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Head to Bengal’s Hilsa hotspots this monsoon

24 June, 2020 02:46:32
Head to Bengal’s Hilsa hotspots this monsoon

Bengal’s monsoon is incomplete without a Hilsa dish. And this year, West Bengal is expecting bumper Hilsa catch, thanks to the Lockdown, when nature got a chance to push on its re-set button. The fishing trawlers have already left for the sea and would soon return to Namkhana, Kakdweep, Raidighee, Frasergunj and Pathorpratima ports loaded with hilsa. Diamond Harbour, Falta, Kolaghat --- all would see a flurry of activities in the coming days and you too can be part of this frenzy. Since all these places are close to Kolkata, and some of them have excellent Tourist Lodge Facilities, so a road trip over any weekend, to gorge on various recipes of Hilsa would indeed be a great option to unlock yourself from the days of confinement. 

Not just eating out, Diamond Harbour and Falta, just an hour and a half drive from Kolkata also offers breath-taking view of the Ganga along with some historical forts and luxurious hotels that can be a fantastic weekend option. Stay at Sagarika Tourist Lodge right on the Ganges, that have already opened for tourists with the best of safety measures post COVID-19.

They serve delectable Hilsa recipes and while enjoying the ripples of the river and the sailing boats, you can have some of the best Hilsa, freshly caught by local fishermen. 

Today, we also bring some special Hilsa dishes served in these hotels: 

Ilish Machher Paturi


A big Ilish fish 1
Chopped onions  2 cups
Chopped green chillies ½ cup
Ginger paste 1 tea spoon
Garlic paste 1 tea spoon
Red chilli powder 1 tea spoon
Turmeric powder ½ tea spoon
Jeera paste ½ tea spoon
Coriander powder ½ tea spoon
Salt     to taste
Oil (for frying) accordingly

Big leaves of pui saag to cover the fish
Thread to tie the fish and leaves


Cut the fish into big pieces. 
Wash the pui leaves and keep them those ready.
Make a paste of the spices and chopped onions and smear them on the fish, then cover it fully with the pui leaves and tie it with a thread.
Fry it in the oil. Cut the thread and serve it!

Narkel Iilish

Narkel Ilish 


Big Ilish fish 1
Coconut Milk 1 cup
Oil ½ cup
Onion paste ½ cup
Turmeric paste 1 tea spoon
Coriander paste  2 tea spoons
Red chilli paste 2 tea spoons
Salt to taste
Green chillies 5



Wash and clean the fish
Put oil and masala in a handi and cook till dry. 
After it’s done, pour 1 cup of water and spread the fish into it. 
Once the fish is boiled/steamed and the water dries, pour coconut milk and 5-6 green chillies. 
Prepare it on low flame for 10-15 mins and then once done, serve it!

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