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Culture / Music

June 21 2024

Reimagining Tagore: Non-Bengali Singers and Rabindrasangeet – GetBengal s...

When Rabindranath Tagore’s compositions were rendered by national legends

By Indrajit Sen

May 17 2024

A hidden gem on Mirza Ghalib Street selling vintage records—GetBengal sto...

Munna's shop on Mirza Ghalib Street is a reminder of Kolkata's rich musical heritage

By Information Desk

April 04 2024

Rishav Ghosh breaks taboo by singing on the streets—GetBengal story

Rishav Ghosh's Street Symphony Lights Up Kolkata's Nights

By Srijita Dutta

February 19 2024

The Bengali trio who designed the Grammy-winning album of Shakti! – GetBe...

Their pride in acknowledging their roots and hometown goes to show how Kolkata has shaped them

By Information Desk

January 30 2024

‘Boro Lok er Beti Lo’ original singer & composer Ratan Kahar gets Padma...

He is more concerned about the poverty he has fought, yet keeping the folk songs of Birbhum alive

By Information Desk

November 04 2023

Here’s to the bygone musical ‘bebop’ era of Kolkata - GetBengal story...

Kolkata became the hotbed of jazz music during the 1970s

By Information Desk

November 03 2023

IAS officer Vivek Kumar’s special Puja release celebrates ‘touch’ - G...

Despite a super busy schedule, Vivek Kumar still finds time for music

By Information Desk

August 04 2023

An unschooled singer who had no classical training, Kishore Kumar was God...

Remembering the gifted musician on his birth anniversary

By Information Desk

July 20 2023

Music speaks for Arup Das - a toto driver by profession and a passionate am...

Arup Das often entertains his passengers with his melodious renditions of popular songs

By Shuvra Dey

June 29 2023

Kolkata sweet-shop 'Bhim Chandra Nag' sells Ashubhog in memory of Sir Asuto...

The century old shop that was gifted a ‘Bengali’ clock by a British

By Information Desk

June 21 2023

Steve Pathé Zoutenn: the musical sensation from Central African Republic w...

He keeps posting his songs on Instagram and is flooded with requests for more

By Shuvra Dey

June 16 2023

About Hemanta Mukhopadhyay, the god-gifted creator of immortal tunes and me...

Shivaji Chattopadhyay of Bhalobasha Bhalobasha fame remembers the singer

By Sivaji Chattopadhyay

May 27 2023

The unusual bond between Hemanta and Uttam, though bent but never broken!

Inseparable on the silver screen, the two were fast friends in real life too

By Information Desk

May 04 2023

Dipanwita Debnath translated Lepcha songs into Bangla and received Agnikany...

Dipanwita Debnath was not familier with Lepcha songs, nor had she heard them before

By Suranjana Mitra

May 01 2023

How Manna Dey’s immortal Coffee Houser Sei Addata was born

Coffee Houser Sei Addata was released in 1983

By Yajnaseni Chakraborty

April 27 2023

Can Music be used to fight climate change? World-famous activist Sukrit Sen...

Sukrit Sen leads the Kolkata Chapter of the Living Waters Museum

By Suranjana Mitra

April 01 2023

Did Rabindranath Tagore write Sri Lanka’s national anthem?

In 1930, a young Samarakoon joined Visva-Bharati as a student of the Arts Department

By Mahua Dasgupta

March 10 2023

R D Burman clinked glasses and spoons and thus made music!

He discovered sound in every corner, from shepherds to Asha Bhonsle’s laughter

By Information Desk

February 07 2023

Mangala Kanti Ray who has preserved the obsolete Sarinda, gets Padma Shri

Each region of India has some unique musical instruments

By Information Desk

January 27 2023

IAS officer Vivek Kumar once again wins hearts with tribute to Kolkata

In 2021, Kumar had released a single titled Amar Kolkata

By Information Desk

January 02 2023

Bengal’s rural housewives turn saxophone players

Their music has captivated the masses

By Suman Sadhu

December 01 2022

When S.D. Burman was rejected because of his faulty pronunciation!

