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Kolkata Corporation uses disinfectant jet-spray to sanitize streets

26 March, 2020 04:33:01
Kolkata Corporation uses disinfectant jet-spray to sanitize streets

We had seen such scenes of disinfecting and sanitizing of streets in different parts of the world to ward off the deadly Corona virus. Now we are seeing it in Kolkata, our beloved city, where the state machinery is in full gear to fight this virus menace and save the lives of thousands of Calcuttans. Since yesterday, Kolkata Municipal Corporation has started jet-spraying different city streets, the railings, lamp-posts, roadside shacks and stalls with disinfectants.

KMC has acquired 20 big Jet-spray trucks specially equipped to spray solutions of germ killers. The disinfectant used is Sodium Hypochlorite mixed with water. This particular chemical was also used in China and COVID-19 epicentre Wuhan as well as many other nations. It has been found they are effective in killing the germs that might be present on iron railings, street side stalls, plastics strewn around. The KMC has also planned to take this fogging programme to various high-rise apartments to sanitize them. Every morning and evening this sanitization programme will also be carried out in various hospitals, densely populated localities. This is definitely a very welcome move from the state government in protecting the state population from the virus scare.

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