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How a tigress even slapped a young tiger who tried to mate!

17 December, 2018 12:35:41
How a tigress even slapped a young tiger who tried to mate!

Alipore Zoo is having a tough time with its tiger population, not because of diseases or their behavior, but simply because the tigresses are refusing to mate! Finally, the zoo authorities have decided to bring in five-year-old Snehashish from North Bengal to break the jinx. For five years, there hasn’t been any successful mating of tigers at Alipore Zoo. Blame it to terrified males and aggressive females! Snehashish was caught from the forests of Odisha and was a wild tiger, before it was bought to Nandan Kanan Zoo and later shifted to a North Bengal facility on an animal exchange programme. He has successfully mated in the very first attempt with Sheela in North Bengal and produced three healthy cubs. Hence the Alipore Zoo authorities are hopeful that he would be able to tame the aggressive tigresses of the zoo and produce the next progeny line.

All the five tigresses of Alipore Zoo seem to be frustrated as the males they feel are not up to the mark in sexual performance. The authorities tried to mate 12-year-old tiger Rishi with 7-year-old Payel, but since Rishi could not perform well, a frustrated Payel had landed a couple of blows on him. A similar incident happened when 11-year old Rupa was tried with a 7-year-old wild tiger. The zoo doctors even tried to administer libido-enhancing medicines to the tigers, but nothing worked. However, everyone is hopeful that Snehashish will perform well and break the mating jinx.

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