S.D. Burman was rejected by HMV


November 08 2022

Rockstar in a Kanjeevaram, the enduring magic of Usha Uthup

The iconic playback and pop singer turned 74 this year

By Yajnaseni Chakraborty

October 21 2022

How did Nirmalendu Chowdhury popularise Bangla folk songs

He made Bangla folk popular across the globe


October 18 2022

Why did Visva Bharati Music Board give a fatwa against Debabrata Biswas

Remembering him on his death anniversary

By Information Desk

October 10 2022

King of Bengali Folk, Nirmalendu Chowdhury

Nirmalendu Chowdhury was given a hero’s welcome when he returned from Poland after mesmerizing the West with his songs


September 16 2022

Country's first disc had an Armenian singer from Kolkata

Gauhar Jaan was an Armenian by birth

By Information Desk

August 22 2022

Debabrata Biswas and his priceless voice

The man who brought a different meaning to Rabindrasangeet

By Information Desk

August 20 2022

Famous guitarist Denis Stern brings global music to Kolkata

Stern in a conversation with journalist Saheli Mitra

By Saheli Mitra

July 31 2022

Emon Ekti Jhinuk Khunje Pelam Na…

Nirmala Mishra, the legendary Bengali singer is no more


July 23 2022

Kalimpong school makes history, takes India to Swiss global Pipes and Drums...

Kumudini Homes is one of Kalimpong's oldest schools


July 19 2022

The Dwijendralal we never knew

Looking back at a super achiever on his 160th birthday

By Information Desk

July 19 2022

Nabanita Ghosh, the musical girl from Uttarpara making waves in Denmark

Ghosh wishes to promote her music, her country’s music, and art through different events and cultural shows on Scandinavian soi

By Gopa Bhattacharjee

July 02 2022

Georgina Haque, the first female Bangladeshi drummer

Haque was inspired by the drummer late Sabbir Qadir

By Mouni Mondal

June 27 2022

When RD Burman had called Sivaji Chattopadhyay for 1942: A Love Story

On RD Burman’s birth anniversary a GB exclusive

By Sivaji Chattopadhyay

June 24 2022

How Tagore re-introduced Esraj, an Afghani musical instrument

Esraj, the dying instrument that needs to be revived

By Information Desk

June 22 2022

Tagore’s century old piano put to tune by Kolkata’s Braganza

The piano was brought to Kolkata’s famous musical instrument shop Braganza

By Information Desk

June 21 2022

Bob Dylan and Purna Das Baul, an immortal friendship

A tribute to Purna Das Baul on World Music Day

By Suman Sadhu

June 16 2022

Did you know the singer Hemanta Mukherjee was also a film producer?

Produced Mrinal Sen’s Neel Akasher Neechey and many Bollywood hits

By Information Desk

May 16 2022

Sufi Master was honoured with a gold medal by Tagore

Ustad Safiur Rahman is a renowned lyricist/composer

By Shuvra Dey

May 11 2022

Sunset Musings – where world poets meet Tagore

“Tagore was a polymath. His politics was humanity.”

By Saheli Mitra

March 18 2022

Purnadas Baul, Birbhum's gift to world music

Bengal's best-known Baul turns 89

By Yajnaseni Chakraborty

February 21 2022

A life dedicated to Lata Mangeshkar

Snehashish Chatterjee has published 12 volumes of Lata Geetkosh

By Shoma A. Chatterji

February 07 2022

Bangla Tappa, born from Banjara music popularized by Nidhu Babu

It has roots in the musical journey of caravan travellers of north and north-western India

By Information Desk

February 06 2022

Lata Mangeshkar’s passing should teach us the proper usage of the word ...

Lata Mangeshkar cannot be written about in the past tense

By Yajnaseni Chakraborty

January 29 2022

Badal Roy, the global tabla maestro we forgot to remember

He is famed for working with the biggest names in world music

By Yajnaseni Chakraborty

December 18 2021

Remembering Subinoy Roy: Doyen of Rabindrasangeet, on his birth centenary y...

