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Let art go viral

2 June, 2020 05:24:31
Let art go viral

Debarshi Ganguly is an Information Technology professional. Besides being an IT professional, he is a musician too. Art and painting run in his blood. Inspired and taught by his father, Late Durgadas Ganguly, who was a student of Nandalal Bose at Kala Bhavana, Santiniketan, Debarshi had always shown a keen interest in painting from a young age. He had held exhibitions at ICCR and Academy of Fine Arts in Kolkata.

The project #Goviraltostopthevirus is a drive to motivate people and help them to overcome this distress. 

Abstraction, cubism and revolutionary art has always fascinated Debarshi. He has brought out the shape of virus in an impressionistic form and giving it a positive look an

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  • #Goviraltostopthevirus poster challenge

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