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Centre gives nod to Bengal student’s Virus Destroying Mask to prevent Corona

29 April, 2020 04:41:20
Centre gives nod to Bengal student’s Virus Destroying Mask to prevent Corona

She has always spent her vacation inventing one thing or the other, she has always been innovative in her approach, many of her inventions have already been patented. Digantika Basu of Memari hence utilized her Lockdown days to invent Air Providing and Virus Destroying Mask that can be used to stop COVID-19 transmission in communities. The mask has special anti-infective gear that will be able to kill the germ even if it gets stuck in form of droplets on the outer surface of the mask.
The Central Government’s technical department has accepted the model and will now go for mass production of this mask. The mask has two parts --- the first part has two valves and the second part has two membranes. The first part will successfully stop entry of any pollutant, dust and droplet that might have the virus in it and also can destroy the lipid protein of the virus. The second part will allow entry of the purified air through the nostrils into the lungs. While exhalation, if a person is infected with COVID -19, his droplets laden with the virus will also turn germ free as the ingredient in the membrane will disintegrate the lipid protein. 

Digantika has already received a number of national awards before for various inventions. But making this mask for mankind during Lockdown when the virus is wreaking havoc worldwide is a different feeling altogether. We are proud of this Class XI student of Memari’s Vidyasagar Smriti Vidyamandir. 

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