Roy was honored with Visva-Bharati's highest honour, Desikottam and the State Sangeet Academy Award

By Shuvra Dey

November 18 2021

How did Hemango Biswas pick his tunes

Daughter Rongili Biswas shares some tales of the past

By Rongili Biswas

November 12 2021

Remembering singer Arati Mukherjee

One of the few female vocalists who shone brightly during the golden era of Bengali music

By Shuvra Dey

November 10 2021

'Pujor Gaan', and what happened to it

A special album had to have a Puja release

By Information Desk

November 05 2021

IAS officer Vivek Kumar's tribute to the city he loves

The additional Chief Secretary of West Bengal is a gifted singer

By Suman Sadhu

October 21 2021

Kabir Suman remembers Pannalal Ghosh --- The ‘Flute God’ of India

Ghosh reinvented the classical flute, elevating it to the level of any other solo instrument in classical music


October 05 2021

'Nostalgia'– Germany’s Bangla Band all set to sing Rabindrasangeet in G...

'Nostalgia' intends to perform popular Bengali band hits in Germany during Durga Pujo

By Payel Samanta

October 04 2021

Non-vaccinated Dhakis face difficult future as puja pandals imposes restric...

Dhakis wait with bated breath for offers from pujo committees as organizers tighten covid protocols in pandals this year

By Shuvra Dey

September 25 2021

'Why do we only hear the dhaak during Durga Puja?'

Inspired by tabla maestro Tanmoy Bose, Gokul Chandra Das is not merely bringing the dhaak into the musical mainstream, but inspiring others in turn

By Yajnaseni Chakraborty

August 30 2021

How did Bengal’s only classical music gharana originate?

Tracing the rise and fall of Bishnupur Gharana

By Information Desk

July 05 2021

Village Kirtaniya from Mangalkot takes Bengal’s Sreekhol online to overse...

Bengal’s khol goes to the West through online lessons

By Shuvra Dey

July 02 2021

Remembering the mystic music of Bhaba Pagla

In celebration of Bhaba Pagla’s deeply philosophical spirit

By Information Desk

June 29 2021

“It’s late in God’s house, but it’s not dark’ proves Malda’s vi...

Bhagaban Mali has been felicitated by the Community Policing Wing

By Gopa Bhattacharjee

June 28 2021

From Baans to Bottle Taranga, Somnath Bandopadhyay creates musical instrume...

Bandyopadhyay’s miniature replicas of musical instruments are an instant eye-catcher

By Shuvra Dey

June 18 2021

Famous Field Recordist Deben Bhattacharya who made Music on desert roads

Meet the Bengali who introduced Bengal’s traditional folk music to the world arena

By Information Desk

June 17 2021

Dhrupad maestro Bahadur Khan popularized the Bishnupur Gharana

Was Bahadur Khan honoured by king of Bishnupur?

By Information Desk

June 15 2021

Did Tagore compose Jana Gana Mana in praise of King George V?

Well, the answer is NO and was clarified by the poet himself in a letter written in 1937

By Information Desk

June 08 2021

Abdul Ahad –Rabindrasangeet exponent who directed even Pankaj Mallick and...

The Bangladeshi musical talent who helped Rabindrasangeet gain fame among the masses


April 19 2021

Gauhar Jaan of Calcutta- The first to record Hindustani classical music on ...

Gramophone started its debut in Hindustani Classical with Gauhar Jaan

By Indrajit Sen

April 15 2021

Reviving the Bengali kirtan, the music of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu

A young musical scholar is on a mission to repopularise an ancient Bengali musical form

By Yajnaseni Chakraborty

April 14 2021

Ali Akbar Khan and his musical journey

The sarod maestro and his virtuosity

By Indrajit Sen

March 02 2021

Gramophone Records, a big hit at Guddu Bhai’s seven decades old shop

‘Vibrations’ — a mecca for all music aficionados

By Mouni Mondal

February 10 2021

Robin Ghosh: Musician who gave the biggest hits in Pakistani movie industry...

