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Laughing Gas used for first time in delivery!

23 September, 2019 20:39:57
Laughing Gas used for first time in delivery!

Western world knew of Laughing Gas as a means to control crowds just like tear shells are launched in India to disperse mobs. But using this gas for painless normal delivery is definitely a new discovery for the Gynaecology Department of Calcutta Medical College. A mixture of this gas and oxygen otherwise known as Mixture Entonox is given through cylinders or through a central pipeline to relieve pain in normal deliveries.

Doctors of Calcutta Medical College have been experimenting with this gas since last year and have been holding workshops too. Now they are using it on delivering women to help them have a painless normal delivery. They have already used it on 25 women who are proud mothers today. Incidentally this gas has no side effects either on the delivering mother or the baby. It is given through a mask in regulated amounts along with oxygen once the delivery pain sets in and the mother gradually feels the pain lessening, as the child is delivered.

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