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GB Exclusive interview with Russian author Anna Goncharova

11 February, 2020 05:00:36

If Bengali literature has pampered our children to Thakurmar Jhuli and Goopi Gayen Bagha Bayen, Russian literature has enriched children of a generation in Kolkata to attractive Siberian fairytale characters from Olga to Misha. Even today, Russians produce a large number of children’s books to inculcate the love for reading at a young age. One of the most famous contemporary Russian children’s authors is Anna Goncharova, who was present at the recently concluded Kolkata Book Fair. In an exclusive interview to GB, Anna spoke on how she started writing for children keeping her son in mind and how her fairytale characters took shape in the form of books. Anna believes parents should nurture imagination among kids and that helps in making the bond stronger between children and their parents. She also speaks about her half racoon-half bear characters Elia and Enia, who do everything to entertain the little ones. To know more on what Anna thinks about books and their impact on a child’s mind, listen to this video.

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