Pakistan’s music lovers miss Bengali Maestro’s melody

By Shuvra Dey

February 01 2021

Bhorai Kirtan – The dying music of Burdwan

How the Vaishnava cult gave rise to a traditional form of music and dance

By Information Desk

January 18 2021

The ‘Shehnai’ family of Kolkata who played at the Buckingham palace

Ustad Ali Ahmed Hussein khan, the man behind Doordarshan’s signature tune

By Shuvra Dey

January 04 2021

Low notes: How 2021 will treat our music industry

The ‘Covid year’ was a disaster, but will 2021 bring any cheer to the music industry?

By Yajnaseni Chakraborty

December 21 2020

A final farewell to the doyen of Bengal's folk culture

Sudhir Chakraborty wasn't just an expert on the various folk arts of Bengal, but an institution

By Rahul Sen

November 06 2020

Harmonium’ by Dwarkin created a revolution in Bengal’s musical journey

Who founded Dwarkin? Was it a Bengali or British company?

By Information Desk

November 05 2020

Is Ektara also played in Rajasthan and Sind?

It may be the oldest stringed instrument in the Indian subcontinent

By Information Desk

November 03 2020

Bishnupur Gharana travelled to Murshidabad

Radhika Prasad Goswami was appointed as the music teacher of Maharaja’s school

By Information Desk

October 17 2020

Gouri Prasanna Majumdar, the golden man of Bengali ‘movie song’ nostalg...

Did he get his due recognition even during his lifetime?

By Information Desk

October 07 2020

Music department of Don Bosco Kolkata, creates a global musical bond throug...

We are the World spreads message of love and unity

By Information Desk

August 23 2020

Online concerts: Here to stay?

The Covid crisis has forced performing artistes to devise ways to get their art across to audiences online, but are we ready for it yet?

By Yajnaseni Chakraborty

July 10 2020

Sourindro Mohun Tagore of Pathuriaghata was the Father of Fusion Music & fu...

How Queen Victoria asked him to do translations of her songs

By Indranil Halder

July 06 2020

Deep impact of Rabindrasangeet on a non-Bengali singer

Mohan Singh reminisces how Tagore influenced him

By Suman Sadhu

June 29 2020

Influencers in Rabindrasangeet exponent Mohan Singh’s life

The singer speaks himself of all those who inspired him

By Suman Sadhu

June 17 2020

Hooghly’s poor tribal girl Chandmani Hembrom is an extraordinary musical ...

She gets chance in Indian Idol and Bollywood for her songs

By Information Desk

June 15 2020

How Rabindrasangeet and Santidev Ghosh influenced Mohan Singh

On a life-long musical pilgrimage at Santiniketan

By Suman Sadhu

June 08 2020

Rabindrasangeet stalwart Mohar di made a mess while cooking khichuri!

Singer Mohan Singh remembers that fateful day

By Suman Sadhu

May 20 2020

Mohan Singh remembers his guru Ashesh Bandopadhyay, a stalwart of Bishnupur...

Learning Bengali initiated a life-long love affair for him

By Suman Sadhu

May 19 2020

Why singer Mohan Singh never had a big fan following?

He sings for his own upliftment and loves difficult numbers

By Suman Sadhu

May 12 2020

Mohan Singh is not just a Rabindrasangeet exponent, he is a classical exper...

Why has Bengali audience ignored his classical style?

By Suman Sadhu

May 12 2020

Singer Mohan Singh’s son Bikram is still alive, despite his early death

Bikram’s enthusiasm and lively nature touched all

By Suman Sadhu

May 06 2020

Bikram Singh Khangura was a rebel poet and carefree soul

Mohan Singh’s elder son led a life on his own terms

By Suman Sadhu

April 29 2020

Eminent singer Santidev Ghosh called some voices ‘uncultured!’ Why?

