Rituparno Ghosh special, Part 1: 'His bottom line was, I want it done’

Composer-music director Prabuddha Banerjee in conversation about his memories of Rituparno Ghosh

Brindaban Chanda, the one-man army fighting for a dying art

The traditional art of making lac dolls will soon become extinct without our support

Century-old Mecha Sandesh of Beliatore still survives the test of time

Loaded with health benefits, this sweet is Bengal’s pride

Adventurous journey of globetrotter ‘Shingara’ from Central Asia to Ben...

From where did our favourite Phoolkopir Shingara land up in Bengal?

Bhanu Bandyopadhyay, the comic genius wanted by police!

Born on this day exactly a century ago, Bhanu Bandyopadhyay was much more than just a comedic legend

Bamabodhini Patrika of 19thcentury Bengal gave women of the Andarmahal a sp...

The journal opened the window to women emancipation

Hilsa tales: the good, the bad, the ugly

Shorshe ilish and ilish machh bhaja are legends in their own right, but what about an ilish bharta, or korma?

Tote bags, a perfect blend of beauty and utility

Our range of eco-friendly, block printed tote bags truly reflect the heritage of Bengal

Online concerts: Here to stay?

The Covid crisis has forced performing artistes to devise ways to get their art across to audiences online, but are we ready for it yet?

First neo-realistic movie of India was Nemai Ghosh’s Chhinnamool

The film attained wide acclaim in Russia but not in India

Timeless and priceless voice- Debabrata Biswas

The man who brought a different meaning to Rabindrasangeet

The man who wrote down Bengal's first ghost stories, in English!

The Rev. Lal Behari Dey was a preacher and professor. But he was also a boy who never forgot the stories heard in childhood

Moichhara, Bengal's very own fertility ritual

A little known, yet centuries-old tradition is still alive and well in many parts of the state

In pandemic times, the lonely viewer

Pratik Dey Chowdhury's new film attempts to encapsulate our viewing experience in this era of isolation

Boat Makers of Balagarh --- holding on to 500-year-old craft of hand buildi...

Stuck in a timeless ¬island amidst currents of change

Kolkata in a box, filled with that special brand of magic

Artist Uday Deb has created an evocative set of fridge magnets designed to celebrate the essence of Kolkata

Sukanta Bhattacharya, whose poetry was born from irrevocable trauma of war ...

Aren’t his poems relevant during the recent migrant labourer crisis?

The earliest Bengali prose in print, with a touch of Portugal

Way back in the 17th century, the Portuguese became the first people to print Bangla prose. Here’s how

Bengalis who fought in World War I and the first ‘only Bengali’ British...

It was in August 1924 a monument was built by British in their memory

Honey from the Sundarbans, and the story behind it

The raw honey that comes to us directly from beehives in the Sundarbans tells a tale of hardship and courage

Remembering the pioneers of Bangla television

In DD Bangla’s 45th year, some of Bangla television’s best known faces re-visit the day it all began

Paying homage to the soil

Every year, the ‘Halokarson’ ceremony at Sriniketan reminds us of Tagore’s commitment to the soil and those who cultivate it.

Tollywood’s pioneering ‘American’ connection!

Long before Bollywood was even thought of, Hollywood came to India via Tollywood. How? Read on to find out

Musical genius Kishore Kumar was a prankster even in his school days!

Remembering the gifted musician on his birth anniversary

‘Super-teacher’ of photography – Tirtha Dasgupta

The man whose passion for photography took him to heights

‘Monsoon Wedding’ of Lightning and Clouds

Photo-essay on Kolkata’s Cloudscape

How Nawab Wajid Ali Shah brought Lucknow to Kolkata

On Wajid Ali Shah's 199th birthday, we revisit his shadow kingdom

Nakshi pithe- where art and delicacy meet in Bengal

Nostalgia of Jasimuddin’s poetry and age old Bengali tradition

‘I will go to the top.. the top.. the top’ and that’s what Uttam Kuma...

What catapulted the actor to a screen sensation over generations?

College Street Coffee House – Then & Now

Behind the lens of photographer Sandipa Malakar

Idea from Kolkata goes Global

#GoViralToStopTheVirus creatives to be exhibited in the United States

Banaphul -- The master short storyteller

On his birth anniversary GB tribute

Bijon Bhattacharya: He who brought a slice of life on stage

On his birth anniversary remembering Nabanno

Sourindro Mohan Tagore of Pathuriaghata was the Father of Fusion Music & fu...

How Queen Victoria asked him to do translations of her songs

Deep impact of Rabindrasangeet on a non-Bengali singer

Mohan Singh reminisces how Tagore influenced him

“Korola-Chingri” - a must try for all fish lovers

How about a dish from the other side of Bengal?

Influencers in Rabindrasangeet exponent Mohan Singh’s life

The singer speaks himself of all those who inspired him

When Pancham da called singer Sivaji Chattopadhyay for 1942-A Love Story

On RD Burman’s birth anniversary a GB exclusive

Make greetings go viral


Bankim Chandra’s Devi Chaudhurani still alive in a Jalpaiguri Temple

Devi Chadhurani and Bhabani Pathak might have led the Sanyasi Movement



Let Nature Go viral


Story of an almost unheard Rath Yatra

Human-chariot of Keshiyari village in Bengal

Make Nataraj Go Viral


Bengali woman who first tamed tigers on a circus arena – wow! Sushila Sun...

The first Indian woman to show Tiger Acts in a circus

Make Solitude Go Viral


ISKCON virtual Rathayatra to reach more than 25,000 homes!

Stay at home and enjoy the Rathayatra celebrations

Make Kolkata Go Viral


Hooghly’s poor tribal girl Chandmani Hembrom is an extraordinary musical ...

She gets chance in Indian Idol and Bollywood for her songs

Happy Birthday Hemanta Mukherjee: Did you know the singer was also a film p...

Produced Mrinal Sen’s Neel Akasher Neechey and many Bollywood hits

Let Origami Go Viral


How Rabindrasangeet and Santidev Ghosh influenced Mohan Singh

On a life-long musical pilgrimage at Santiniketan

Make Peace Go Viral


Make Vision Go Viral


Make Faith Go Viral


Make Happiness Go Viral

Poster of the Day

Villagers of Birbhum still craft Bengal’s indigenous toy ‘Taalpatar Sep...

Tug-of-war between traditional toys and modern gadgets

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COVID-19 puts a brake on 624-year-old Mahesh Rathayatra

The ancient chariot festival of Bengal

Rabindrasangeet stalwart Mohar di made a mess while cooking khichuri!

Singer Mohan Singh remembers that fateful day

First graphic novel series on Mahabharata based on 'Critical edition'

Artist from Bengal-- Sankha Banerjee’s path breaking initiative

Make art go viral


Let Love For Dogs Go Viral




Let Art go viral


Let art go viral


67th Everest Day celebrated at Darjeeling’s Himalayan Mountaineering Inst...

HMI remembers Tenzing Norgay on his 106th Birth Anniversary

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Let Hope Go Viral


What did Rituparno Ghosh speak about ‘Death?’

