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Didi vs Modi even in Kolkata’s Rakhi Bazar!

13 August, 2019 22:45:42
Didi vs Modi even in Kolkata’s Rakhi Bazar!

The ever argumentative Bengalis love controversies and even their rachis are testimony to the same. Whole-sale Rakhi Bazars of districts and Kolkata re now selling Modi Rakhis and Didi Rakhis. Though Rakhi is primarily a sister-brother festival where usually cartoon rakhis, flower rakhis or simple sacred threads used to rule the roost, has suddenly fallen under the garb of political rakhis.

Any businessman or wholesale rakhi dealer of Katwa will tell you Modi rakhis and Didi rakhis both are in high demand though the PM’s rakhis are a wee bit before that of the CM’s in demand. Their faces have been cut out and placed on the threads which also have colours of our national flag. They are selling for Rs 10-Rs 15 a piece.

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