Mohan Singh discusses the importance of classical music lessons

By Suman Sadhu

April 22 2020

Mohan Singh’s favourite ‘Mohar Di’ Kanika Bandopadhyay

How she persuaded Mohan to stay back in Santiniketan

By Suman Sadhu

April 21 2020

Did you know Ramkinkar Baij was a dramatist and not just a famous sculptor?...

Singer Mohan Singh speaks on this rare talent

By Suman Sadhu

April 15 2020

Did you know famous actor Balraj Sahani taught in Santiniketan?

Listen to anecdotes shared by Rabindrasangeet exponent Mohan Singh

By Suman Sadhu

April 08 2020

Did you know Pt Ravi Shankar sang a Bengali Film song?

GB plays an exclusive recording of the song on his birthday

By Information Desk

April 01 2020

Mohan Singh Khangura recalls lessons with his teacher Nemai Chand Boral

Listen to the maestro about his life at Santiniketan

By Suman Sadhu

March 24 2020

How Mohan Singh Khangura landed in Santiniketan from Punjab

Listen to the maestro in his own words

By Suman Sadhu

March 11 2020

Pratima Barua who kept alive the folk music of Rajbangshis in Assam

Champion of Goalporia folk music and songs

By Information Desk

March 07 2020

Satyajit Ray made a bride of Jorasanko Thakurbari sing for his movie

How Amiya Tagore came out of the andarmahal to sing for Kanchenjungha

By Debdutta Gupta

February 08 2020

BITM to showcase German machine used to record Rabindranath Tagore’s voic...

Tagore’s own rendition of poetry and music to come alive

By Information Desk

February 06 2020

Kolkata’s Hemen & Co served musical maestros from Baba Allauddin Khan to ...

Small shop on Rashbehari Avenue with global musician clients

By Information Desk

January 17 2020

Indubala Devi – the singing sensation of 1915 Calcutta!

Trained by none other than Gauhar Jaan

By Debdutta Gupta

January 17 2020

Lyricist composer Ranjan Prasad traces the renaissance of contemporary Beng...

From Tagore to present day rock performances

By Information Desk

September 20 2019

Dama Dam Mast Qalandar girl Runa Laila to perform at Eden from 8pm today! ...

How this popular Bangladeshi singer had taken Indian audience by storm

By Information Desk

September 20 2019

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SALIL CHOWDHURY! GB Exclusive with his daughter Antara

Antara Chowdhury on an exclusive interview about her father

By Suman Sadhu

September 20 2019

Burdwan’s 9-year-old Priti is the new Indian ‘Superstar’ ...

Priti Bhattacharya wins coveted ‘Superstar Singer’ reality show!

By Information Desk

September 20 2019

Santiniketan’s Udayan comes alive with Shataborsho Porey

Eclectic evening with Sujoy Prosad Chatterjee’s magical performance

By Information Desk

September 20 2019

Krishna Chattopadhyay – nightingale of devotional songs who lost her ...

On her birth anniversary GB traces her musical journey

By Supriya Roy

October 01 2019

Why did Gokul Chandra break patriarchy and train women?

How a man from a Bengal village made a Team of Women Dhaakis

By Information Desk

September 20 2019

Kumar Sanu is back with Pujo album Kheyali Din

Music Composer Kinjal Chatterjee speaks on the album

By Rakhi Biswas

September 20 2019

Famous song ‘2441139, Bela Bose’ almost landed Anjan Dutta in c...

Did the telephone number 2441139 actually exist?

By Information Desk

September 20 2019

Two Bengali songs sung today at the World Cup Cricket

A great moment of pride for Bengal

By Information Desk

September 20 2019

RD Burman’s Dum Maro Dum had upset SD Burman. Why? 

RD Burman’s Dum Maro Dumhad upset SD Burman. Why? 