On the director’s death anniversary in his own words

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Make child art go viral


Make focus go viral


Century-old Corona Typewriter lies in Quarantine at Darjeeling

The typewriter is preserved in Sister Nivedita’s house

Eid Mubarak! Fascinating history of Royal’s biriyani of Kolkata

Due to lockdown, bringing in a virtual treat

Music director and actor Kazi Nazrul Islam and how Tagore helped him

Rabindranath Tagore overruled Visva Bharati and helped Nazrul

When two planets were engaged in a chat – why Tagore and Einstein never a...

Tagore’s higher universal consciousness and Einstein’s scientific views

Let clean roads go viral


Haludar – the forgotten ‘animal painter’ from Bengal 200 years ago!

He who helped British naturalists to preserve species

Make Madhubani Go Viral


Mohan Singh remembers his guru Ashesh Bandopadhyay, a stalwart of Bishnupur...

Learning Bengali initiated a life-long love affair for him

Make art go viral


Why singer Mohan Singh never had a big fan following?

He sings for his own upliftment and loves difficult numbers

Let shadow play go viral

Poster of the day

Jogen Chowdhury- Life and times

First structured documentary on the living legend.

Let devotion go viral


Gauhar Jaan of Calcutta was the first to record Hindustani classical music ...

Gramophone started its debut in Hindustani Classical with Gau-har Jaan

Let Turmeric Tea go viral


Will the dying Santhali form of puppetry, Chadar Badar, survive?

Apathy and lack of support push Santhal doll makes to oblivion

Let reflection go viral


Why Bengal’s Dalit poet Kalyani Thakur uses the surname ‘Charal’

In her quest for dignity for all down-trodden humans

Make peace go viral


Mohan Singh is not just a Rabindrasangeet exponent, he is a classical exper...

Why has Bengali audience ignored his classical style?

Singer Mohan Singh’s son Bikram is still alive, despite his early death

Bikram’s enthusiasm and lively nature touched all



U Ray & Sons - Upendrakisor was not just a storyteller, he was a scientific...

The maker of first block printing technology of India





The poet who wrote and designed his own wedding card – Tagore at his best...

On Rabindranath Tagore’s birth anniversary a tribute

Lord Buddha had deeply impacted Rabindranath Tagore

From Chandalika to Srimati, Lord Buddha was the driving force

Let Bengal Art Go Viral


Let Happiness Go Viral


Bikram Singh Khangura was a rebel poet and carefree soul

Mohan Singh’s elder son led a life on his own terms

Let leaf art go viral


Let Doodling Go Viral


On his birth anniversary, not the director – but calligrapher Satyajit Ra...

He who sketched most of his characters and even found calligraphed scripts

How Satyajit Ray turned Pather Panchali into a cult movie?

The movie that defines Bengal, its ethos and its beauty







Thankamani Kutty made Bengal her home

International Dance Day- tribute to Thankamani Kutty

Chris Hemsworth of Netflix sensation movie ‘Extraction’ speaks Bangla!

The Australia-Bengali film connect down the ages



Eminent singer Santidev Ghosh called some voices ‘uncultured!’ Why?

Mohan Singh discusses the importance of classical music lessons



Corona virus shape used to spread hope beauty kindness love

Positive twist to the virus shape by artists goes global

Decoding how books turned our favourite companions during Lockdown

On World Book Day, a best friend that we cannot part with

BREAKING! Well-known theatre personality Usha Ganguly is no more!

GB tribute to the dramatist who brought Hindi plays to Kolkata

Mohan Singh’s favourite ‘Mohar Di’ Kanika Bandopadhyay

How she persuaded Mohan to stay back in Santiniketan

Excerpts from exclusive interview of Nemai Ghosh taken 4 years ago

Professor Pinaki De shares the interview with GB

Reclining Arjuna by Nandalal Bose in public eye for the first time

The rare painting was with a freedom fighter

Ali Akbar Khan- his musical journey

The sarod maestro and his virtuosity

Did you know famous actor Balraj Sahani taught in Santiniketan?

Listen to anecdotes shared by Rabindrasangeet exponent Mohan Singh

Posters and criticism against PURBA PASHCHIM

The tale of two Bengal - Part 2

Jamini Roy - man with a vision far ahead of his times

How did Jamini Roy discern Tagore’s paintings?

PURBA PASCHIM-First Indo Bangla Television series

Narrating the tale of two Bengal

Unprecedented Good Friday in Kolkata! Livestreaming of special prayers

Mankind suffers today, will Lord Jesus come to the rescue?

Devi Chaudhurani--Bengal’s very own Bandit Queen

Devi Chaudhurani played a role in Sanyasi Revolt

Did you know Pt Ravi Shankar sang a Bengali Film song?

GB plays an exclusive recording of the song on his birthday

Why did Suchitra Sen turn a recluse?

On her birth anniversary, GB finds out

Try this begun-puri as suggested by Leela Majumdar

A must have dish for all meat lovers

Mohan Singh Khangura recalls lessons with his teacher Nemai Chand Boral

Listen to the maestro about his life at Santiniketan

Author Saradindu Bandopadhyay and his unusual murder weapons

On his birthday GB remembers the unusual success of his Byomkesh series

EXCLUSIVE: Up Close and Personal with Nemai Ghosh

Graphic designer and Professor Pinaki De gives a first-hand account

Utpal Dutta – the unconventional actor who followed his own rules

Remember his role as Samuel Leibowitz in Manusher Adhikaray?

Why was Sambhu Mitra the living legend of Bengali Theatre?

Biplab Dasgupta gives first-hand accounts of his rehearsals

BREAKING! ‘Ray’s photographer’ Nemai Ghosh is no more!

The man who captured Satyajit Ray in different moods

How Mohan Singh Khangura landed in Santiniketan from Punjab

Listen to the maestro in his own words

What did Tagore write after his dear son died in a cholera epidemic?

On World Poetry Day let’s tackle grief and panic with poetry

Himadri Shankar Dey --- Lone crusader launches heritage museum

Shuvendu Mohan Dey Historical Museum of Barshool

How Pradeep Bhattacharya took the power of theatre to prisons

Prison inmates staging difficult Tagore plays

Chittoprasad Bhattacharya, whose sketches on Bengal famine spoke a thousand...

Why was he not accepted in leading Art schools of Bengal?

Did you know the first biopic on Mujibur Rahman was made in Kolkata?

GB brings this incredible tale on Bangobondhu’s 100th birth anniversary

Tomake Chai – Indrajit Sen recalls a four-day musical journey with Kabir ...

The man who broke the glass ceilings of Bengali songs

Rani Putul of Bengal was made to praise Queen Victoria of England!

How the exquisite European faced dolls of Howrah are made

Samaresh Basu – the most prolific author of Bengal who was surrounded by ...

One of the best activist authors who relied on semi-rural and social issues

Veteran actor Santu Mukherjee is no more!

Tollywood and Bengal will miss him

Even Shiv-Parvati litho-art of Bengal got a British aristocratic touch!

Chor Bagan Art Studio humanized mythological deities

Dhrupad maestro Bahadur Khan popularized Bishnupur Gharana

Was Bahadur Khan honoured by king of Bishnupur?

Kolkata’s last bioscopewallah Md Salim to retire as smartphones take over...

How Salim kept a celluloid dream alive for generations

Mayapur is not just about Rathayatra, it is also about Dol

Watch the grand celebration of Gaura Purnima

Satyajit Ray made a bride of Jorasanko Thakurbari sing for his movie

How Amiya Tagore came out of the andarmahal to sing for Kanchenjungha

Did you know Bhim Chandra Nag sells Ashu Bhog in memory of Asutosh Mukherje...

