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How about visiting a combo of Buddha and Netaji?

6 February, 2018 13:57:37
How about visiting a combo of Buddha and Netaji?

Two historical sites belonging to two different eras --- one a 5th century Buddhist site and another a 19th century old historical site linked to Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, in South 24 Parganas will come together to form a new tourism circuit in Bengal. The state already has six tourism circuits in place, and in a bid to develop many more, it has identified Kodalia in South 24 Parganas. These sites are linked to ancient history.

Tipli And Dosa are hamlets with Buddhist ruins dating back to 5th century.The twin hamlets near Gocharan are Bengal’s latest archaeological attractions. Earliest remains date back to 1st and 2nd century BC. A highly evolved culture survived in this region till 15th century. The ruins are believed to be two of the 22 Buddhist stupas visited by Chinese explorer Fa Hien and the remains of a furnace in which the ancient smiths melted metals like silver, copper and iron to cast them into coins. The various artefacts found in this region have been displayed at different museums. Such as the furnace in which the metals were melted have been kept at the State Archaeological Museum in Behala. Some other artefacts found from this region include a small bust of Buddha, some terracotta plaques, potteries, seals and Yakshi figures similar to ones that is found in Chadraketugarh.

While the more modern 19th century site is none other than Netaji Subhash Bose’s ancestral home. Separated by almost 1400 years, these two sites will give the area of Kodalia a huge boost. Haranath Lodge happens to be Bose’s ancestral house, built in 1760 on a 10 cottah plot by Bose’s grandfather, Haranath Bose. Netaji spent large parts of his childhood in this house. The 250-year-old Durga Puja is still held here. Another added attraction of this area is a group of temples around 3 km away belonging to the Bose family bearing the name of the place of origin, Mahinagar. The house is being restored and it will have a Netaji museum.

Netaji’s family moved into the 258-year-old house from Mahinagar in 1760. This house is locally known as Subhaser Bari. For locals it has always been a place of immense pride. The house, the pond and the thakurdalan is being restored at a cost of 77 lakhs.

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