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Kolkata’s trans woman becomes first Miss Transqueen India

31 August, 2017 00:43:01
Kolkata’s trans woman becomes first Miss Transqueen India

Nitasha, a trans woman who hails from Kolkata, was named the first Miss Transqueen India.She is currently pursuing Masters in Business Management in Kolkata.Loiloi from Manipur bagged the first runner-up position and Ragasya from Chennai was crowned the second runner-up.
The 16 finalists represented some of the Indian states. They were chosen after a rigorous hunt involving more than 1,500 trans women across India.The winner will go to Thailand for Miss International Queen, the first runner-up will compete at Miss Transsexual Australia.
Transgender social activist Gauri Sawant, one of the jury members, said: ‘This is the first organized pageant on a national level for the transwomen after the Nalsa judgement so, I strongly believe that this is going to empower transsexuals.’

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