The century old shop that was gifted a ‘Bengali’ clock by a British

The ‘sweet pirates’ who taught Bengal how to make sweets

Portuguese and the art of chhana making

Passing by Borun Babu’s hearth and home

Borun Babur Bondhu is a rare gem in Bengali movie scenario

Bengal’s Shora Painting --- bridging Hindu-Muslim divide

Hindu artisans depict tales of Muharram

Meeting Baul Karmakar --- The Terracota Warrior of Bankura

Visit to Panchmura, terracotta village of Bengal

Subho Thakur, the rebel of Jorasanko who created Pansy & Piko

Why Subho Thakur denied his ‘Tagore’ link

When London swayed to Bengal’s Spring celebrations

Famous Fagun Fest warmed up a cold London

Relive revolutionary Bengal in the 100-year-old ‘Young Bengal Hotel’

The pice hotel of Khidderpore that still carries age old tradition

British Jhalmuri man Angus Denoon in the city of joy!

Scotsman Angus Denoon wins hearts with his jhalmuri

Cancer survivor and cricket icon Arun Lal gives shocking account on pappad ...

Did you know diesel is used for rolling the pappads?

Caught in Indrajaal – the glamour of P.C. Sorcar, Maharajah of Magicians

How Sorcar took Indian magic to the world and made it famous

Vignettes of erstwhile Kolkata from Hutom Pyanchar Naksha

On birth anniversary of Kaliprasanna Singha

Did you know Pahari Sanyal was a great singer?

Even Satyajit Ray made him sing in his movies

Actress Sabitri Chatterjee overcame pangs of partition and poverty

She went on to become one of the finest actors of Tollywood

Bengal’s endangered tribal languages --- are they being revived?

GB traces the languages on the verge of extinction

When and how did Bengal’s only classical music gharana originate?

Tracing the rise and fall of Bishnupur Gharana

Ghoti-Gorom call – the Pied Piper of Bengal

Lure of Ghoti Gorom bridges generations of Bengali foodies

Why Jibanananda’s Banalata Sen is a cult poem?

On his birth anniversary, remembering the poet

Dadar Kirti goes silent, actor Tapas Pal is no more!

GB tribute to the ’80s hero on his death

How Tagore re-introduced Esraj, an instrument that made its way from Afghan...

Esraj, the dying instrument that needs to be revived

Kashiprasad Ghosh - unsung ‘English’ poet and author of colonial Bengal...

Ghosh was praised for his writings by European critics

Ode to Padatik poet Subhash Mukhopadhyay on his birth anniversary

What set Mukhopadhyay’s political beliefs apart?

Devika Rani, the Greta Garbo of Indian cinema was from the Tagore family

The first lady of Indian cinema was from Bengal

GB Exclusive interview with Russian author Anna Goncharova

Children literature is important to nurture young minds

Utpal Dutt used theatre as a voice of dissent against political parties

He staged several satires as an anti-establishment tool

Sunayani Devi – forgotten first modern woman artist of Bengal School of A...

Sibling of Abanindranath Tagore she was a self-taught artist

BITM to showcase German machine used to record Rabindranath Tagore’s voic...

Tagore’s own rendition of poetry and music to come alive

Kolkata to host unique Women Writers’ Festival this weekend

Women writers of the city will discuss on various issues

Miss Shefali, Kolkata’s first cabaret dancer is no more!

She fought poverty and landed in Kolkata as a refugee

Uttarpara Library, the first public library of India still has 300-year-old...

Australia based entrepreneur Indranil Halder walks through this treasure trove

Kolkata’s Hemen & Co served musical maestros from Baba Allauddin Khan to ...

Small shop on Rashbehari Avenue with global musician clients

Rabi Ghosh, the king comedian was given his first break by Utpal Dutta!

He wished to become a bodybuilder and not an actor

This book fair, celebrate the connect between Tagore and Russian poet Pushk...

Did you know several Russian students pursue their PhD on Tagore?

How singer and activist Hemango Biswas picked his tunes

Daughter Rongili Biswas shares some tales of the past

Bengali fashion designer Sabyasachi picked up by famous Swedish retailer He...

First Indian fashion designer to collaborate with global giant H&M

Why Devi Saraswati found her place on gramophone records?

Devi Saraswati found a new avatar in Calcutta in the 1900s

Kolkata Book Fair brings back Russian Literature to Kolkata this year!

Relive your childhood with ‘Baba Yaga’ or your college days with Chekhov

Eureka! Meaning of Chinese Piccaso’s paintings deciphered at last

Chinese Picasso’s daughter came down to Visva Bharati for the task

Utpal Dutta – the doyen of Bengali Theatre comes in a new light in this s...

Theatre personality Biplab Dasgupta dissects Dutta’s talents

Stimulate creative thoughts at the MAYA Art Fair

From contemporary art, ceramics to music

How Madhusudan Dutta defied Ram and made Meghnad the hero

When the villain of Hindu mythology turns a hero in an epic poem

Did you know Bengal’s patachitra and kantha influenced Picasso and Chagal...

Bengal’s Kantha work can be seen on 1915 Marc Chagall art work

Kolkata International Children’s Film Festival set to nurture young minds...

Visit Nandan with your children and enjoy the film carnival

Dal Madal cannon and the saga of Bengal’s illustrious ironsmiths

How a group of indigenous ironsmiths made the largest cannon

Cultural capital of India, Kolkata, rediscovered at Art Villa Gallery

Art historian Debdutta Gupta and photographer Shubhomoy Mitra speak

Apu to Feluda --- Living legend Soumitro Chatterjee turns 85 today!

Actor and theatre personality Biplab Dasgupta pays a tribute

Journey of Muslin from Bengal to Milan!

Revived to its past glory by artist Shafiqul Kabir Chandan

Indubala Devi – the singing sensation of 1915 Calcutta!

Trained by none other than Gauhar Jaan

Bengal’s Masland Madur – weaving dreams on a natural fibre

How a rural craft turned global (Journey of a Bengal craft going global)

This Poush Sankranti try a lost pithe of Bengal

Dhakai pithe or Bhapa pithe is still sold on streets of Bangladesh

Kolkata Street Art Festival

Day long art celebration held in the City of Joy

Mahasweta Devi was more a socialist than a communist!

Why the author distanced herself from the communist party?

Air Ambulance to be used in Gangasagar this year

Special arrangements for people falling sick in the mela

Goalondo Fowl Curry - Pritha Sen reviving a lost cuisine

When food binds the soul of two Bengals

Unique Majilpur dolls that have uncanny resemblance to Kalighat patas

Meet the master artists of this almost dying craft form

9th Kolkata Christmas Carnival starts at Allen Park with huge fanfare

Hon’ble CM Mamata Banerjee passes message of love and peace

One of the oldest fairs of Kolkata -- Behala’s 227-year-old Chandi Me...

Rural feel in the middle of a bustling metropolis

Did you know Bankim Chandra depicted Jagadhhatri as ‘Bharat Mata?&rsq...

Krishnanagar’s Jagadhhatri Puja stated by Maharaja Krishnachandra

119-year-old Jagaddhatri Puja at ‘Medicine Man’ BK Pal’s ...

