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Bantala Leather Complex to become Asia’s largest leather hub

20 July, 2019 05:32:09
Bantala Leather Complex to become Asia’s largest leather hub

When the scope of job opportunities look dismal everywhere, West Bengal is all set to create new scope of employment. Chief Minister Mamata Bandopadhyay inaugurated the Bantala Leather Complex, set to be the largest integrated leather complex of Asia. It is expected to draw an investment of Rs 80,000 crore and will offer five lakh jobs. The Chief Minister further announced that a huge hub will be created by assembling leather traders and merchants of Kolkata, Kanpur and Chennai. She has named the Bantala Leather Complex as ‘Karmadiganta.’ 

The state government wants Bantala to become the world’s biggest leather complex in days to come and will offer financial assistance to the leather merchants of Kolkata if they want to buy land here. Various branded shoes and clothes will be exported from Bantala Leather Complex to various parts of the world. This will be the only leather complex which will feature eight common effluent treatment plants (CETP) for the management of wastewater from tanneries. Until now, four CETPS have been set up. The other two will be completed this month while the remaining two will come up in the next two months. 70 acres of land have been allotted to 187 new tanneries. The other 250 are in the pipeline. A leather goods park and Tanning Training and Service Centre have also been inaugurated. A separate bus stop will be created exclusively for the workers of Bantala Leather Complex. Six buses have been handed over to the leather sector. Buses connecting Bantala Leather Complex to North and South 24 Parganas and other parts of the city will also be introduced. 

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