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Iconic 1973 play Marich Sangbad released as a film

11 July, 2020 05:57:36
Iconic 1973 play Marich Sangbad released as a film

Forty-eight years have passed since well-known theatre director Arun Mukhopadhyay had staged the iconic Marich Sangbad. Since then the play has been staged more than a thousand times. And who can ever forget the stupendous performance of Biplabketan Chakraborty! Along with him, the play also featured Suman and Sujan Mukhopadhyay. 

Arun Mukhopadhyay

Now after so many years, the film version of the play that got lost has been salvaged and digitized and is available online through Chetana’s app My Cinema Hall. Arun Mukhopadhyay was not only a successful theatre actor, he was also a playwright and many of his contemporary works were translated in different languages. Plays like Marich Sangbad and Jagannath primarily focused on the oppression of the peasants. Farmers are still in India an oppressed community, no wonder, Marich Sangbad is still relevant. This was a play that was a cult hit in the world of Bengal’s group theatre and ran into thousands of shows in the 80s.    

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