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Bankura’s remote Susunia villages get an ‘all women library’

3 April, 2018 23:38:26
Bankura’s remote Susunia villages get an ‘all women library’

Women of villages around Susunia Hills of Bankura will no more need to exchange their tales and thoughts at the bathing ghats around village ponds. They now have a well-set up ‘library only for women,’ where they will not just get to read books, magazines, journals and newspapers, but will also be able to write down their grievances and needs. The library will maintain a logbook where each woman can write down any incident, any complaint, grievance, abuse etc and the logbook will regularly go to the local authorities and police station who will take up the issue and help the women. The library is situated at Raghunath Murmu Residential School premises under Chhatna police station.

The books in the library that are in high demand are the books on cookery, quiz and general knowledge. The library has been named as Mahila Vikas Pathagar. Later, internet services and computers will also be introduced in the library. The library has gained such popularity that on the very first day, almost 500 women have enrolled. Authorities believe the library will help immensely in connecting women of different villages and they will get a chance to interact and develop their skills too. There are 3 women employees at the library. Bankura Police department is hopeful that more and more women will also get a chance to discuss problems, domestic violence cases, abuse etc that are common but do not come to the limelight due to lack of proper interaction. Such cases if reported in the log book of the library, will be immediately taken up by the police force. 

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