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Kolkata’s stray ‘Neri’ dog proves herself in the dog squad!

2 March, 2019 06:47:50
Kolkata’s stray ‘Neri’ dog proves herself in the dog squad!

We often tend to undermine our stray dogs, popularly named as ‘Neri’ in Bengal and most dog lovers have been seen going got foreign fancy breed of dogs. When it comes to class, we do not feel the need to consider our home-grown dogs important enough. But these very road dogs have proved themselves superior to even the well-groomed Labradors at Kolkata’s police training facility. Yes, you are correct, our stray dogs have been inducted and trained by the police forces as the best trained dogs! Surprising, isn’t it?

Usually, the police dogs include foreign breeds like German Shepherd, Labrador and Dobermans. But the state police department is going to break all barriers and bring in a change in this trend. Street dogs are going to be a part of the forces too. A street dog called ‘Asha’ has found place in Swami Vivekananda Police Training in Barrackpore along with other fancy breeds of dogs. Asha is performing very well and bringing in pride for the community of street dogs who are otherwise neglected and often subjected to torture. 

It has just been six months and the police officials are saying that one-year old Asha can already stand up on two feet and salute. Asha can also smell the way to suspicious explosives. The gigantic dogs of the training institute, who otherwise seem ferocious, are also scared of Asha. 

But how did a street dog like Asha find a place in the training institute?Asha was born in Latbagan area. After observing her high spirits in her childhood days, some police officials could sense the potential in her. She was taken under the Police Dog Squad and named Asha. Police training center sources claim that Asha’s performance is no less than other dogs. There are certain skills like saluting in a specific pattern which even German Shepherds find difficult to execute. But Asha is doing it simply effortlessly.

Asha has also been trained in finding suspicious explosives. She is doing her work sincerely and is truly showing a ray of hope to the community of street dogs, who can soon be inducted as an intelligent force within the Police Dog Squad.  

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