BK Pal helped freedom fighters while supplying Edward Tonic to the British!

Bengal is a hotbed of Shakti peeths! Why?

Largest concentration of feminine worship in form of Kali

GB ‘Lokkhi in Olokhhi’ – MRINAL MANDAL

Artist Mrinal Mandal believes Lokkhi – Olokhhi is just a symbol

GB ‘Lokkhi in Olokhhi’ – KAUSHIK CHAKRABORTY

Kaushik pens down the underlying hypocrisy of a ‘Lokhhi Meye’


Shuvayu pens down a script describing ‘Olokkhi’ women

GB ‘Lokkhi in Olokhhi’ – SANTANU PAUL

Ace photographer Santanu captures on camera the ‘Olokhhi’ s of Kolkata

GB ‘Lokkhi in Olokhhi’ – SHIBAJI BOSE

Shibaji Bose remembers Padmasundari, the ‘Olokhhi’ in his real life


Debanjan is a proud father of a not so Lokhhi meye


Six men from Bengal are proud to be associated with so-called Olokkhis

GB Real-Life Dashabhuja – JOIE BOSE

How she fights body shaming and still wins Mrs India East!

CM sends self-drawn Pujo Greeting cards to all 

Mamata Banerjee draws Durga with Bengali letters

GB Real-Life Dashabhuja – MONISHA DUTTA

Raising a child single-handed after her husband’s death and working to earn


How she juggles her passion as an artist and needs of a specially-abled child

GB Real-Life Dashabhuja – SUPRIYA ROY

Rising against patriarchy in the ’60s, a woman gets educated and working


Pursuing her passion for Kolkata and her studies

GB Real-Life Dashabhuja – ENA RAY BANERJEE

How is it like to be a leading woman scientist and raising 3 kids

GB Real-Life Dashabhuja – SANJUKTA DUTTA

How she moved from one state to another keeping her career alive!

500-year-old Durga Puja along the Shali River of Bankura 

GB visits a pujo that is even older to Kolkata’s history

GB Real-Life Dashabhuja – URVASHI BASU

How she manages trans-continent life and work


One who experimented with life always

Drishtikone at Tridhara of South Kolkata

The Theme Pujo that drives you to think!

GB Real-Life Dashabhuja – NELINE MONDAL

How European Neline adjusted to an orthodox life in Bengal

GB Real-Life Dashabhuja – INDRANI CHATTERJEE

Fighting the daily demons for a woman corporate leader is indeed difficult

GB Real-Life Dashabhuja – RAKHEE GHOSH

From a cushy job in England to building a restaurant chain in Kolkata

How Ecological Harmony plays an important role in Durga Puja

Maa Durga’s Vahanas and Children represent elements of nature

GB Real-Life Dashabhuja – DR PAULA RAY

Communication and research specialist from New Zealand

GB Real-Life Dashabhuja – MOUSUMI SENGUPTA

How Jill of Some Trades handles her creative passion and family commitments


Tale of women from Bengal who are nothing short of Devi Durga

Kamarpukur’s Chatterjee Bari serves Machher Jhol as bhog!

Have you ever heard fish being given in Durga bhog?

Samaj Sebi Sangha on Lake Road pays homage to labourers

Look what’s brewing at South Kolkata’s famous Samaj Sebi

Shonagachhi sex workers celebrate Durga Puja in a different way!

How Kolkata’s infamous ‘Red Light Area’ brings awareness through Devi Durga

How Nature plays an important role in Durga Puja

Durga Puja is not just a celebration – It is worshipping nature

Good over Evil is need of the hour! Relevance of Mahalaya in modern India ...

Do you still tune in to ‘Mahisasur Mardini’ on Radio?

Mahabharat’s Karna never performed Tarpan. Why?

The day of remembering your forefathers

150-year-old Kolkata Durga Pujo where Mahishasura wears coat and pants!

Is it a colonial hangover? Or protest against oppressor?

If the NRC axe is hanging on you, visit the Rajdanga Durga Puja this year ...

Theme Pujo highlighting plight of ‘stateless people’

Chaltabagan Sarbojonin pays tribute to Kolkata Police

Those who tirelessly work to make Durga puja a success

Why is Durga Puja 2019 ‘different’ for Bengal?

Heady concoction of new ideas, awards and nostalgia!

When Religion Unites: Dutta Bari worships Muslim girl as Maa Durga

Even Swami Vivekananda worshipped daughter of a Muslim boatman

Pujo Theatre: Thakurdalan where Uttam Kumar performed

Reliving Girish Bhavan Thakurdalan and memories of Jatra

GB Exclusive Video on Kumartuli – Abode of the Goddess of Clay

Watch out how artisans at Kumartuli are preparing for Durga Puja

This Durga Puja, priests will take classes on water conservation

How will water be conserved by various city Puja Committees

Santosh Mitra Square to have 18 crore gold Durga this year!

Kolkata’s big budget Durga Pujas a splurge of money only?

GB’s exclusive interview with ISKCON’s Vice President

On the first auspicious day of Kolkata Rathayatra Festival

Which route will ISKCON Rath take this year?

Be at these spots of Kolkata today to pull the Rath

How the first Jagannath deity came to ISKCON

The story of Malati and Srila Prabhupada

Actress Nusrat Jahan to be special guest at ISKCON Rathayatra

ISKCON impressed by her religious inclusiveness ideology

Why is Lord Jagannath called ‘Eating God?’

The lord is offered the best of global cuisine at ISKCON

How Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu describe Jagannath form?

Tale of Krishna and his spiritual transformation

Just 100 more days to Durga Puja!

A look at this year’s Puja calendar and Durga Puja’s role in old Calcutta

Why are idols of Lord Jagannath armless? 

The lord that was made from wood sent by divine intervention

Haalkhata, the intrinsic Poila Baisakh tradition

How Haalkhata is important to Bengal’s trade circuit even today

Poila Baisakh is never complete without a Panjika

Tale of that small pink book and loads of funny information!

440-year old Basanti Puja of Bagbazar Haldar Bari

How the 1,000-year-old idol was unearthed

Chandannagar Bidhansabha Utsav felicitates town stalwarts

Where cultures merge and ‘people’ meet

Celebrate convergence of all communities at Milan Utsav!

The festival that rings in the true essence of Bengal

Not just a holy dip! 

Tracing the historical journey of Gangasagar

Poush Sankranti Dhaka and Sylheti style!

Not with pithe, but with Shakrainkites and mera-merighar

Enjoy a mix of Rabindrasangeet and Chinese music

At Nicco Park’s special Chinese illumination festival 

Spreading joy through Christmas Carols

This Christmas enjoy the carols

Best Durga images of 2018

Clicked by GB readers

Peep into 300-year-old Chandannagar’s Mondal Bari Puja

Get to know of their unique Kalabou ritual

Gone are the days when Puja barshikis carried a pujo fragrance

Puja barshiki releases set way ahead in July, have lost their attraction

Z’s Precinct Trunk or a Pandora’s Box?

GB was present at an exciting pre-puja Trunk Show

The house that celebrates Durga Puja with patriotic songs

Rare Puja rituals of Kolkata’s Hathkhola Dutta Bari

Pujor Gaan: Do music albums still create a stir during Durga Puja?

