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Bengali scientist Pratik Mukherjee’s AI to detect brain haemorrhage in seconds and save lives!

2 November, 2019 21:14:14
Bengali scientist Pratik Mukherjee’s AI to detect brain haemorrhage in seconds and save lives!

Researchers Pratik Mukherjee and Jitendra Malik create Artificial Intelligence to accurately detect even the most complex brain haemorrhage cases to save lives within seconds. The AI system has been developed by the duo and their teams from UC San Francisco and UC Berkeley. The AI system was so prompt that it detected haemorrhaging in just a second while delivering extreme accuracy.

According to Pratik Mukherjee, MD, PhD, who is Professor of Radiology at UCSF and co-author of this path-breaking study told in a recent interview: “The haemorrhage can be tiny and still be significant. That’s what makes a radiologist’s job so difficult, and that’s why these things occasionally get missed. If a patient has an aneurysm, and it starts to bleed, and you send them home, they can die.”

Jitendra Malik, PhD, with UC Berkeley who worked closely with Mukherjee gave data on how a large number of people suffer from traumatic brain injury every day and are rushed to the emergency departments. Hence this AI invention will have a very big clinical impact. The main reason for the AI’s stellar accuracy is the training data that has been added to the algorithm. The data compromised of a convolutional neural network with over 4,396 CT scans.

The abnormalities in the brain are highlighted at a pixel level. This allows the AI to not take noise and other blemishes in the image as a haemorrhage and give accurate results. To further add to the accuracy, is that scanning is conducted in separate sections of the brain as opposed to scanning it all at once. This ensures reducing chances of error.

This is indeed a path-breaking discovery and can considerably help doctors in determining the existence of haemorrhage as well as the intensity and types. It will also help in instant detection, that is a must for such treatments. Many lives are lost because the detection is not on time. This AI will ensure it is on time. 

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