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BREAKING NEWS! Dengue vaccine to be launched in Bengal

18 September, 2019 20:13:53
BREAKING NEWS! Dengue vaccine to be launched in Bengal

Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has come up with a new dengue vaccine to control the mosquito borne disease that is claiming many lives in Kolkata and pockets of Bengal every year. The vaccine set to be launched in 2020 has already been tested on human subjects in different districts and was made after a dengue serotype survey across West Bengal and 14 other states.

There are a couple of dengue vaccines available in the market including a Japanese one. But this will be the first ever indigenous vaccine taking into account the types of viruses that plague Eastern India. Every viral outbreak follows a pattern and dengue is not different. So World Health Organisation (WHO) has partnered the project and the whole of South Asia including Sri Lanka that is also infested with such viral outbreaks are keenly watching out for the new vaccine

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