GB traces the musical trends this Durga Puja from Asha Bhonsle to Baul

From the Andarmahal of Sovabazar Rajbari Durga Puja

The first family Durga Puja of Kolkata

Which kurta will you don this Durga Puja?

Check out the latest trends in kurtas and Panjabi this year

Which nine-yards will drape you this Durga Puja

Check out the latest trends in sarees this year

Look out for jewellery trends this Pujo

City-based jewellery designers speak on hot trends

GB brings rare rituals of Cossimbazar Rajbari Durga Pujo

More than 280 years old, Cossimbazar Pujo is a treat to the eyes

 ‘Power of Wind’ to be showcased at Ajeya Sanhati

How air pollution is killing millions across the world

Discovering ‘Eternal Depth’ this year with Talapark Pratyay Dur...

Aaro gobhire jao and explore unknown mysteries

What is the theme at Naktala Udayan Sangha this year?

What is the theme at Naktala Udayan Sangha this year?

Top 5 Rathyatra Melas of Kolkata

Food, birds, saplings and that childhood cookery set!

Making of the ISKCON Rath this year

How is the famous ISKCON Rath of Kolkata made and when does it start?

Wishing for some weekend peace? Where to go to?

Weekends are not just about parties, it is also about unwinding

From Rabindra Jayanti to Kolkata’s political heritage 

GB brings an extensive event calendar for the week

How a Brahmo celebrated Saraswati Puja

She was invited to every puja of her neighbourhood

A village Saraswati Puja with a difference

Memoirs of a Saraswati Puja long lost

Saraswati Puja where Muslim students participate

This village school puja is a symbol of communal harmony

Musical parade at Kolkata Christmas Carnival

School children will parade down Park Street

What has Kolkata in store this Christmas season?

Kolkata’s unique Christmas flavour

Kolkata Christmas Carnival showcases global cuisine!

You will be spoilt for choice at the carnival!

GB’s Christmas Weekend Calendar

From Arijit Singh concert to Jingle & Mingle, do not miss the fun!

What is so new about New Market this Christmas?

Nothing new, the same old-world charm

Put that Paan on fire into your mouth and see it melt! 

Visit the new Paan Parlour of Kolkata!

Irani chai? Whiskey chai? Kahwah?

Have it at Kolkata’s One-stop Tea Stop

Where do you get the season’s best phoolkopir shingara in Kolkata?

Samosa’s cousin shingara can be traced to Persia

Kolkata’s British charm relived on an Anglo-Indian palate

Dishes from kedgeree to pish pash, try any

Baghajatin started a revolutionary storm over a class of Paramount sherbet!...

Century old Paramount got Heritage Eatery tag last week

If you are home cooking this Pujo, try this Leela Majumdar recipe

Author Leela Majumdar was also a great cook! Try her breakfast recipe

With the monsoon still hovering, try some Ilish Paturi

Recipe from Beyond the Borders -- Narayanganj

Are days numbered for world-famous Kalimpong lollipop and cheese?

The Swiss dairy supplying the products shuts down!

This Sunday learn from GB how mutton came on Bengal’s plates

Mangsho-Bhaat of Bengal can be traced to the times of Mahabharata

Bengal’s khichuri is India’s super food

Bengal produces a variety of khichuri dishes including Aamish Bhog

Kolkata’s street food Ghugni in a new avatar at these spots

Try out some lip-smacking ghugni at these city crossings

Uttam-Supriya treated guests to exclusive Bengali dishes like Sagar Doi

Kishore Kumar to Sanjeev Kumar, Bollywood idols at Uttam’s parties

British chef who visited Kolkata is now jhalmuri seller of UK

Scotsman Angus Dennon learnt to make the tangy snacks from Kolkata streets

Here is a Kolkata shop that still sells kochuri at just 25 paisa!

How could Lakshmi Narayan Ghosh stick to the original price?

Health benefits of Bengal’s Panta Bhaat this summer!

Why was it popular in Bengal since ages

Try some simple less spicy Taki dishes this summer

What made Sada Dalna of Taki so delicious?

Food historian Pritha Sen prepares ‘Firingee Thala’ for Ekdalia...

Ekdalia Road of Kolkata to showcase this special menu

Jagantmata Bhojonalaya, century-old Odiya pice-hotel of Kolkata

Feel homesick with the innumerable low-cost fish dishes

What is You Tiao? Try it ahead of Chinese New Year

Chinese food with a revolutionary past used as protest tool

Bagbazar rises to the first ever Rosogolla Utsav

Rich cultural heritage of Bagbazar showcased through sweet festival

Iconic Jewish bakery of Nahoum’s still shines

Despite KMC notice of unclean environment

Ratan’s dosa stall in Burrabazar is a must try out

GB tastes the South Indian dishes in this small stall of Kolkata

Lost pithe recipes cook up a storm at Aahare Bangla

Do not miss pithe delicacies on last day of Aahare Bangla

Pritha Sen weaves stories through Bengali dishes across India

Bringing sociological and historical treasures of Bengali cuisine

Did you know Manna Dey loved kesar malai sherbet of Kapila Ashram?

Kapila Ashram, century-old sherbet joint of Kolkata

When Bengal’s royals descended at ITC Sonar with Hilsa recipes

GB spoke to members of Rajbaris about their secret Hilsa recipes

Try some simple Taki dishes this hot summer

Sunanda Bose of Taki zamindar family helps us with simple dishes

Have you heard of Bhanga Chora Shukto

Non-vegetarian shukto from Bangladesh

Did you know there are 26 types of payesh in Bengal?

Dessert that is loaded with legends and traditions

In the holy Ramadan month, a visit to authentic eateries

Which Kolkata alleys are famous for Ramadan food?

Sweet dishes of Taki as remembered by Sunanda Bose

Aumbols and Malpoa, cooked Taki style

Taki’s signature dishes and their Jessore influence

Taki’s signature dishes and their Jessore influence

Koraishutir Kochuri or Phoolkopir Singara?

On a trail of Bengal’s winter delicacies

Nostalgic trip of Dhakai Paratha

Dhakai Paratha was once a favourite breakfast of North Kolkata

New fish app of Bengal govt, to bring fish at doorstep

Order 22 varieties of fish through this app

Bengal’s Bandel Cheese still rules the world

Portuguese taught Bengal how to make this cheese

Bengal’s geri-gugli and shutki make way to Int’l Food Fest

State government to showcase goynabori and morobba too

What did Leela Majumdar share in her Rannar Boi?

Leela Majumdar’s Rannar Boi is for the modern woman

Healthy snacking this Diwali and Bhai Phonta

Why not try these healthy snacks and care for your waistline?

GB shares recipe of NarkelNarufor Bijoya Dashami

The quintessentially Bengali sweet that tastes heavenly

A hearty meal at Kolkata’s Pice Hotels

This weekend go for a simple meal

Bengal’s Murgir Jhol a delicacy in Tokyo

Bengali freedom fighter introduced it in Japan

Pop goes the Panch Phoron

Bengal's famous five in new avatar

Bengal’s tryst with Mihidana – history of Burdwan’s famou...

Bhairab Chandra Nag designed the new sweets

Shimurali’s heritage sweet ‘Kaalakand’ made from buffalo ...

