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Anti-Sting operation at Dumdum Airport!

29 March, 2019 20:48:38
Anti-Sting operation at Dumdum Airport!

Mosquito menace at Kolkata Airport! Well, if you thought this is the cover name of a detective novel, be in for a surprise. Just like many media houses are trying to execute sting operations to unearth various tales of probable corruptions, Dumdum Airport has a new anti-sting operation to execute. For the whole area is stung by the menace of mosquitoes, creatures that carry deadly diseases like malaria and dengue. 

An elite pest control force has been made for this purpose, armed with fogging machines, repellants and larvicides to control these winged creatures that were playing havoc with passengers within the terminals and even at times inside a flight while boarding. A series of complaints had come to the authorities against this mosquito menace. A team led by the health officer of the Kolkata airport are doing the rounds in aprons, trying to identify the breeding grounds of mosquitoes. It is believed the remote bays where coaches carrying passengers to the flight area are the primary locations where mosquito breeds. Even the drainage basins will now have several guppy fishes that are known to eat mosquito eggs and larvae. Spraying in the lounge is also being carried after midnight when the place is almost deserted. With these efforts, it is expected the mosquitoes will finally bow down to the Anti-Sting Squad. Just wait and watch!   

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