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Dev will moot Ghatal Master Plan

1 August, 2017 14:52:26
Dev will moot Ghatal Master Plan

Every monsoon, Midnapore's Ghatal has the same old tale to tell. Flood ravaged and loss of lives. For Tollywood heart-throb Dev, this is not just his birthplace, but also his Lok Sabha constituency and he is keen to bring this annual flood woes to rest. He promised to raise the Ghatal Master Plan which was approved in 1980 by the Planning Commission after twenty years of study. The plan was even sanctioned and in 1982 the foundation stone laid, but more than three decades later, the successive Central Governments did nothing much for the flood-hit people of the area or to implement the plan on ground.

This monsoon the floods have already claimed 31 lives. Will Dev be able to bring floods of Ghatal to the limelight?

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