Try the century-old shop Mahamaya Mistanna Bhandar

Even Sri Ramkrishna Paramhansa praised Felu Modak’s sweets

170-year-old sweet shop of Bengal that still tops the list

Bengal’s Mishti Doi is Bulgaria’s signature dish! 

How mishit doi came to Kolkata from Bulgaria?

When you watch timeless Basanta Bilap or Saptapadi on a sweet frame!

Cadbury sweets of Kolkata shops designed on timeless movies

College Street’s heritage sweet shop Santosh Mistanna Bhandar will cl...

Shop that was famous for its Misti Doi and Labanga Latika

Rosogolla! Both Orissa and Bengal get GI tag! Choose one

Orissa Rosogolla also gets GI tag, which one you prefer?

The Baklava Box ---- A Slice of Turkey in Kolkata

Now enjoy Turkish delights sitting in this city itself

Drop in at Mohan Bhandar, the sweet joint where Piku was shot

Amitabh Bachchan stopped here to have kochuri and jilipi

Ramkrishna Paramhansa loved Kheerer Sandesh of Jodu Moyra

Did you know he was a priest of Jhamapukur Rajbari?

Adhar Chandra Das selling sweets for more than 100 years

GB was at Krishnanagar on a sweet trail

After Rosogolla, Bengal’s bonde claims GI tag

Kamarpukur’s succulent white bonde is a unique delicacy

After Floating Market, now it’s Mishti Hub

Kolkata’s largest Mishti Hub inaugurated today in New Town

Famous sweet of Bengal from the Sultanate era

Chaitanya Dev’s favourite Roshokodombo

Kansat, a Bengali sweet, was a favourite of Indira Gandhi

Why did Indira Gandhi ask Ghani Khan to bring Kansat to Delhi

Choose between Moong Jalebi and Babarshah of Midnapore

Agriculturally rich Midnapore still makes indigenous sweets

Dying art of making Rosho Puli of Barishal!

Foodie Shushmita Banerjee shares her experience

Do you remember Bangladesh’s Gayanather Baalish Chomchom?

Undivided Bengal’s Gayanather Baalish was a famous sweet it?

Birbhum’s famous century-old Tantipara Jalebi!

Dey family of Tantipara still sells Jalebi during Urs Festival

The Orange Rosogollas of Kolkata!

Why not try some Komola Bhog at home?

How did Lyangcha and Kodma get their peculiar names?

Travel to East Burdwan to savour these sweets

How North Bengal villagers are taking lessons from Bangladesh

Art of gur making taught by traders from Rajshahi

Why Kalu Moira’s Kaju Barfi is better than its Northern cousins?

On your next travel, carry Jonai’s Manohara, it will never spoil

On the Sweet Trail at Ahaare Bangla

Urvashi Basu tastes innovative Bengal sweets from districts!

Did you know Morabba of Siuri is a Portuguese sweet?

Or Babursha of Midnapore honoured a British soldier

Fulia makes world’s largest rosogolla!

Honouring Haradhan Moira, the rosogolla creator

Sri Chaitanya first took rosogolla to Orissa

Dela-rosogolla of Bengal was introduced by Vaishnavites  

What is GI tag that boosted Rosogolla sales?

Know of Bengal products that have the GI tag

Now that Rosogolla is ours, let’s try it in many flavours

Rosogolla is Bengal’s but it can be flavoured universally

Who made Bengalis connoisseurs of sweets?

Portuguese settlers taught Bengalis the use of chhana

Look out for FIFA U-17 ‘Football Sandesh’

City sweet shops bring new football themed sweets

Kolkata’s oldest family owned Chinese restaurant Eau Chew gets Herita...

Almost century-old eatery serves best Chimney Soup of the city

Can we ever get over the Peter Cat-Chelo Kebab love story?

GB brings the legendary dish of an iconic eatery of Kolkata

Dhiren’s Cabin – where even Uttam Kumar visited for their famou...

The old-world charm of this Shovabazar eatery is still a showstopper

Winter is almost here! Want to have some Golbarir Kosha Mangsho?

Iconic Kolkata eatery at Shyambazar crossing

First ever Cricket-Themed Restaurant of Kolkata

Get a first-hand experience of Sourav’s Dadagiri!

Fresh from Athens! First Greek Restaurant in Kolkata

If you wish to have a slice of Greece, drop in at Zeusopolis

Century old Kolkata Café where freedom fighters met in disguise!

Not to miss the nostalgia of Favourite Cabin of Kolkata

Want some Mughlai Paratha of Anadi Cabin this monsoon?

The Kolkata restaurant that brings memories of the city’s cabin culture!

Sip n Bite café run by specially-abled children and their mothers

Do not miss this inspiring and exclusive GB video on how they run the show

Biryanishk – the new address for Biriyani lovers of Kolkata

Exclusive GB interview with founder Saugata Banerjee

What is Jadavpur University’s Dhoper Chop?

JU canteen’s Milan da is no more, but his creation still exists

Come, enjoy a Firingee Thala at Ekdalia Road

Curated by culinary expert Pritha Sen

Artsy Café – for the artistic foodie

The talk of the town where you enjoy books and art with food

Success of ‘Black’ meals at Kolkata’s Ekdalia Road

Dip into a plate of black rice and black Kadaknath Chicken

All new festive menu at Ekdalia Road

Try out duck or turkey platter

Sipping a cuppa over Nachiketa’s songs

Jadavpur boy who gave up drugs to start Nachiketa’s tea stall

Iconic ‘Kalikar Chop er Dokan’ that still sells prawn chop at j...

Kalika celebrated their golden jubilee and still is a runaway hit

Rajbhog and Kochuri at 150-year-old Putiram

Iconic sweet shop of Kolkata on Surya Sen Street

GB finds out how ‘Coverage’ turned to ‘Kabiraji’ at...

Choose between Idiot Brain Chop or Kabiraji

A Monsoon Date on Dacres Lane

Try out Apanjan’s Khichuri or Chittoda’sGhugni

The ‘Fishy’ Iftar tale

How Bengal’s fish got into the Eid menu

Chowk Bazar of Dhaka comes alive on Kolkata’s Zakaria Street

‘Food Paradise of Kolkata’ comes alive during Ramadan

The city will soon enjoy Duck sausage and Duck pickles!

Thanks to experiments by Bengal’s agricultural scientists

Kolkata’s South Indian dishes are not always vegetarian

What about the non-veg South Indian dishes of Kolkata?

Have a Machh Bhaat meal at only Rs 21!

State government opens Ekushe Annapurna stalls

Kolkata and districts to get more Kaviar meat shops

Now buy ready-to-eat exotic meat dishes from state’s Kaviar shops

Kolkata is fast moving away from Chinese to Korean

Korean cuisine makes inroads in biriyani-noodles bastion

Zakaria Street: Kolkata’s Mughlai Street

Go for the best kebabs, head to Kolkata’s Zakaria Street

 Move over noodles, try some Chinese Pakchoy!

Head to this Tangra joint and get a slice of China

Erstwhile communist Kolkata’s Russian cafe

A taste of Russian platter in Kolkata

Burma’s delicious connect with Kolkata

Two women making Khao Shay popular

Have a sumptuous Turkey Meal as Christmas Lunch

Learn the recipe for Christmas Special Stuffed Turkey

Royal Recipe from Banalata Sen’s Natore!