By Information Desk

September 20 2019

Violin Brothers and Rohan

World Music Day exclusive

By Information Desk

September 20 2019

Goddess of Music, Saraswati, was worshipped in brothels of Kolkata

How babus of Kolkata patronized the music deity’s worship

By Information Desk

September 20 2019

Original tune of Vande Mataram is lost! How and why?

 The song that was written a century ago

By Information Desk

September 20 2019

Remembering Mohiner Ghoraguli, the band far ahead of times

On Gautam Chattopadhyay’s birthday

By Sreemoyee Bhattacharya

September 20 2019

Celebrating 100 years of Manna Dey!

Look into the Uttam Kumar- Manna Dey jugalbandi

By Information Desk

September 20 2019

Did you know poet Nazrul Islam’s music was rejected by Viswabharati? ...

Rabindranath Tagore finally came to his rescue

By Information Desk

September 20 2019

Musician Gautam Chattopadhyay and Mohiner Ghoraguli

The man who deconstructed Bengal’s musical psyche

By Sreemoyee Bhattacharya

September 20 2019

Kabir Suman --- Tomake Chai

GB celebrates his 70th birthday

By Sreemoyee Bhattacharya

September 20 2019

Singer Rupankar Bagchi speaks to GB on music and much more

He has won hundreds of hearts by being just ‘Him’

By Suman Sadhu

September 20 2019

Meet ‘Bengali Aunty’ Sawan Dutta and peep into her versatile vi...

Song-writer, arranger, singer and much more

By Saheli Mitra

September 20 2019

Anatara Chowdhury speaks on Salil Chowdhury and much more

How have Bengali songs evolved over the years?

By Suman Sadhu

September 20 2019

Let’s look out for a true baul on World Music Day

Indrajit Sen on his tryst with a baul in Aila ravaged Sunderbans

By Indrajit Sen

September 20 2019

Incredible tale of making Salil Chowdhury’s Pagol Hawa

How singer Jatileshwar was stumped by Salil da

By Debdutta Gupta

September 20 2019

How Satyajit Ray made Indir Thakrun sing!

Chunibala Devi’s immortal song of Pather Panchali

By Information Desk

September 20 2019

Singer from Siliguri keeps Manna Dey alive

Pintu Goswami pays an incredible homage to Manna Dey every day!

By Bapi Ghosh

September 20 2019

Renowned singer Sahana Bajpaie to perform in Kolkata on V-Day

She speaks to GB about her favourite city and future plans

By Saheli Mitra

September 20 2019

GB exclusive on Joideb Kenduli Mela

Sanghamitra Das Banerjee on bauls, fakirs and many more

By Sanghamitra Das Banerjee

September 20 2019

Ekla Cholo Re with Shreya Ghoshal!

GB exclusive -- Shreya Ghoshal at Berklee College of Music

By Information Desk

September 20 2019

Samantak: The Gaaner Opare phenomenon

He leads the next generation music trend in Bengal

By Saheli Mitra

September 20 2019

Sanjeeta-the rising star

Youth musical icon Sanjeeta Bhattacharya’s journey

By Indrajit Sen

November 29 2017

Sahana Bajpaie, globetrotting singer with a Bangali heart 

Sahana still misses Santiniketan and Bangladesh

By Saheli Mitra

September 20 2019

Baul Sanghamitra Das tries to preserve Bengal’s folk songs

This student from Santiniketan speaks on her baul performances

By Saheli Mitra

September 20 2019

Baul who was called India’s Bob Dylan!

How Purna Das popularised baul songs in the West

By Information Desk

September 20 2019

British Council brings ‘Mix the City’ to Kolkata

Interactive music platform

By Information Desk

September 20 2019

Music director Prabuddha Banerjee on Bhalobashar Shohor

Deconstructing an iconic song was a challenge for him

By Indrajit Sen

September 20 2019

Salil Chowdhury’s wife Sabita is no more.

We bid adieu to Sabita Chowdhury, yet Boukatha kao pakhi will play on forever.

By Tale spin

September 20 2019

UP IAS officer sings Bengali song.

Vivek Kumar sings at Presidency University

By Saheli Mitra