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Killer sweets as mosquito repellant

29 August, 2017 01:30:38
Killer sweets as mosquito repellant

Recently, scientists discovered a unique way to get rid of mosquitoes by feeding them sweets! Manufacturers claim, this insecticide can eliminate the entire mosquito population of an area at a go. The repellant contains a chemical, that creates a sweet odour, attracting scourges of mosquitoes towards it.  The manufacturers have not divulged the scent of the sweet.The chemical attracts the blood-suckers, but once they partake the chemical, they all perish instantly. The repellant was tried in Africa’s malaria-infested country, Tanzania, and was found 100 per cent effective. 

The Vetrax repellant will be able to eradicate not only malaria but other vector-inflicted viruses like Zica and Dengue.  The manufacturing company of Vetrax, Agenor Mafra-Neto, has assured that it plans to keep the prices of the insecticide well within the reach of the masses.

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