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Lincoln Center to host a complete retrospective of Ritwik Ghatak

17 October, 2019 03:06:20
Lincoln Center to host a complete retrospective of Ritwik Ghatak

A near-complete retrospective of the visionary Bengali director Ritwik Ghatak’s career, will be featured at the prestigious Lincoln Center between November 1-6. The career of director, writer, and actor Ritwik Ghatak was one of constant struggle and as his contemporary Satyajit Ray had once said, “the genius of Ghatak was largely ignored.” 

Ghatak only completed eight feature films during his lifetime, but each represents a landmark achievement in the history of Indian cinema, movingly reflecting the social realities of a nation trying to revise its identity in the aftermath of Partition, representing the melodrama of everyday life along with personal struggles. The retrospective presents a full-range of Ghatak’s work, including his emotionally haunting and ambitious masterpiece ‘The Cloud-Capped Star,’ which follows a family of refugees after the partition of India. Additional highlights include Ghatak’s penultimate film, the harrowing epic ‘A River Called Titas,’ as well as his intensely intimate and semi-autobiographical final work, ‘Reason, Debate and a Tale,’ starring Ghatak himself as an alcoholic intellectual.  

The retrospective has been organized by Dan Sullivan, Richard Peña, Moinak Biswas, and Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak. Take a look at the screen timings:

All screenings take place at the Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center (144 West 65th Street) 

• The Cloud-Capped Star / Meghe Dhaka Tara

Tuesday, November 5, 2:00pm
Wednesday, November 6, 7:30pm

• E-Flat / Komal Gandhar

Saturday, November 2, 8:00pm (Introduction by Richard Peña)
Wednesday, November 6, 4:30pm

• The Pathetic Fallacy / Ajantrik

Friday, November 1, 2:30pm (Introduction by Richard Peña)
Sunday, November 3, 5:15pm (Introduction by Richard Peña)

• Reason, Debate and a Tale / Jukti Takko Ar Gappo

Saturday, November 2, 2:30pm (Introduction by scholar Moinak Biswas)
Wednesday, November 6, 2:00pm

• A River Called Titas / Titash Ekti Nadir Naam

Monday, November 4, 2:00pm
Tuesday, November 5, 7:30pm

• The Runaway / Bari Theke Paliye

Friday, November 1, 5:00pm (Introduction by scholar Moinak Biswas)
Sunday, November 3, 7:45pm (Introduction by scholar Moinak Biswas)

• Subarnarekha

Sunday, November 3, 2:00pm (Introduction by scholar Udaya Kumar)
Tuesday, November 5, 4:45pm

• Global Ghatak

A symposium on the work of Bengali filmmaker Ritwik Ghatak will be held at Columbia University. 

Sunday, November 3, 9:30-1pm*

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