Try this Kancha Kathaler Korma today

Rosogolla made out of rice!

Try out this simple recipe to use your leftover rice

Nutrition of Apples in the Christmas Apple Pie

Try out this simple Apple Pie Recipe at home

End your Christmas lunch on a sweet note

Do not miss this unique Christmas Pudding recipe

GB leaves through her famous Rannar Boi

Did you know author Leela Majumdar was also a great cook?

Try out some Makhhan Samosa on Janmashtami

On Lord Krishna’s birthday, satisfy your appetite

Ilish recipes from Barishal and Narayanganj

This monsoon ride on a nostalgic high!

In this Hilsa season, try a different fish: Loitte Maacher Jhuribhaja

How the unassuming Bombay duck fish is prepared by Bengalis

Here’s a Khichdi dish with a difference!

Egg-Soya Masala Khichdi by Nayana Biswas Khare

Iftar recipe to break your fast

Fatima Mirza shares an Iftar recipe for the month of Ramzan

Some Gondhoraj wonder this summer

How about freshly plucked lemon for a Lemon Cake?

Panta Bhaat this scorching summer

Food columnist Nayana Biswas shares a recipe

Taste some Gulab Pati Sandesh of Barishal?

And that too home-made, from Grandma’s recipe

Keep yourself cool this Summery Spring!

Try Bengal’s Gondhoraj Ghol!

Try this recipe from Benudir Rannaghar

Supriya Devi is no more, but her recipes are still popular

Alpana motifs and sweet nothings of Nabanna

How to make the Bengali pancake?

This winter GB recommends, ‘Eat Like a Sindhi!’

Kolkata based teacher Deepak Giananey even shares a recipe

Niramish meat curry! Kali pujo bhog

Try this recipe this Kali pujo

Kaun Khichudi and Mashkalai Khichudi of Bangladesh

Try these off beat recipes of the Chakma tribe and from Pabna

Pui Ilish of Noakhali

Try this lip-smacking Bangladeshi recipe

Sweet bhog of Lakshmi Puja

Gur-Payesh elixir bhog

Ilish Pulao of Barishal

Try this Bangladeshi Ilish recipe

An age-old recipe for Eid

Sufia Khatoon sharing the ecstasy of celebrations

Committed effort to revive the forgotten Bengali cuisine

Remembering the Goalondo Steamer cuisine

TEAlicious – the new tea destination of Kolkata

Sip on your favourite blend and buy your Darjeeling Tea packs

Lost varieties of paddy of Bengal being revived

Have you heard of Dui Satin and Teen Satin rice?

Mushroom of Bishnupur that costs more than mutton

Karan Chhatu: Rare wild mushroom winsinstant stardom

Fifty shades of Bengal’s paddy

Cultivating traditional varieties of paddy

Bengal's food bowl - polyamorous paddy

Why pregnant women were fed on Dui Satin and Tin Satin rice

To die for --- Kapilda’s Ghugni Chaat at Girish Park

Kapil’s deft hands whipping up the chaat is like Pied Piper playing a tune 

Pujo Special Momo from Haringhata!

Try some sitting at home if you wish to avoid the crowd

How Jhumpa Lahiri brought Kolkata’s favourite Jhaalmuri through Names...

Protagonist Ashima traced her roots down a packet of jhaalmuri

Visit the award winning Phuchka Stall of Kolkata

Rajendra’s phuchka stall at Dhakuria has won several awards!

Kolkata café run by specially-abled youths

Do drop in at ‘Sip N Bite’

Beware! Think twice before having street-side momos

Research shows they contain harmful chemicals

Beer batter Loitta vs Crispy Chilli Mourala!

Bengal’s fishes find a new dimension in fusion dishes

Imagine a Kolkata ‘Chop’ shop is named Apur Sansar!

What led to naming a shop selling chops, Apur Sansar!

After Mishti hub, Kolkata might soon get a Street Food Hub!

Kolkata ranked top in global street food survey

Hum Tum aur Aam or Aam Antir Bhenpu?

Mango lovers and Mango Mania under one roof

What a variety of meat at Ahaare Bangla!

Chef Atrei Chatterjee savours some rare meat and fish at Ahaare Bangla

Colourful crabs are the new attraction at Ahaare Bangla!

Coloured crab dishes to be introduced for the first time at Food Fest 

Young Bengali food entrepreneur brings‘gourmet food’ to city

This Bengali girl was only 18, when she started her gourmet outlet

Radioactive sandwiches in Kolkata!

Photo-journalist turned sandwich maker sells them near Jadavpur

Best Jhaalmuri outlets of Kolkata

Add that special something and make the best muri

Let’s have some street momos of Kolkata

Try out these street-side momo corners

Bombay Kulfi Joint of Bhowanipore is a calming refuge in summer

Try out some kulfi – Bengal’s answer to western ice creams!

Did you know Kolkata has a Chocolate Tasting Club?

Meet the chocoholics of ‘Good Vegetarian Food Group’

Pratima Devi, unsung talent of Tagore household brought to limelight by Suj...

Did you know Rabindranath Tagore’s daughter-in-law was an author?

Purulia’s Chau makes a mark at Germany’s greatest festival

Chau dance has received UNESCO Heritage tag

Is Jamai Shashthi a misogynistic festival of Bengal?

Shameless display of money and pampering for the men only!

Why did Ramkrishna Paramhansa choose Kali as his deity?

His family was a follower of Sri Ramchandra for generations

Bengal’s own Halloween: Bhoot Chaturdashi

Households in Bengal drive away evil forces in a scientific way!

Why so many Shakti Peeths are concentrated in Bengal?

GB visits Shakti Peeths of Bengal on eve of Kali Puja

Pampering the son-in-law: Bengal's Jamai Shashthi

Is this day a blatant show of male chauvinism?

Bishnupur Gharana travels to Murshidabad

Who brought Bishnupur Gharana to Murshidabad?

Enjoy Santiniketan’s Boshonto Utsav in Kolkata today!

Singer Manoj Murali brings Spring’s rhythm to Kolkata

Why Miss Japan speaks fluent Bengali?

After all she is the great granddaughter of Prafulla Ghosh

Shaktipeeth that lies in Pakistan

Hingol Shakti Peeth of Marutirtha Hinglaj

Bishnupur Gharana- A moment of joy

A lost glory is set to return

Abhijit Banerjee wore a dhoti while receiving Nobel Prize! How dhoti carrie...

Tracing the history of this quintessential Bengali attire

Showcasing 2,300-year-old Chandraketugarh and its Muslin trade in Australia...

Century-old Muslin trade brought to life on canvas!

Bengali grandmother who became entrepreneur at 89!

Not to miss Latika Chakrabarty’s potli bags

History finds life through scrolls

Silk scroll exhibition at Kolkata Centre for Creativity

Kolkata’s Kantha Museum, where tales are stitched

GB visits the exclusive Kantha Museum of the city

Bengal still boasts of the finest Muslin

Let’s go on a Muslin trail to Murshidabad, Burdwan and Nadia

On Bengal’s Kantha Trail

Recent exhibition at Birla Academy showcases this folk art

What is Baul saree of Birbhum?

