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Do not miss the partial lunar eclipse over Kolkata today

17 July, 2019 05:49:49
Do not miss the partial lunar eclipse over Kolkata today

Tonight, will certainly not be an ordinary night. For today you will witness the second lunar eclipse of this year. It is a partial lunar eclipse that occurs when the earth moves between the sun and the moon, but the three do not form a straight line. When this occurs, the dark central part of the shadow of the earth known as umbra covers a small part of the moon. Therefore, only a small part of the moon appears to be dark. When the moon is completely covered in the shade of the Earth, it is called complete lunar eclipse. 

People living in the western and central parts of India will be fortunate enough to witness the entirety of the celestial phenomenon while the ones living in the eastern regions will be able to witness the partial lunar eclipse during wee hours of moonset time. The moon will enter the penumbra on July 17 at 12:13 and IST and will enter the umbra region at 1:31am IST. The partial lunar eclipse will continue for 2 hours 57 minutes. The Moon will leave the umbra region at 4:29am IST. This will be the last lunar eclipse of the year. You will again have the opportunity of witnessing the lunar eclipse in 2021. So do not miss this celestial phenomenon today from Kolkata when 65% of the moon will be covered by the shadow of the earth. 

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