Kantha weavers of Nanoor create special Baul Kantha sarees and dresses

On A Saree Trail: Tale of a Baluchari

Off to Bishnupur to watch Baluchari weavers

GB speaks to Kolkata’s celebrity designer Raja Biswas

A look at Black is the New Orange collection this pujo

Renowned photographer Raghu Rai, who made Kolkata his muse, wins French Awa...

50 years of ‘Behind his Lens’ has enriched the world of photography

Project Bismillah on ‘Faces of Kashmir’ by Kolkata boy Kounteya...

Path-breaking calendar on Kashmir to be launched by two Bengalis!

World famous photographer Kounteya Sinha remembers Mother Teresa’s Sa...

On her birth anniversary, GB tribute to Mother Teresa who worked out of Kolkata

Raghu Rai at Kolkata’s KIPF conference

Kolkata International Photography Festival announces venues

Where the mystic meets the river

Different shades of Gangasagar Mela of Bengal

Fun from Bow Barracks

Oldest garrison building

Santiniketan’s Shonibarer Haat has lost its old-world charm

Has city urban crowds and modern food stalls robbed the show?

Paintings by children bond Russia and India

Russia my love at Kolkata’s Nandan

Kolkata’s barefoot historian P.T. Nair behind the lens

Photographer Saheli Das captures his different moods

Indo-Russian bond captured behind the lens at a Kolkata exhibition

GB speaks to Vice Consul of Russia on the photography exhibit

Wish to walk on dewy grass? Where to head to in Kolkata?

Kolkata has several ‘Earthing’ havens to keep your feet dewy this autumn

Meet the ‘Kite Runner’ of Kolkata

How he maneuvered to earn his prized kite!

And the search goes on…

Pratik Dey Chowdhury’s masterpieces behind the lens

Walk down Bagbazar Street: One of the oldest streets of Kolkata

Girish Ghosh’s residence to Potlar Kochuri, delve into the past

Back to Roots --- Unheard songs of landless people

Moinul Alam captures plight of the Rohingyas from Chittagong

Going through a tram archive from within a tram  

GB hops on to the Tram Museum of Kolkata

Meghbalika: Cloudscapes of Kolkata

Engineer and amateur photographer Arpan Ganguly on a cloudy tale

A peek through Santiniketan’s ‘Shonibarer Haat’

Bangla’s market with a rural touch

Antique machines and artefacts of Cinchona Plantation

Next time you visit Mungpoo, you might get to see these treasures

Century old doors and gates of Kolkata

Will they survive the test of time?

When Spring breaks across Red Hills

Urvashi Basu’s tribute to Purulia Spring through her lens

Vanishing Yellow Taxis of Kolkata

Will this fleet be no more someday?

How a photography show tries to preserve Bengal’s past

Hear from India’s top art critic Uma Nair


Spring captured behind the lens

Tales of Chitpur behind Saheli Das’ lens

Chitpur Road turns into a heritage corridor

French lady behind the lens empowering tribal kids of Bengal

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FACES at Kolkata Book Fair

Kolkata Book Fair is not just about books, but feelings

Miss World in Kolkata, speaks on menstruation

Being a doctor, Miss World spoke on women health

Moonlight and Magic

Blood and Blue Moon

Capturing 66th Dover Music Conference

Where great maestros meet

GB Winners' Meet

Get Bengal Anthology and Short Story Contest winners

Sheeter Roddur, enjoy winter sun on canvas

GB brings exclusive paintings of an art exhibition

EU New Year Calendar features Kolkata boy’s photographs!

Famous photographer Kounteya Sinha’s unique photographs

Renowned photographer from Kolkata on a prestigious EU project

From Bill Gates to Clinton, Kounteya Sinha has been with top world leaders

Down a wintry Maidan

Kolkata wakes up to a cold winter morning at Maidan


Living with memories only

Parsi Way of Life

Teacher Sangeeta Kar takes GB on a Zoroastrian Journey



The Clay Goddess : Pujo Prostuti at Kumartuli

The Clay Goddess : Pujo Prostuti at Kumartuli

Hungry hands to smiling spirits


Dama Dam Mast Qalandar girl Runa Laila to perform at Eden from 8pm today! ...

How this popular Bangladeshi singer had taken Indian audience by storm

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SALIL CHOWDHURY! GB Exclusive with his daughter Antara

Antara Chowdhury on an exclusive interview about her father

Burdwan’s 9-year-old Priti is the new Indian ‘Superstar’ ...

Priti Bhattacharya wins coveted ‘Superstar Singer’ reality show!

Santiniketan’s Udayan comes alive with Shataborsho Porey

Eclectic evening with Sujoy Prosad Chatterjee’s magical performance

Krishna Chattopadhyay – nightingale of devotional songs who lost her ...

On her birth anniversary GB traces her musical journey

Why did Dhaki Gokul Chandra break patriarchy and trained women?

How a man from a Bengal village made a Team of Women Dhaakis

Kumar Sanu is back with Pujo album Kheyali Din

Music Composer Kinjal Chatterjee speaks on the album

Famous song ‘2441139, Bela Bose’ almost landed Anjan Dutta in c...

Did the telephone number 2441139 actually exist?

RD Burman experimented with utensils and objects to make music

He discovered sound in every corner, from shepherds to Asha Bhonsle’s laughter

RD Burman’s Dum Maro Dum had upset SD Burman. Why? 

RD Burman’s Dum Maro Dumhad upset SD Burman. Why? 

Violin Brothers and Rohan

World Music Day exclusive

Goddess of Music, Saraswati, was worshipped in brothels of Kolkata

How babus of Kolkata patronized the music deity’s worship

Original tune of Vande Mataram is lost! How and why?

 The song that was written a century ago

‘If God could sing, he would sound like Hemanta Da’

Shivaji Chattopadhyay of Bhalobasha Bhalobasha fame remembers the singer

Celebrating 100 years of Manna Dey!

Look into the Uttam Kumar- Manna Dey jugalbandi

Musician Gautam Chattopadhyay and Mohiner Ghoraguli

The man who deconstructed Bengal’s musical psyche

Kabir Suman --- Tomake Chai

GB celebrates his 70th birthday

Singer Rupankar Bagchi speaks to GB on music and much more

He has won hundreds of hearts by being just ‘Him’

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How singer Jatileshwar was stumped by Salil da

How Satyajit Ray made Indir Thakrun sing!

Chunibala Devi’s immortal song of Pather Panchali

Singer from Siliguri keeps Manna Dey alive

Pintu Goswami pays an incredible homage to Manna Dey every day!

Renowned singer Sahana Bajpaie to perform in Kolkata on V-Day

She speaks to GB about her favourite city and future plans

GB exclusive on Joideb Kenduli Mela

Sanghamitra Das Banerjee on bauls, fakirs and many more

Ekla Cholo Re with Shreya Ghoshal!

GB exclusive -- Shreya Ghoshal at Berklee College of Music

Samantak: The Gaaner Opare phenomenon

He leads the next generation music trend in Bengal

Sanjeeta-the rising star

Youth musical icon Sanjeeta Bhattacharya’s journey

Sahana Bajpaie, globetrotting singer with a Bangali heart 

Sahana still misses Santiniketan and Bangladesh

Baul Sanghamitra Das tries to preserve Bengal’s folk songs

This student from Santiniketan speaks on her baul performances